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Abby is a girl quiet, hard-working and middle-class, she worked daily in a restaurant, she lives alone in a small apartment in the east of the city of Bello Norte... who would go to think that she least a great responsibility ahead?

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38 Chapters
Chapter 1
My name is Abby, I am a mixed race girl, my hair is a bit strange, it is neither straight nor curly dark brown, brown eyes and I am 1.56cm, I am simple, I do not usually wear makeup and I do not wear expensive brand clothes , I like to be original and simple. I got up very early as usual, well, I had to go to work, since studying at the university became very expensive, with so many projects that I do every semester I decided that on vacation I would go to work, since I was already older than My age and my parents had helped me enough throughout my life and it did not seem fair that growing up they continued to do the same, I could now look for a job to pay my expenses; I went to the bathroom to take a shower, I went out and dressed in tight pants, a fuchsia blouse and black converse shoes, I braided my long hair, which had some champagne highlights, once ready I went out to the kitchen and made a coffee and made a sandwich; I ate my breakfast and left my apartment, down
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Chapter 2
The next morning I woke up in a soft bed, when I opened my eyes I got up with a start, because I knew I was not in my room, I got out of bed in a single jump and I heard noises that came from the kitchen, I went to the bathroom, I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I left the room saddened and to my bad luck the kitchen was just down the stairs."Good morning," Matt said to me with a cup of coffee in his hand, "did you sleep well?" "Good morning, yes, thank you," I replied with great embarrassment, "when did I fall asleep?""Well, I went upstairs to leave Luisa in her crib and when I came back you were already asleep. I didn't want to wake you up, that's why I decided to take you to the guest room so you wouldn't have to sleep uncomfortably on that sofa." I blushed a lot because I think my cheeks were like a tomato, because I was sorry, he offered me to sit down for a cup of coffee and eat a sandwich that he had already prepared, I ate it without re
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Chapter 3
Saturday arrived, my friend's birthday, I went out very early to buy her a gift, I went to the mall and went into a store where they sell makeup and as I know that Ale loves to put on makeup I bought her a palette of everyone's eyeshadow the colors, a base, a mascara for eyelashes and a powder, I went out and bought a gift bag, when night came I managed to go to the club that my friend had rented for her party, I put on a blue dress with some sandals not very tall, I straightened my hair and put on just a little makeup, I took one last look in the mirror before leaving, I was satisfied with how I looked, when I left the building, I saw Matt dressed in a long white shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbows and black pants, I had Luisa in my arms dressed in a dress casually the same color as mine,I was surprised to see him standing there, he looked at me, smiled at me and approached me, gave me a kiss on the forehead, handed me the baby and opened the door on the passenger side and t
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Chapter 4
The days passed after my friend's party, we went to work and the days were busy as always, >> this restaurant is good << —I thought— those days I began to notice that my friend always felt bad, she looked She was sick, she even had nausea and spent her time in the bathroom vomiting, one day I told her that I had to go to the doctor, I did not want to go, but finally she listened to me and went, the doctor sent her to do several tests to rule out various diseases , and at last the day came when they gave my friend the result and the truth is something that she did not expect. As she had not gone to work in those days because they had sent her to rest, at the weekend I decided to go to her house to visit her."Hello friend," I greet him with a kiss and a hug, "how are you?""Hi Abby, I'm fine physically speaking," Ale told me somewhat worriedly, "I have something to tell you."- Yes friend? What is it? I notice you are somewhat worried."Oh
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Chapter 5
—Hiii friend, how are you? —Ale greets me and gives me a hug— where were you? It was strange to me that you weren't at home.We went into my room and sat on the bed."Ah ..." I didn't know whether to tell my friend what had happened, she always tends to make movies in her mind "I went out with Matt ..."- Are you serious friend? Ale tells me very excited, "and what did they do?" Tell me tell me...—Well, yesterday he went to pick me up after work, I thought he would just bring me, but when we got here, he got out of the car and told me that he would stay a while, we talked for a long time, Luisa fell asleep and I put her to bed. my bed, then we watched movies - the memory of Matthew came to me when he kissed me and I smiled, but I didn't want to say anything to my friend about that - and I fell asleep next to him on the couch and ..."Wait Abby, you're not telling me something, what is it?""I'm not hiding anything from you" - I
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Chapter 6
The day came, Matthew arrived at my apartment at six o'clock - which is punctual - we left the building and took a bag with clothes in the trunk - since we would stay until Sunday at the fina - Luisa was in the back In her baby seat, Alejandra got in the back with her while I got on the passenger side, we left the city, we spent an hour on the road until we went down a street which led to the farm, about half an hour later We arrived, the place was very beautiful, it had a beautiful garden in front of the house, there were stables and even a swimming pool, Matthew parked, got out and went to open the door for me, Ale was surprised, but did not say anything, she took Luisa and went downstairs, we entered the big house."Hello nephew, how are you?" —A tall, somewhat gray-haired man approached and greeted Matthew with a big smile — he hadn't seen you for a long time, and Luisa?"There it is," Matt says, pointing to the car where Luisa was."But how big it is,
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Chapter 7
The next morning I woke up hearing Luisa, she had already woken up and was lying between Ale and me, I get up and put a pillow so that the baby does not fall while I went to the bathroom, Alejandra and Matt were still asleep and not I wanted to wake them up, because that night we had gone to bed very late. When I get out of the bathroom I take Luisa and change her, once she is ready I leave the room very carefully so that the boys do not wake up.When I left I find myself in the house in complete silence, it seemed that everyone was asleep, I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Luisa, I was already hungry and I was going to take advantage of preparing something to eat for Matthew, Ale and myself, but I stop short when I see that there was an older woman with a girl walking from here to there preparing food, when I was about to turn around the young woman notices my presence."Good morning, miss," the girl turns to me. "How can I help you?""Good morning," I g
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Chapter 8
We returned to the city in the late afternoon, Matt took Ale and me directly to the apartment, we were exhausted, but I from the exercise I did the day before and my body was a bit sore. A month has passed since that weekend, I had not seen Matthew since that night he left us at home, but I did not take it too much, I was focused on my work.Ale and I found ourselves leaving work one night, I was talking to her quietly when suddenly she stops in her tracks and stops me by taking me by the arm, I see her surprised by such an act, so I looked at her and she beckons me to I turned to the front, when I did, I opened my eyes from the shock, there was Matthew leaning in his car with a bouquets of red roses on the bonnet, he was with his arms crossed and he looks at me with a smile.- What are you waiting for friend? Come closer, ”Ale says in a low tone.-But..."But nothing, go there," he says, giving me a little push."But what do I know if he comes for som
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Chapter 9
- and? How did it go? Asks my friend, who was sitting in the living room with the light off.- Alexandra! Don't do that, "I tell him as I put a hand up to my chest," you scared me!"Oh friend, you are very scary," he says, approaching me and we go to my room. How was it? What did you do? Why are you so late?—Wou, wou, wou, there are many questions right? I say laughing as I sit on the bed and start to take off my shoes.- No way! They are not so exaggerated, I just want to know about your date.- Do you think it was a date? I ask something innocent."Of course I am, friend."- Oh, wow! I always imagined my first date a little more arranged, ”I say, pouting."And friend, you're beautiful just like that," he says and hugs me.—Thank you friend, you know that I love you very much, right?"Of course I do, I love you a lot too.""Well, it's already one in the morning, so we'd better go to sleep, we have to work tom
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Chapter 10
A week had passed and I really felt alone in that place, I missed Alejandra a lot, she had changed my life and had done a routine with me, towards my happiest days, I had not yet found a job and I was already beginning to worry, I had bought a phone with a part of my savings to be able to communicate with my family since, I always did it from my friend's cell phone but now since she was not there I had to propose to buy one, that's how I wrote every day to my father and of course with Ale too.-Hello Friend how are you? My friend says in a text message."Very good friend, and you?" How is the baby doing?—It's very good, just yesterday I went to do an echo and I could see its development, the doctor says that it is healthy.—I'm glad that Ale And do you already know the sex? I ask excitedly."Not seen yet, but the doctor said maybe for the next time I go.""How I would like to go with you, but how do you know that I have spent part of my sav
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