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Dear Diary,Where do I begin....My name is Aideen, first daughter born of the High Chief and Chieftess. High Chief Rhys and High Chieftess Fionn are known for their love of their people, and of each other. My father is stoic, features hardened by war. My mother is soft, caring, and very much the wife my father deserves. You can see the love in their smiles, and when they look at each other, their love is hard to hide. My clan, Clan Adair, is easily the largest and safest clan to be a part of. Surrounding clans rarely have an issue with us, and we are left alone most of the time. Our clan is feared, not only for our size, or our warriors. Our clan has a secret, we're werewolves. Not that anyone knows that fact. They just know our warriors are strong, and we've never lost a war. The stories to
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My birthday isn't too far off now....I sat at my desk, daydreaming out my window. The wind blowing through the trees, ever so gently the leaves rustle. The sun dances on them, as they wave across the sky. Not a cloud to be seen. A knock at my door brings me back to reality. I’m forced to skip training so that my parents can bother me about every detail of my birthday party. “Yeah?” “Your highness, are you avai-” Hysterical laughing ensues “ OH MY GOD I almost made it through. Damn it El, you get 20 bucks.” Dylan is trying to catch his breath through his laughter. “I told you Dyl, you couldn’t do it, no ma
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What could possibly go wrong...As I wandered to the training fields, my mind always goes back to the stares I get from the clan. I know I do not look like my kin. Aside from my father, all my brothers look just like our mother. But my red hair and green eyes do not look like any known living relative. For some reason, everyone thinks my parents had a witch make me for them, so they could finally have a daughter. I have been a generally attractive person. I mean, I'm not ugly. But to be accused as being created... it's upsetting, especially for my parents. My mother was just so happy to have me, that I don't think she actually noticed my red hair and green eyes until the next day. But dad noticed, he said it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw, my mother holding me. I try not to let it upset my brothers tha
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Maybe it won't be so bad….I hop out of the shower and grab my towel. Walking over to the sink, I wipe the steam off the mirror. I dry off my legs and pat down the rest of me. I feel like I'm a freak most days. Pale white skin, I all but glow in the dark. Flame red hair, that no one else in my family has. Deep green eyes, that pop yet draw you in. Added to that my curvy yet slim figure, lean, but my boob and butt make up 90% of my weight. But for how short I am, the muscle I've built from training, I'll never be a thing girl. And I'm ok with that. But will my supposed mate? Will he like my body? He has to, right? I grab my underwear and jeans off the sink and start to get dressed. Sliding my jeans around my hips, I have to jump a little to get in them, damn skinny jeans. Throwing on my bra, I start to dry my hair. The curls, they are cute
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The party is only a few days away…. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my neck, sending shivers down my spine. Every touch, sending sparks - no lightning - over my skin. His fingers running down between my breasts, over my stomach, along my hips and thighs. When he got to my knees, flattened his hand running his palm and fingertips up my inner thigh, stopping at my pelvic bone. His lips caressing my neck, up to my ear. His voice, deep but velvety, brought goosebumps to my skin. "Is that what you want?" His teeth, nipping at my ear lobe…. I woke up from what felt like the perfect reality, surrounded by pillows, entwined in my blankets. I wanted to wake up next to….. someone. The sun was cresting over the wall of
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