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Prologue.    My father, Owen James, is the beta of the shadow pack. My st
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  ************CHAPTER 1************ BRINLEY.  I fell asleep during most of the ride. However, my eyes widened when I looked out the window and saw it. 'OMG, Starbucks, yes.''You and your damn coffee,' Sage shakes her head. I frowned.'There is Nothing Wrong with Coffee! Without it, I get Bitchy remember,' I pointed out. 'Oh, believe me, I know,' And with that, Sage creeps to the back of my mind. Although, we don't talk much since I keep her a secret from everyone. It's not hard to tell when someone is communica
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  ************CHAPTER TWO.************  BRINLEY.   "Wake up." I groan and roll over, pulling the blanket over my head. Talk about having a hard time sleeping in a new place that you can't even explore? And What the hell is the deal with keeping us blindfolded?  Pulling myself up, I glanced around the small room and then noticed a small figure sitting on the other bed. I sighed. It's just Julia. Julia is a stunning girl of small stature but maybe two inches
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     **********CHAPTER THREE.**********  BRINLEY.   The smell of burned flesh and blood flooded my nostrils, my guts churned, and the bile rose in my throat, threatening to escape. However, more hands grabbed me and threw me on what felt like a metal table. Something cold brushed against my arm, and I squirmed. "508, I am going to inject you with morphine. So you won't be in so much pain," I opened my mouth to protest when someone jabbed a needle in my arm. Instead, my legs began to feel like jello, and my arms grew weak. "Tyler?" Read more
******************CHAPTER FOUR******************  XANDER.     Her scent was strong when she first arrived at the palace, and it took all the strength I had to keep my distance. The rumor of me hating women spread far beyond the kingdom when I explained to all my people that I had no intentions of finding my mate. I knew that once I saw her, I would have to end her life before she could destroy the kingdom once again. The Caputo men that would rule the kingdom were all cursed with the same mate. Caliana. Her mother was a powerful witch, and her father was the strongest vampire known.  Read more
 **************CHAPTER FIVE**************  BRINLEY.     Julia and I spent most of the day in town, and she helped me pick out new clothes. Julia couldn't understand why I had brought so few clothes with me, and I didn't tell her that was all I owned. Some things are better left in the past. Darkness had already fallen upon the kingdom by the time I showered and slipped on a pair of jeans and a yellow striped t-shirt with a v neck. I followed Julia's instructions and slipped out the kitchen's back door. After five minutes, I found the greenhouse. The pond I am supposed to meet Thomas is a mile through the woods after the greenhouse.Read more
 *************CHAPTER SIX*************  BRINLEY.    That unfamiliar feeling in my stomach ached when Thomas pulled me even closer. I had so much desire toward a man I barely knew, a man that wasn't so sure he was comfortable with my age. "What's your real name?" He whispered. "508," He shook his head, and his eyes fell on my lips. And I couldn't help but lick them. "Can I kiss you?" I nod. "I want to hear you give me your permission," "You have my permission, Thomas," Thomas brushed my face with his callused thumb. Thomas's lips softly brushed over mine, and a shiver made its way down my spine and settled between my thighs. My heart raced faster
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  **************CHAPTER SEVEN.**************  BRINLEY.    It felt like knives all over my body as I hit the water, but that was a rush. So much adrenaline was pumping through my veins. When I surfaced, Thomas was already above the water smiling at me as I came up. "Fun, huh." I couldn't help but giggle, "Yeah, it was." "I got a blanket sat out over there. Do you wanna talk for a while?" I nodded, "Okay," We both swam towards the shore, not bothering to get dressed, knowing we would be back in the water. "How many girls have you brought here?" "Girls?" Thomas chuckled, "I don't fuck girls, 508."Read more
 ***************CHAPTER EIGHT***************   BRINLEY.     "You're what?" Katie was smiling and nodding her head tears filled her eyes. "I'm pregnant," I hugged Katie softly, "I'm so happy for Katie," I was happy for her. Katie had always dreamt of being a mother, and I was delighted to see that dream come true. "What do your parents think?" Katie's dad was the shadow pack's doctor. Russel Moore. His mate Betty Moore is the teacher in the pack middle school. Very nice people, though I only met them once.  "I haven't told anyone yet. Only people that kno
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  ***************CHAPTER NINE***************   BRINLEY.   I sold you. I sold you. I have sold you to another kingdom.   Those were the only words I could hear repeating, repeatedly playing in my head. Panic rose in me, and I fidgetted with my fingers, something I do when I'm nervous or scared. "Kyle, please." He clenches his jaw, "What's done cannot be undone. The kingdom has already purchased you," "When?" My voice was barely aud
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