MET (Let you love me)

MET (Let you love me)

By:  Funlynry  Completed
Language: English
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Ava is relocated to manning town where being a lesbian is treated as treason. You either suffer the consequences of being born the way you are. In her new school, she falls for kara manning the major's daughter who kept her sexuality a secret till she couldn't resist Ava's charms. This lgbt story will tend to reason. Hope to even it. LET YOU LOVE ME

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37 Chapters
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It was heavily raining that night when Ava Sinclair decided to relocate to Manning. A town that went below the word civilisation to old age. She never cared where she was being sent. She believed something amazing would happen during her time in that miserable town. Yet did she believe, she thought it was to happen.Her crazy short red hair style gave the citizens who were looking through their windows a first impression of a not easily commanded stranger in town. Driving through the road in her muchly printed truck with the car windows lowered for a view looking at her map for directions.
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"You will find everyone here is nosy." Kara clutched at her book as they matched out of the class after Mrs. Andrews' lecture. "Are you Hungry?""No." Ava replied fixing a ring on her pinky fingure.
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"The tour ends right here. The school library. My favourite place." Kara took a seat at the top of a table. "Hello mister. Clement." Said she. "Hello Kara." "So the library is your favourite spot huh." Ava said seating next to her. "Well yeah. Mostly because it's quiet. Few students come around here. It's peaceful and mostly private." "Okay then. Since the tour in done, can we should head back. I need to do some shopping for my house early at the town market which I don't know where to find."
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"How often does this happen?" Asked Ava as they both took a seat."No forget about it.""No... no.. I hard you clearly Kara. You said not today. That means it's often, I guess it's the reason why you weren't in class yesterday whenI arrived.""No!
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"Will you wait for me? To take you home?" Inquired Ava heading out of the car."Maybe. It will depend." Replied kara.She hurriedly reached the car. Brenda was though looking overwhelmed. Her grey eyes were fixed to her daughter ready to tear out. and Audrey. Chocolate skinned, crazy curly hair with very brown eye balls. She though looked very pissed and insinuated being force to get there in the first place.
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"Hey. Open up already." Loudly knocked Kara who had been standing there for about five minutes.In a beat after, Ava crucked the door open for Kara to head in as she proceeded with covering herself in the sheets again."Good morning." Said Kara sarcastically.
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"You disrespected me. Me? Miguel Dante." Chuckled he annoyingly. "This is my town Miss Sinclair... I don't play hide and seek with dogs. You can't just arrive here and undermine me.""So your the dog?" Inquired Ava.
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"I know it for a fact. I've known your father before. And he has never been a fan of me so." explained Ava."yeah. I don't care what he thinks about who I hang out with you know. I'm done having my life controlled. it's just so frustrating. ""see. you do have something your keeping from me and I've been blurbing about myself all this time forgetting to ask how your doing.""I don't wanna talk about it. please?""really? okay. I can tell you anything about me. ask me anything and I will tell you the truth and in return, you tell me what's bothering you. so you could get it off your chest.""why? why would you do that? ""I love carrying people's burdens. " replied Ava chuckling. " seriously. I just want you to feel ease talking to be. i don't want you to be an open book obviously but if we are friends then I would love telling you everything.""you think so?"
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Early the next morning. it was a Monday. Manning as a city was getting into Halloween moods which was three weeks from the sunday special.People were all around the town. A few stores having decorated the night before. everywhere packed with scary designs.Manning university had not yet gone through the changes yet. everything was as normal as it had been the previous day except those students that happened to be mischievous than the rest had already planted scary decors in
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"What are you to do about your father ?" Inquired Kara."He won't call him?" Replied Ava."You think so?""I know he won't call him. He will be getting my mother.""I'm so sorry.""Its nothing. My only worry is how I'm going to spent two weeks in the cottage with no phone. No nothing.""I could keep you company some days maybe bring you books to read?""I could do with the company. I'm not really into reading. I'm no professor but anyways. Bring them over so i See what I will do with them." Replied Ava having both of them chuckling."Alright. I could also get myself suspended for some days." Chuckled Kara."Yeah." That's not a nice joke. Leave those only for me. "Who said I was joking? I'm not. I'm weighing my options."
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