Mending You And I (Halal Lovestory)

Mending You And I (Halal Lovestory)

By:  Bubbles  Ongoing
Language: English
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Previously known as: I'll never forgive you Maryam Junaid, a pious, confident young Muslimah who lost her parents in a fire at the age of ten. As the little girl wandered the dangerous streets of New York, she was kidnapped and somehow ended up in the foster home of the Mehmoods. At the young age o

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38 Chapters
Chapter One
Third Person's POV: A glamorous, red embroidered wedding dress shone back at her deep hazel eyes as they inspected it with awe. The golden beads that traveled down the neck to the bodice, making golden spiraling designs that were enough to make any girl squeal out of joy. A strand of wavy hair was tugged behind her ear by her long, slender fingers. One of them was surrounded by a diamond ring that shone brighter than the ceiling lights of the shabby room.  Maryam looked around the room, thinking that it was probably her last night there—if Allah willed and her foster parents didn't do anything to stop the wedding. She remembered the nasty look on Salma—her foster mother's face when she heard Amna Saleh express her eagerness for Maryam to become her daughter-in-law. Only a few weeks before the gorgeous dress arrived at her doorstep, did she hear the news that her foster father, Mehmoo
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Chapter Two
Third Person's POV: To Maryam, the grand mansion was not a very surprising sight. Her foster parents were well-off too and she wasn't much interested in the splendor and luxuries of money. However, it did make her feel a little giddy. The interior was even more beautiful than the exterior. Maryam looked around the house as Amna led her to Abdullah's room which was now hers. "I hope you like the decorations. I've been working on them for the past week." Her mother-in-law asked her sweetly when they entered the room. Maryam smiled approvingly with a nod upon looking at the bed filled with roses and all the ceilings covered with LED lights. The furniture looked completely new and the king-sized bed was prepared as if it were waiting for just her. "It's wonderful. Thank you," she replied. Amna took her hands in hers and came a little closer which told Maryam that she was probably going to say something i
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Chapter Three
Third Person's POV: Abdullah was anything but guilty about his attitude towards his new wife. No matter how unbothered Maryam tried to be, she still couldn't help but feel that her fantasies about getting married were all thrown down the well. The morning was awkward as no one said a word and Maryam spent the whole day with Amna who looked very curious to know how things went the previous night. "Did he give you a present?" Amna asked with twinkling eyes. Maryam nodded slowly remembering the jewelry box he had so rudely tossed at her. She didn't bother opening it or even asking about it from him as she wasn't interested in the jewel but the way he was supposed to hand it to her. "Did you like it?" Amna asked, looking almost relieved that he did as he was told to. Maryam nodded again. "Yes, it was really beautiful. The erm... Colour... Was really attractive." she lied, wanting to make herself seem bel
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Chapter Four
Third Person's POV: Maryam closed the door behind her and dropped her bag to the floor. An empty room stood in front of her painted with a contrast of white and brown. Normally, she would look around and explore it but the event that had just occurred was too much for her. Her wrist still hurt and she felt water collect at the brim of her eyes. No, I'm not going to cry because of that idiot.  She told herself that again and again but whenever she thought about how she felt when he grabbed her hand and demanded an answer from her, she fell into gloom again. She walked over to the mirror that was hanging a few meters across from the bed and looked at herself. Her eyes were watery but she didn't dare shed a tear. She had barely started her new life and he showed his dark colors without any hesitation. He could've at least thought about the fact that she was new there or that sh
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Chapter Five
Abdullah's POV: Another employer stood up to greet me. I didn't spare him a glance and swiped my hand in the air to acknowledge him. He sat back down while I kept on walking towards my office, my polished shoes clicking on the shiny marble floor making a noise that filled in the quiet workplace. I passed the long line of cabins aligned with each other on both sides. The walls of the great building strongly screamed 'success' which I knew was because of my efforts. Before my dad handed me the authority of the company, it was nothing more than just a normal textile company but at that time, it was one of the greatest companies in New York and it was due to my hard work. I opened the door and entered my room, passing Stella, my personal assistant. "Don't let anyone disturb me. Tell them I'm not feeling well if they persist." I ordered her before going inside and plopping down on my office chair tiredly. 
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Chapter Six
Third Person's POV: Maryam rushed back inside her room, panting heavily. Once she was out of his sight, she calmed down and face palmed herself. It didn't even occur to her once that Abdullah could be there. If she had known that there was even a minor possibility of that happening, she would have worn proper clothes. It was such a bummer that her quiet time was interrupted by him but it was even worse that he saw her in that state. She only wore those clothes when she was alone in the room. Her face was still beetroot red and her heart was pounding out of her chest. Her dress was anything but appropriate and he was the first man to see her in that.  She just couldn't forget the look on his face when he looked at her. It was almost as if... As if... He was checking her out. The way he looked at her in fascination made her heart skip a beat involuntarily. She tried to shake off the feeling but honestly, she felt a li
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Chapter Seven
Third Person's POV: Maryam felt a little rumble in her stomach when she approached the classroom door quietly. She looked at the familiar wooden door with a glass box to peek inside through. A small metal tag was pasted beside it, labeled 12-A. Maryam gulped down the lump forming in her throat and she grabbed the hem of her baggy maroon t-shirt, twisting and twirling it between her fingers.  "Here it is. I hope you like it here." the voice shook Maryam out of her thoughts and she turned to look at the middle-aged lady standing beside her. "Have a nice day then, Ms. Maryam." the vice-principal, Ms. Caroline smiled at her and walked away. Maryam was now left on her own. She knew the way around the school and wasn't nervous because she was worried about her studies or her appearance but the weird looks the students gave her. They usually did that because of her hijab but then, it was different. And it was affecting her
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Chapter Eight
Third Person's POV: Maryam didn't dare make a sound when she got into the car. Abdullah moved into the driver's seat and looked like he was about to murder someone. The spot of blood at the end of his mouth was still there and for some reason, Maryam felt that it was her fault.  But it was okay. No one told him to save her if he didn't want to. Yes, she was grateful to him that he did what he did but if he was going to blame her for it, then she didn't need to be sorry. Surprisingly, he didn't.  He started the car without a sound and began driving. Maryam clutched her seat belt as he drove fast, pressing on the accelerator to go even faster. The roaring of the engine was the only sound that filled the silence between them.  "Dammit!" Abdullah finally cursed, hitting the steering wheel with one hand. He swore a bit more before looking at her. "If that a****** does anything to you again,
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Chapter Nine
Third Person's POV: If Maryam had the chance to murder someone and not be punished for it, then she would definitely choose Adam. It was a big thing to say since she had Shehroz and Abdullah as a good option too. But, over the past few days, she felt like Abdullah wasn't so bad after all. He wasn't the perfect husband but it seemed like he was trying a little to. Though it wasn't enough, it was better than nothing. He would drop her off and pick her up from school whenever he got the time and the other day, he actually treated her to ice-cream. Despite that, both of them rarely talked. Their conversations mostly consisted of; "How was your day?" or, "Did you like dinner?" or Abdullah would usually ask, "Did that Adam guy do anything else?" Of course, Maryam didn't tell him that she had yelled at him and humiliated him in front of his friends and a few other students that were at the scene. And she di
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Chapter Ten
Third Person's POV "Dinner is served, Mistress." With her gaze on the ground and her head bend down with respect, the young lady in a maid's uniform stood at the door of Cornelia's room. She didn't dare move her gaze from the floor and waited for Cornelia's response. "I'm coming!" Cornelia's tone was cheerful the way it had been for the last few hours. Even though Maryam was still furious at her for sending her very private  0.b: Abdullah, she was still excited to have dinner with her and her family. "My mom's going to love you!" Cornelia remarked as both of them walked downstairs to the dining hall. Maryam nodded, a bit unsure. "Does she know I'm here?" Cornelia nodded. "Duh! I told her the moment you agreed to stay over. She was at her boutique so she couldn't greet you but told me especially to bring you to dinner." she explained to me while pushing the big door of the hall open. The door ope
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