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Chapter 11
*Cameron POV* Faith sits staring at the wall, her legs pulled tight to her chest as the nurse looks at her head. She looks so different now, so small and broken. Gone is the strong snarky girl, replaced with the real, raw version. Seeing her like this is hard, especially since I’ve only ever seen her on the defense. When I saw her lay her head down, I couldn’t help but smile. The way she hides, trying to avoid detection. Watching her jolt and shake and whimper and ultimately fall back and hit her head had been nothing compared to her after dream state where she sobbed for death at the hands of some illusion only she was witnessing. I couldn’t bare her pain. I had to walk away and yet, when I got to the door, I found I couldn’t leave.  The new teacher had sent another student running for Mia. I felt useless not being able to leave but having no real reason to stay. I wanted to help her. The need to just do something was so strong. S
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Chapter 12
*Faith POV* My phone illuminates the darkroom as I stare at the name displaying on the screen “Izzy”. My mind races with thoughts and reasons he is calling me at 1 on an early Wednesday morning. I roll my eyes. He probably somehow magically knows about yesterday’s events at school. I wouldn’t be surprised. He seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  I’ve cried on and off since yesterday and stayed home from school today so I could get some much needed rest. Everyone seems to gloss over the fact that I’m afraid of what I see when I get said rest. Mom and Mia are being pushy about talking to the therapist on a need basis and not my usual twice a week. Mom even suggested I try therapy with Dad. After seeing my face Mia shot it down, she and mom got into an argument. About what’s best for me.  It should bother me that my best friend is vying for my mental health more than my mother, but I honestly feel numb to everyth
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Chapter 13
*Cameron POV* I lean my head back against the locker as I wait for Faith outside the locker rooms. The hallways are empty and I breathe in deep, appreciating the rare alone moment. It’s these small moments I really enjoy the silence and sound of my own thoughts. The more time I spend alone and away from everyone, the more I’m learning about who I am versus who I want to be. Who I want to be is someone worth something more than my looks, grades, and family money. There is only one girl who seems to not care about such things, the invisible girl.  She walks out of the locker room without noticing me and I quickly pick up speed and land myself next to her. Without even looking up, she scoffs at me and I can’t help but smile. She sends me a sidelong glance and rolls her eyes, and halts in her steps. “Ok then. Let’s get it over with.” she says, making a ‘move it along,’ motion with her hands.  “Get what over with?” I ask, b
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Chapter 14
*Faith POV* “Wait, hold on. I’m sorry.” Mia puts her hand up, stopping the flow of conversation. “Cameron invited us all to a party tonight? And you really think we aren’t going?” “Because we aren’t,” I reaffirm, looking to Noah for help, who is shoveling food into his mouth like a starved animal. “I think it would be fun. I’ve never been to a high school party” Noah chimes in, finally looking up and catching my evil glare. He winces and is about to backtrack when he looks at Mia, who is staring at him happily. He smirks, and I know I’ve lost.  “Do I have to go with you?” I plead. Berry walks up and takes a seat next to me, and I gawk at him. I was worried he would still be upset with me after our date. I’d run with him since then, sure, but they had usually been silent and I was afraid to say anything. “Berry!” He smiled at me warmly “Hey, Faith,” “Y-you’re going to eat with us today?” I asked hopef
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Chapter 15
The large gate opens slowly as we all stare, mouths agape, at the expansive property before us. The beautiful lawn is lit up with sparkling fairy lights in every shrub, tree, or bush. Quaint little lanterns illuminate the path that weaves from side to side in various curves leading up to the main attraction. The massive modern mansion seems to be made of glass framed by opulent trees and a flowering landscape that cascades down each end leading to a lit-up pond filled with overfed fish and lily pads. Once we pull up beside the pond, the doors are opened for us and Noah’s car is valeted by a young man a few years our senior in a black button-up with gold buttons. We all look at each other, trying to verify this is real life, and Berry chuckles at us as he walks up to the ornate cobblestone bridge that leads to the front door over the pond. He stops at the base of the bridge and turns to face us, bowing in an old English manner. “Mi Lord and Mi l
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Chapter 16
I don’t know what it is, it could be the alcohol, his kind gesture. Maybe it’s the pool or the scenery. All I know is that right now my heart is pattering like a drum at a rock concert and my gaze is drawn to his. We lock eyes as our noses touch as when I turn my head slightly, my breathing hitches at the small contact and I try to settle my heart down. Cameron brings his forehead to mine and looks directly into me. An overwhelming feeling of need vibrates through me as I look at his lips and search his eyes, looking for any type of trick. All I see are emotions mirroring mine and I take a drunken leap and gently press our lips together, closing my eyes. I swear I can feel sparks erupt as my cheeks heat and he softly pulls me closer with his arms. His lips are gentle and strong as he searches to deepen the kiss. I allow him to kiss me again and again as one of his hands comes up to my neck, cupping it softly and rubbing his thumb along my jawli
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Chapter 17
A gentle movement wakes me up as I open my eyes, blinking in the darkness, I look at my phone to check the time and see that only ten minutes have gone by. I yawn while sitting up and turn towards the window to see the lights still raging outside. “You always take naps in strangers' beds?” A voice asks and I jump. The voice registers as Izzy and I breathe hard. “Dude. seriously you need to stop just showing up in the freaking dark or one day I'm going to Ninja you.” “I'm sorry you’re going to what me?” “Ninja you. Obviously.” I say like it's the most normal thing.  “Oh yeah obviously” I can hear the sarcasm in his tone and I can't help but grin. “What are you doing here
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Chapter 18
“Izzy, there's nothing to explain. I'm not going to force you to show me who you are. I can't see your face anyway. It’s too dark” I say, stopping right before his lips, I think. I swear I can feel his smile as he wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up in a hug and brings his lips down fast onto mine. He lowers me down gently without breaking the kiss as it deepens. I weave my fingers together behind his neck as he clasps my face with his large hands and pulls me in closer.  The sound of my pumping heart drowns out the bass from the party below and I feel nothing but pure joy when he begins to walk away from the window, guiding me along the way. I'm not sure people can see us and right now I wouldn't care if they did but he must know that tomorrow I will panic about it. He kisses me a little softer now as his tongue ever so slightly lines my lips seeking permission to take the kiss deeper. I
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Chapter 19
I follow Faith to the front door calling her name as loud as I can but it dies the moment it leaves my mouth, only to drown in the loud chatter and music that seems to be pouring into every orifice of the house. I curse under my breath trying to decide what to do. Do I follow her and tell her exactly what's on my mind? Or do I apologize for taking it too far? Shit. I don't know how to do this stuff. I shouldn’t have to apologize, I didn't do anything I didn't want to do and it didn't seem like she was all that averse to it either.  This is all because of Angela. Damn it. If I had just dumped her yesterday like I planned then she wouldn't have had a right to interject. Then Faith would have stayed in my arms and not worried about the fact that I have a girlfriend. Not that Angela was a real girlfriend. I mean really she just wanted the perks of being my girlfriend and I could do whatever I wanted with
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Chapter 20
“Hey,” I say like a moron swinging my arms as I walk up to her awkwardly. Faith sighs heavily. “Cameron.” she says emotionless by way of a greeting and the deadness of her tone strikes me hard as my chest begins to ache from her lack of emotion. “Listen. I’m sorry.” I say, rubbing the back of my head and dropping my gaze to the grass she is strangling. At Least she is showing something. Even if it is anger. “It’s fine. I was drunk when I kissed you. I had a momentary lapse in judgement.” she says not looking at me. Again with the lack of emotions. This girl is going to kill me. “Faith, look-” “Cameron. You have a girlfriend and you screw everything that walks with boobs. I’m just some game to you.” She says matter of fac
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