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In which a guy asked his neighbor for her wifi password in return for a kiss. Meet Kim Yoo-Mi, a young girl who has been inlove with her neighbor since she's 12, since she saw him through her window in her room. But he is a snob. He never talks to her and even takes a glance on her. And now that she's 16, she was surprised when he tried to communicate with her only to get her wifi password because his internet was cut off. She thought he was making friends with her, but she's wrong. Will she give him what he wanted? What if he'll found out that his name was her wifi password? Meet Yoon Jeonghan, the arrogant and snob basketball player in the school. He's the most popular in the campus and a playboy one. He always finds his neighbor cute so after 4 years of snobbing her, he tried to communicate with Yoo-Mi by getting her wifi password. What if Yoo-Mi found out that it's not true that his wifi was cut-off? That he only made an excuse just to kiss her?

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I just got home from school and I entered my bedroom, hurriedly putting down my school things on top of my study table.I sat down on my bed with the intention to lay down for a minute before changing my uniform but I was surprised when I saw Yoon Jeonghan talking to someone on the phone.I could see his room perfectly through my window. This guy was my handsome neighbor since my seventh grade. He was at the same school as mine and he was two years ahead of me but that didn't stop me from liking him.Yes, I have liked him since the first time I saw him. No, I loved him! Because he was handsome, so handsome that he gained popularity in the school wherein he was also the captain of the school's basketball team.Everything about him was beyond perfect. For me? Yes, only for me. However, I thought he has never noticed me. We never talked or exchanged even a simple glance. Well, I was watching him in secret but I have never seen him look at me. And I re
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"What did you just say?" My best friend Josh said, nearly spitting out the coffee while listening to my story.We were sitting at the table in the cafeteria and we were having our morning break, me telling him everything that happened last night. He knew all along that Yoon Jeonghan was my handsome neighbor and he knew that I have been liking him since I transferred here."But I didn't let him kiss me, duh!" I rolled my eyes, telling him.Yes, I didn't let Jeonghan kiss me last night because I was so nervous and that made me regret it. I should have got my very first kiss last night and as a bonus, it was Jeonghan! Oh, I know I was stupid.Josh smiled, making his eyes disappear. "But you gave him your password which is HANNIE. As in his name!" he exclaimed.I gave him my password because I didn't want him to kiss me. I still remember how my face turned beetroot last night while giving him my password. Jeonghan was grinning the whole time and eve
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"You what?" This time around, Josh spat his coffee on the table. I reached for the tissue to wipe it but he held my hand and stopped me from wiping the wet liquid from the table. "Why did you change your password in the first place?" he asked curiously."Because I saw him kissing Brittany!" I exclaimed.Josh laughed at me. "But they always kiss here in school! You don't have the right to feel jealous, he's not yours!""I know! I know! Oh my! They're coming!" I pretended I was drinking my cola and when Jeonghan and his friends passed by our table, I looked up. I waited for him to take a glance at me like he used to do but he didn't. What was his problem this time?He kissed me last night and now he was acting like nothing happened? Like he didn't know me. Was he always like this to other girls? But he always kissed Brittany even though they're not a thing. The whole school knew that Brittany slept with almost half of the guys on the campus."
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  My breathing eased and soon panic attack was gone as Jeonghan laid down beside me and wrapped his arm around my waist. He pulled me closer to him and whispered soothing words to comfort me, gradually sipping the warmth into me.  "You're safe now Yoo-mi. Sleep, I won't leave you alone." His words sent butterflies to my stomach. I closed my eyes feeling safe in his gentle embrace.  Sleep got to me at that point to half-consciousness and half-unconsciousness, I spoke. "I miss you, Jeonghan." I whispered before I closed my eyes.  I felt his warmness as he cuddled closer towards behind me. I felt a soft kiss behind my head and then a quiet whisper into my ear. "I miss you too, Yoo-mi."  A tear fell from my eye, hearing this words. A sign of relief. It's unbelievable that being this close here with him could erase all of those horrible moments in the dark alley, even just for a while.  And I hav
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 Jeonghan took my face in between his hands to deepen the kiss. "Open your mouth babe." I gave him access and the next thing I knew was that he shoved his tongue into my mouth and our lips moved in synchrony. Our breathings accelerated and I melted at his touch.  His tongue teased mine and explored inside my mouth so slowly that it made me moan. Everything felt so good and sweet. I brushed my fingers on his hair and pulled him closer.     I could feel him smirk against my lips. "You like this?" he asked but I was too breathless to speak. I just nodded my head and he smiled victoriously. He continued attacking my lips, slightly biting my bottom one, sending chills through my body. What he's doing to me was all new but I liked it. I continued kissing him and pulled his bottom lip with with my teeth, nipping it and he groaned and growled when I put my tongue inside his mouth but he pulled away.&nb
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  Jeonghan pulled me as he sat on top of my bed and I stumbled on his lap facing him. I felt my heart beating so fast inside my chest, blood rushing to every vein in my body.  He touched my chin with his two fingers and I had no choice but to look at him straight in the eyes. Those intense and attractive eyes that melts my heart everytime he looks at me.  And before I can even think of something to say, he locked his lips with mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him back trying to mirror what he's doing.  He put his hands on my back and nape. "Yoo-mi, I've been longing to do this." He pulled me into another kiss and I circled my arms around his neck. The kiss sent me all kinds of sparks through my body and I could no longer hold my moan.  "Don't hold it babe. Moan for my name. I want you to moan for my name over and over again." And I moaned seductively.  "Jeonghan please, I want more." I felt him smiling in our kis
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YOO-MI's POV "Can you take me home now? I'm not feeling well." I looked away trying to hide the tears that were ready to fall down."Are you sure? You have to tell your boyfriend first.""He's not my boyfriend! I mean, there's no need to tell him. Let's just go Josh, please!" I pleaded as I pulled his hand heading our way to his car.When I arrived home, I removed my make-up and took a quick shower. I stepped out of the bathroom only to be shocked when I saw Jeonghan sitting on top of my bed. I held the towel that was covering my body tightly......  "What the fuck Yoo-Mi! What is wrong with you! Why did you just leave me like that?" I flinched as his voice booms inside my room."Really Jeonghan? You're asking me this after everything that you've done?" I shouted back at him.  "What? What did I do?""Oh really"! You don't know what you did? Are you embarrassed of me or someth
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I haven't seen Jeonghan this weekend. He told me they will teach kids with disabilities on how to play basketball down at the community center.  I walked down the empty hallway to go to class when I spotted Hoshi running towards me. "Hey Yoo-Mi! Are you coming with us tonight?"  "Tonight? Where?" I asked him as I continued walking.  "There will be a party tonight at Minghao's house. We won again!" He cheerfully said. "Oh wait, Jeonghan didn't tell you?"  "Nope, maybe he forgot?" I told him."Okay! See yah!" He said and tapped me on my shoulder before he ran out of my sight.When finally it was lunch time, I saw Josh in our usual table and I slumped my butt on the chair infront of him."Hey! Are you okay?" His voice was friendly and soothed some of my anxiety over Jeonghan."I haven't seen Jeonghan since Friday night and I saw Hoshi this morning. He said they'll be having a party at Minghao's house again toni
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How did he do this to me? I should leave, I don’t belong here and I don’t want to cry in front of these people. I watched as Brittany put her hands over Jeonghan's neck but he moved it away.But then Jeonghan put his hand on her hip, squeezed it playfully and she giggled. I tried to move, to run, to do anything to get me out of here but my eyes were locked on the guy I’m in love with, while his eyes locked on her.“Yoo-Mi! I thought you cannot come?” Hoshi called me! Jeonghan’s head snapped up and his eyes met mine.I felt Josh on my back ready to attack Jeonghan but I stopped him. “Josh please, don’t!”“But-““For me Josh, please.” I said, pleading.I saw Jeonghan’s eyes went wide with shock and Brittany looked my way and leaned further onto him. His lips parted as if he was going to say something but he doesn’t.“Hoshi, I think I’ll
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“Yoo-Mi…” Josh grabbed my hand and squeezed it lightly. I squeezed it back telling him I was okay. I rolled down the window a little and lean my head against the window.“Do you want to come back to my house or you’re going home?” Josh asked. I wanted to go home to curl into a ball on my bed but I am afraid that Jeonghan will show up.“Your house. I am so sorry for asking you to drive me all over Josh.” I told him.“You’re my best friend Yoo-Mi and I don’t want anything happened to you. And you know that you haven’t asked very much of me.” he said sternly. He was the best person ever and I felt so lucky to have him as my best friend.When we got to Josh’s house, it was 2am. I was exhausted and hungry. Josh put a pizza in the oven for us to eat. “Your dad hasn’t arrived yet?” I asked him while I grabbed a slice of pizza from the box.“He&rsqu
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