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After being kicked out by his family because of his sexuality, Ashton now needs to find a way to survive. Eventually, he agrees to take up Zie's offer to be his bed mate. Will everything go as expected? Will Ashton fall for Zie–the sexy and ruthless billionaire? *** Ashton was kicked out from their house because of his sexuality, he can only go back home if he decided that he's not gay anymore. He leaves their house defeated knowing that there's no chance of him going back home. Out of frustration to find a shelter, he decided to post on his twitter account asking for help in exchange for his body. That's where he met Zie Mendez, the guy with oozing personality and charisma, the CEO of Mendez Publishing Inc. Zie is willing to give him a temporary shelter if only he agrees to be his bed warmer. Ashton who's desperate for a shelter leaves no choice but to agree.

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226 Chapters
Author's Note
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. REMEMBER: The world of fiction where the characters of my story reside is void of realities of HIV and STI. In the real world where we live in, HIV and STIs exist. The story is merely an escape from that world, so that I can release my subconcious, which is full of crazy and messy sex fantasies. The scenes in this story should never be recreated in real life. Guys, never ever attempt barebacking, rape or other unsafe sex acts. SECURE CONSENT. USE CONDOMS. GET TESTED. EDUCATE YOURSELF. I hope you enjoy this GoodNovel as it unfolds. I'd like to hear from you guys soon! ~~~ If you're a fan of both billionaire and LGBT romance, then I highly recommend this book for you. After being kicked out by his
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Chapter 01: Kicked Out
Ashton "Get out of here Ashton. I will never accept you, I don't have a gay son!" My dad yelled, I almost struggled to pick up my discarded clothes that my dad throw at me. My mom could do nothing but look at the tragedy that befell me. I prevent my tears from dripping but the pain on my chest is so heavy that I can't help but cry. My dad just kicked me out and I don’t know where should I go now. I'm only seventeen and I just finished junior high so I definitely can't get a job to support my self. "Dad please," I beg but he just kept throwing away my clothes, I gather all the things my dad throw and put it in my bag. "Leave Ashton, you can only come back here if you are no longer gay." Daddy shouted at me and slammed the door shut, I knocked a few times on the door but it seems like they’re deaf, they won’t open it. I sit on the stairs with my hands on my face, feeling betrayed by my parents and defeated. How could they do this to me? How did they manage to get their child kicked ou
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Chapter 02: I'm not Rex
AshtonI don’t know if I should be happy or not. Many replied to my tweet earlier and I don’t know which of them I will be replying. The sky is a bit misty as if it will rain for a while. I immediately looked for shelter, when I saw a waiting shed ahead I hurriedly ran towards it. As I sat down on a cold hard ground I turned my attention back to the alter accounts of the following person who replied to my tweets. Even though I need a short-term accommodation, of course, I also have to be choosy and choose the one that passes my standard. I promised myself that after tonight, I will look for a job afterward, all I have to worry about is my studies, I will be going back to school in the next two months and I do not know where I will be getting the money for enrollment, I'm not even sure if I can find a job at my age. Fuck! Where will I go after tonight?My attention returned to the cellphone I was holding when it buzzed again. Someone sent me a private message.From @rexwood'Hey, dude!
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Chapter 03: Penthouse
Zie"What the fuck! Stop the car." Ashton shouted as he slapped me on the shoulder, fortunately, there were not many cars passing by otherwise we might have been injured by now. I can’t help but smile at his behavior. What a destiny. Ashton is the same guy I saw on my alter account looking for a place to stay for the night. It was not really in my plan to meet him, but then Rex was calling me asking for a favor if I could fetch the man he’s about to meet because unfortunately there was an emergency that occurred in his company. So here I am saving his ass but never have I thought that the man he’s asking me to fetch is the same man I saw on twitter."Stop it Ashton." I said as I stepped on the car brake. As soon as the car stop Ashton then pull the knob of the door to open but to no avail, I just smirk knowing that it was locked. He looked at me frustrated and ready to be hysterical but I just smirk at him, I don't know why I was happy to see him panicking."W-who are you? You don't lo
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Chapter 04: The Bed
Ashton I don’t know what I will do. Zie stood next to me wearing only a boxer brief, all my life this is the first time I’d been so nervous just because an almost naked man is standing beside me like he is some greek god. Until now, the image of his butt cheeks still plays on my mind, I can’t help but get a hard-on by just looking at him. I immediately took the blanket next to me and covered from my waist down to my legs. "What do you want to watch?" Zie asked as he sat next to me and leaned his back against the wall, he was only a few inches away from me and his masculine scent is compelling me to just let go of my desire and sit on his lap, but I gather all my strength not to. "Um, Gone Girl," I respond shyly because I do not know what movies he likes and it’s his CD anyway so I assume that he also wants to watch it, why would he buy this CD if he does not want to watch it right? He took the CD from me and immediately inserted it into the DVD player, he went to the kitchen after p
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Chapter 05: Sharing is Caring
ZieIt was already seven o'clock in the morning when I woke up. When I open my eyes I saw Ash's serene face, he was still sleeping soundly while his hands were tightly wrapped around my body. His hugs felt so good, I didn't want to leave his embrace but I still had to prepare for our breakfast. I slowly removed Ash's hand and replace my body with a pillow that was lying beside him. After I made sure that Ashton is still sleeping soundly, I slowly walked into the bathroom and took a cold shower as quickly as I can.After I took the shower, I went to the living room and sat on the couch after grabbing my cellphone and calling Rex’ number, there is something I need to talk to him and I hope that I’m doing the right thing."Hey, dude." Rex greeted on the other line."Do you have someone with you?" I asked when I heard a faint moan on the other line. Rex seems to be busy with something else."Ah, yeah. Why did you call? Do you need help or something? I’m in the middle of fucking this fine a
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Chapter 06: Don't Leave
AshtonZie went out of the room to wash our dishes. I do not know how many deep sighs I have released since then. I sadly went to my bag and got some presentable clothes. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower when I came out of the bathroom I was shocked to see Zie's naked body, his butt cheeks are facing in my direction again. It seems like he did not notice that I was looking at him. He looked sexy especially when he lifted his foot to slide on his briefs, I waited for him until he’s done getting dressed before I went to my bag and took my clothes. Zie sits on the bed as he adjusted the necktie to his corporate attire. I went back to the bathroom with my clothes and quickly got dressed."Thank you so much for welcoming me here, Zie." I sincerely said, if it weren't for him I might have slept in the waiting shed last night. I placed my bag on my back ready to leave the penthouse. I need to leave and look for a cheap apartment and a job but at my young age, I wonder what kind
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Chapter 07: The Runway
ZieAshton was quiet inside the car, he looked so addicted to the book he was reading earlier that until now he had not been able to fold the book. He just stopped reading the book when the car stopped. He looked out the window and his brows furrowed."Where are we?" He asked wondering why he can’t see the penthouse."Sheri Lee, I'll be modeling their products," I replied to him and got out of the car. Ashton followed me, I put my hand around his shoulder as we proceed inside the hall where the fashion show will be held. Upon entering, I immediately saw the organizer of the event, I plaster a smile on my face upon approaching the organizer."Mr. Mendez, thank you for accepting our invitation." The organizer smiling gladly at me. I just nod in response. The organizer moved his gaze to my companion and look at me with a questioning look."And who is this plus one of you?" He asked."This is Ashton, I want you to give him a VIP seat," I replied."Of course, we’ll give him a VIP seat." The
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Chapter 08: Skimpy Jockstrap
AshtonI was hooked on the novel I was reading that I didn't realize that the show was almost over, it seems like this is the last part of the show. A fat man with a big belly came out, the smile of success was plastered on his face, who would not be happy if there were so many people come to the show, not just people but rich people.I finished reading chapter 39 of the novel and the next chapter will be the epilogue. I folded the book and laid it in front of me, I decided to read the epilogue later in the penthouse. I just stared at Sheri Lee, the designer, as he was busy giving a speech about the success of his show tonight.After a while, someone suddenly stood beside me and I feel a hand wrapped around my neck. I immediately glance to my side and I saw Zie sit in the chair next to mine and act as if he is attentively listening to Sheri Lee’s speech."Let's go," Zie said afterward."B-but the show isn't over yet." I yelp at what he said. He just looked at me as if he can’t believe
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Chapter 09: Nudes
Zie“Let’s head to where Ash is," I said to Stuart when we left the office. Early this morning I sent Ash to Elena, she will be Ashton’s companion for his makeover, he doesn’t need a total makeover because he’s already a charming and beautiful man but I want him to look presentable on the event tonight, I want everyone in the hall to get envy with me.While on the trip I picked up my cellphone and opened the twitter application, as expected, a lot of notifications popped up in my notification tab but I didn't bother to look at it anymore, I just scrolled down one by one and looked at the posts of some alter accounts that I follow. I was scrolling non-stop when suddenly I saw the handle that Ashton is using in his alter account. He tweeted a photo three hours ago, I clicked his post to see the whole picture and I couldn’t contain my laughter seeing the photo. Motherfucker! He was obviously in a fitting room wearing a suit, a nice blue suit, he looks decent if only his dick is not sprout
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