27 Chapters
Chapter 1: Enter Xolvion!
"Those bastards..."   "They really went too far this time."   "My name is Xolvion. Xolvion Valous by the way. I am the youngest son of the demon lord of the Valous kingdom, and next in line to his throne."   "Unlike my brothers and sisters, I didn't inherit any magical power or crazy strong abilities. Nope. I'm the bastard son of a lowly Succubus that my father fucked a couple of times. For some reason, unknown to me, my father chose me as his next heir to the throne, a hornless bastard, good for nothing."   "My only power is the art of seduction. And it only works on females. Of course, I made a bit of a name for myself back home, spending most of my time with the maids of the palace. After all, what man wouldn't take full advantage of a power like that?"   "Turns out my brothers and sisters weren't too happy when father announced that I was to become the next demon lord of the
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Chapter 2: Healing? I'll take that!
The darkness was ever-looming as Xolvion floated in the infinity of nothingness. "Where am I?.. He thought, feeling his body float weightlessly in the abyss. "Am I dead?" He thought. "Is this the afterlife?" Suddenly a bright light burst forth and the next thing he knew he was sitting upright on a table, panting hard and covered in sweat. "I'm alive... I'm alive!" He shouted as he felt all over his body, feeling as good as new. "You're alright, thank goodness." A voice said from behind him. Xolvion turned around to see a female elf standing with a smile on her face. She was tall with long blond hair, blue eyes and pointy ears that gave her lineage away. Xolvion also noticed her large breasts and tight waist hidden beneath her clothing, with a pretty skirt that fell down to her knees. "Did you save
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Chapter 3: Testing my power!
A few days had gone by for Xolvion now. After the whole thing in the ally with the lovely lady Jessica, he had spent the time testing his abilities and simply putting them to use.During his time spent researching he had concluded that he could absorb the power, skills, memory, abilities and pretty much anything else from a person, so long as he ingested their bodily fluids. He had discovered that the fluids could be anything as long as they contained the person's DNA.Meaning, saliva, blood, sweat, tears, sexual fluids and even piss would all do the job. However, sex was by far the fastest and most efficient way to get to job done. It was also the most enjoyable way. Xolvion thought as he looked down to see the woman who was currently rocking her head back and forth, sucking his hard rod while he sat on a stool."The best way by far." He said as he gripped her blond pigtails, using them like handlebars as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth again and aga
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Chapter 4: The adventures guild and hunting!
"So this is the place eh?" Xolvion thought as stood outside of a large building.His arms were crossed over his chest while he thought about the whole thing. He had gained more and more knowledge now finally coming up on something called the adventures guild.After his last encounter with the group of thugs in the alley, he had been forced to purchase some new clothing, courtesy of them of course. "That shopkeeper girl sure was lovely..." He thought, remembering her soft and luscious body.Anyway... An adventurers guild was something he had never heard of back in the demon kingdom. But it made sense, after all, nobody ever talks about the little guys, they only ever spoke of the strongest and mightiest heroes.Xolvion had found out that adventurers had access to quests provided by the guild they worked for, allowing them to travel around the world to fulfil quests for riches and glory.It sounded like a good place for him to start if h
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Chapter 5: Increasing the repertoire!
"You're about to find out," Xolvion said as his charm took full effect of Holly, enchanting her as he stared into her eyes. "I must say, it sure is a beautiful night. Wouldn't you agree?" He said as he looked up at the moon.Holly slowly nodded her head not taking her eyes off of him.Xolvion looked back at her and smiled."Why don't you come closer? I won't bite." He then said as he wagged his finger at her. Holly slowly shuffled towards him, getting close enough that she could feel the heat from his body."That's better." He then said as he brushed her hair from her forehead.Xolvion slowly leaned in and kissed her, gripping the bottom of her chin as he pulled her into the kiss.It didn't take much and soon Holly was holding him as she used her tongue to intertwine with his.Xolvion broke the kiss as he teased her, biting her lip softly as he pulled back, driving her crazy before she jumped at him."Oh
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Chapter 6: Memories and the giant boar!
The next morning soon came for Xolvion and the others. Vlad was the first to wake, something he wasn't used to as he always slept in after the others. The girls all woke up, stretching and yawning with large smiles on their faces. "Looks like you slept well," Vlad said laughing as he looked at Kerry and Junip. Both of them looked at each other and then to Vlad with a smile on their face nodding. Xolvion was already up and had his back turned to them with a smile plastered across his face as he remembered last night. This time Holly noticed that both of them were acting strange, glowing as they smiled for no reason. "Alright then, time to pack up camp and get boar hunting!" Vlad said shrugging his thoughts off. Everyone agreed and started to pack the camp away, eating some breakfast before they set off to look for the
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Chapter 7: Last times and goodbyes!
The night had grown late as the group sat around the campfire telling stories to one another. The wood on the fire crackled and popped amidst the sounds of their laughter. "It's true I swear!" Holly said as she slapped her leg with her hand. "Master Lugoon would make him stand on his head for hours every day after that!" She said, getting another round of laughter from the group. "I'm sure glad I didn't train there with you!" Kerry said as she got a hold of herself, although still a little red in the face. Vlad leaned back onto his hands only just stopping his laughter. "Oh, my stomach hurts now." He said, taking a fresh breath of air, still chuckling a little. "I for one think it is ridiculous," Jupin said as she pushed her glasses up her nose. "How anyone could even stand on one's head for that long without dying in
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Chapter 8: New gear and the power of transmutation!
(Warning this chapter is graphic with a rape scene. If you are not a fan skip the sex scene. I will leave a warning when it is coming up.)Now that Xolvion had finally said goodbye to the others, it was time for him to go and sell his share of the loot. Thanks to absorbing the knowledge of a traders daughter, he already knew how much everything was worth and the best place to sell it."So that's ten slime crystals, two excellent quality wolf pelts, five wolf fangs, one giant boar tusk and half of hits hide... In total, I can offer you 30 silvers." The merchant said as he crossed his arms over his chest.Xolvion smirked as he took his loot back."We both know it's worth double that. If you aren't interested in buying it for a fair price I will take my business elsewhere." Xolvion said, baiting him. "A-alright, alright!" He shouted as he grabbed the loot, stopping Xolvion from taking it."I'll give you 60 silvers for the lot." He said givi
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Chapter 9: The ball and the wolf!
The day of the duke's ball to celebrate his daughters 18th birthday had come. Everyone who was anyone inside of the city had been invited, and the preparations had all been made, with no expense spared. Xolvion had managed to secure himself a ticket, posing as the son of a noble who he had discovered was out of town.Xolvion had managed to steal his ticket and his identity after seeing a picture of him, something he would use so his face didn't become wanted.His transmutation ability when combined with his healing skill was incredibly OP. Even allowing him to change peoples memories implanting false ones or wiping them altogether.He had used it on the nobles family he would be impersonating, making them forget what day the ball was on, missing the party so they didn't get in his way.Xolvion had changed his appearance and dressed in the correct formal wear, after all, he needed to look the part if he was going to blend in.The night
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Chapter 10: The empress of ice!
Meanwhile, inside the main hall, all of the guests were currently dancing and enjoying themselves without a care in the world as they drank and ate, believing that they were the elite for even being at a party such as this."No stop them!" A voice suddenly shouted, coming from the side door where the slaves would come and go with food and drink.A huge mass of beast girls suddenly burst free from the doors and broke into the hall, causing the guests to scream in fear and panic.The beast's girls were running like wild animals, not caring what they had to do to gain their freedom, with some even attacking a few of the nobles or other men they recognised and wanted revenge on.The duke was shocked to see all of his playthings free from their prison, and he was quickly surrounded by his guards who cut down any of the girls who tried to attack him."Get the duke out of here!" One of the men shouted above the screams.The guards from all over the
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