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Avery Chasse is an up and coming chef in New England with a large social media presence. When she makes a startling discovery, she doubts herself and questions her life choices. Her brother tries to distract her by suggesting a European adventure where she eventually meets new friends and discovers what she truly has to offer.

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54 chapters
Chapter 1
‘Alright guys that’s a wrap for tonight, good job everyone’ my twin brother Peter announced as he typed furiously into the livestream video chat. Everyone clapped. The shooting tonight had gone flawlessly. It was friday night and I was closing the restaurant early. I was getting better and better at running the place despite the increase in patrons we had every week. Our social media following had exploded over night when people discovered that my restaurant was co-managed by 2 Michelin star restaurateurs. I was not on the same level as my mom and brother Jamie who owned the Michelin restaurant in town, but I was a very good cook. My twin brother Peter
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Chapter 2 - England
At the arrival gate of the airport in London,  a tall man was holding up a sign indicating he was picking up people for TravelEuropeINC. The man introduced himself as Marshall, one of the three tour guides for the next several weeks. He also introduced us to Isabella, his Spanish-speaking counterpart.  Our coach, plastered with the TravelEuropeINC logo on the side, was waiting for us outside of the airport. Read more
Chapter 3 - Northern France
The next morning we headed towards the north of France where we were going to be staying in cabins. Isabella asked me if I was doing ok with Sasha and said that I would have to stay with him on this leg of the trip as well as they had only booked enough cabins for the number of guests. No one wanted to switch partners and therefore I had to stay with Sasha. I shrugged at this as she gave me the keys to my cabin. The cabin was small and cozy looking…but  it only had one bed. Sasha and I both looked at each other awkwardly when we walked in. Read more
Chapter 4 - Brussels & Amsterdam
A loud banging noise jolted me awake the next morning. It took me a minute to figure out where I was. I looked around and noted that I was alone in the bed. Sasha was gone but I noticed a plate full of fresh fruit, bread and cheese on the desk. The banging came again but this time I realised someone was at the door. I looked at myself in the mirror quickly before opening the door. Isabella was looking at me worried. ‘I didn’t realise you were still sleeping, we were worried when we didn’t see you at breakfast this morning. Is everything ok?’ 

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Chapter 5
Sasha woke me with a gentle kiss on the nose. I was relieved to be getting up and to forget about the dreams I had.  He was already dressed wearing a navy blue long sleeved shirt and black running shorts. His hair was messy, whether on purpose or not, it suited him. His jawline was covered in day old stubble, I didn’t think it was possible for any man to look this sexy. His eyebrows knitted together as he looked at me, concern and discomfort written all over his face.Read more
Chapter 6 - Paris
It  was a mad rush to get all my things packed the next day despite not having a large room. I felt that I was bound to forget something because of my lack of preparedness. I had a sore neck and a headache from sleeping on Sasha’s lap and drinking too many beers at the bonfire. I grabbed a couple of acetaminophen as Sasha carried our luggage to the bus. We met at the dining hall for a quick breakfast, choosing to sit in a secluded nook by a window. Read more
Chapter 7
I woke up to Sasha softly humming a familiar tune sometimes during the early morning. He was squatting down over his bag wearing nothing but a black muscle shirt and boxer briefs. The soft light from the bathroom was casting shadows on him that emphasised the strong musculature of his thighs and calves. Although he stood up with his back to me, I gasped when he removed his underwear to slip into a clean pair, getting a quick glimpse at his ass. He also pulled on some shorts, a sweater, and a ball cap before leaving the room. It took me a little bit of time to process that it was the morning and Sasha was probably heading out for a run. I was feeling horny and slightly pervy after w
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Chapter 8
There’s a heavy weight pressing on my bladder when I woke up and I was surprised to see Sasha still in bed with me, his arm across my abdomen. He had taken off his pants before falling asleep and was currently only wearing his boxer briefs, socks, and a muscle shirt. He looked incredibly peaceful and vulnerable in his sleep. I kissed his nose and tried to get out from under his arm without waking him. I wasn’t terribly swift though; his eyes flew open and he frowned at me momentarily. He focused his eyes on me, his face relaxing and gave me a small dopey smile. Read more
Chapter 9
It was pouring rain when I woke up the next morning, the perfect day for me to get things done at the library. Sasha accompanied me to the library but he didn’t stay with me. I had to register for an account in order to use the computers, then spent 2 hours filling out forms, replying to emails, reply to video comments and post some of the pictures Sasha and I had taken yesterday. At the end of my session, I roamed the library and admired the artwork there.Read more
Chapter 10 - Milan, Italy
Our hotel in Milan was a luxurious affair once again. Lyosha handed Sasha his room key and we set off with our bags. ‘Lyosha said our room was upgraded’ Sasha shrugged as we headed to one of the top floors of the hotel. Sasha opened the door and I gasped. We entered a sitting room finished in floor to ceiling white tile with da
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