Alpha's Housekeeper

Alpha's Housekeeper

By:  Chantinglove138  Completed
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After saving her from a fatal accident, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face close to his and licked her bleeding lips, "You knew I love babies and desire to have them. Yet, you dared to keep the news from me and leave my house with my baby in your womb. Aurora Collins, you'll be punished for the crime." He combined their lips in a toe-curling kiss, leaving her numb. ~~~ Damien Hunter was a billionaire alpha, who was rising in the business world. Aurora Collins— Aura for him, was his ever so impressive human housekeeper. She did everything as per his expectations and met his needs — except... His desires. His virgin housekeeper didn't leave any chance of teasing his hard-on with her innocent moves, and it was one of the same heated moments that they shared made him loose control and claim what he's been desiring to claim ever since. It wasn't supposed to be a bumpy ride ahead after that... But it did! Read 'Alpha's Housekeeper' by Chantinglove138 today!

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128 Chapters
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1. Losing her virginity!
1. Losing her virginity! Manhatten, Alpha Damien's Mansion, “The ivory vase should go in the drawing room, it should contain lavender flowers. The metal vase with tulips below Alpha's portrait in the drawing room, and the azure urn vase on the table by the side of his bedroom door with black roses. The golden woman sculpture at the staircase side. The paintings bought in auctions should be hung in the drawing-room…. And, hmm, everything looks fine." Aurora put a right tick at the last pointer in the checklist she was holding as she examined the mansion carefully with her tired eyes. "So, it's all done, right?" One of the servants who was helping her set the huge abode as per the Alpha's demands asked her, to which she nodded in agreement, and they shared a victorious smile. Well, they have all been working tirelessly for seven days as their Alpha, Damien Hunter, would be arriving in three days. Everything has to be ready by then. Aurora had been busy throughout the day and
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2. First ignored... then adored!
2. First ignored... then adored! "Good night, Aurora. See you tomorrow." One of her co-workers waved at her, going towards her quarter. They just finished their dinner and discussed all the important stuff that needed attention. Finally when she retired to her room, Aurora recalled their second Encounter that transpired the following morning post her and alpha's make out. He had asked her to bring coffee for him in his room, and she instantly had it presented before him. "Aurora, I am throwing a party next month to celebrate the success of my company and I want you to set up everything in the house beforehand. I hope that's clear to you." Aura's eyebrows had shrunk realizing that he addressed her with her full name. That was so unlikely of him as he never… NEVER ever called her anything besides Aura. " Y-yes Alpha, I will make sure it's done in the best way." She replied, forcing a smile, eagerly waiting for him to say anything about last night. Just anything. "I hope so
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3. The alpha knows how to seduce his housekeeper!
3. The alpha knows how to seduce his housekeeper! "It's… it's n-not like that." Her eyes eventually lowered while her palms began to sweat. When he had the knowledge of the truth then why call her ? It might be a game for him, for her it's a torture. She hated it honestly. "It is definitely like that. You are also hurt because I never spoke to you after that night." he made her look at him, her mouth parting and closing, as she stood confused about what to say. No.. No.. Stay collected, Aurora! You need to be calm and not let his words affect me. She thought. "Sorry, I don't know what you are trying to imply, Alpha?" Aurora breathed, nibbling the inside of her right cheek. "What?" Looking at her in disbelief, he clutched her elbow. "You mean to say you don't know what I am saying. Is it like that, Aura?" He raised his left eyebrow, staring at her with a tough gaze. She swore her feet were trembling and knees wiggled. Aurora wanted to get away from him and run far away fro
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4. She is.... Pregnant!!!!!!!!
4. She is.... Pregnant!!!!!!!! Next morning, The rays of the early sunrise peeked through the opened window thus breaking Aurora's peaceful sleep. She woke up only to find the side of her bed empty, indicating that he had left. Aura quickly got up from his bed with the sheet wrapped around her figure and made her way to the washroom. Having quickly dressed up she exited his master bedroom for she didn't wish the other workers of the house to see her in Alpha Damien's bedroom like that— naked and wrapped in his blanket, smelling of him. Only if he had left her clothes in one piece, she would have worn them. But no, the crazy alpha had to tear it off including her bra and panties. The evening arrived sooner than expected. The whole afternoon she was busy instructing the servants, staff, and chefs about the party while Beta Brian, also Damien's friend, took over the remaining responsibilities. Aura didn't see Alpha Damien for the whole day and that really made her feel bad. She mi
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5. Caring for her
5. Caring for her “How many meetings are due, Brian?” Inquired Alpha Damien. He was sitting in his cabin, his head resting back in the chair as he held his cell phone across from ear. “Damien, there is one more meeting at 3.00, later you have a conference call to attend with the alpha of the Australian pack and then the party in the evening.” He answered, making Alpha Damien sigh. Finally, he was about to get done for the day. “Okay then, thanks. I can’t wait for the day to end soon." He was tired, he has been working continuously for two days. He could not even get a chance to sit down and have a cup of coffee. He was about to cut the call that he recalled Aura, his sweet lovely housekeeper cum his secret crush. Damien imagined her coming to him with a cup of coffee which caused him to yell at the phone, “Dude,” he was feeling shy because he was going to ask about Aura to his mischievous beta cum best friend who has always teased alpha Damien with her name as he urged him to a
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6. Dressing for him.
6. Dressing for him."I'm absolutely fine, Madam Martha." Smiling at the motherly figure sitting next to her, Aurora squeezed her hand."Oh Aura, you'll be the death of me someday." She expressed hurt."I am sorry.""No sorry as I am really disappointed in you. Why don't you take care of yourself?""I do... It's just that I, " I am pregnant which is why I am like this. She wanted to add but halted before it."That you took inadequate stress about the party." Aurora couldn't help but hum and discern at their hands.Madam Martha loved her like a daughter, AuroraI couldn't tell her that the vomit and exhaustion were the outcomes of pregnancy. Damien was the father so she wished him to know about it first.He was on call when she entered the mansion, talking to beta Brian. She had heard beta mention her name to Alpha. That gave her a feeling he might have asked about her.Gosh, why does he have to be so caring! Aurora sighed
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7. Who's asked you to dress like that!
7. Who's asked you to dress like a sl*t, Aurora!!! Aurora’s POV Nervously with a thumping heart, I was walking toward the main hall where the loud noise of the music besides the laughter and chattering of the guests were coming. I saw the place filled with people I have seen in magazines and ‘Daily wolves’ newspaper that writes about all the famous wolf celebrities as well as models. I was amazed to see Mr. James Wilbert, the well-known actor who gave a blockbuster movie, Howl. I had a crush on him when I was in school. I used to collect his pictures and articles from the newspaper. However today, he doesn’t look more handsome than alpha Damien. My eyes were looking for him as I quietly, with small steps, moved further. There by the side of the staircase was standing the famous model, Skyla. She is someone who made me cry for endless nights as she was the girlfriend to Alpha Damien some months ago. Their articles and pictures were too much to look at, and for a time being I had a f
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8. The alpha only used her!
8. The alpha only used her!Aurora's POV"Who invited you to the party ha!"Those hateful words showered intolerable lashes of humiliation and regret on me."It's my party damn it, not any slut club that you have dressed up like this- like a SLUT!"I still cannot forget the look in his eyes. They were dark, flaming an aggressive glow which burned my feelings into ashes."I hate this dress on you, Aurora. I just fucking hate it!"The twisting of his lips delineated the disgust in his heart. The worried bottom lip seemed like he was chewing on a bone of abhorrence that I might have put into his mouth."Leave before I do something crazy, Aurora."The alarm of his tone showed his patience. He didn't want to hurt me and so asked me to leave from his sight so that he didn't commit any regretful mistake.I dawned on him true sickness by entering his party when I was uninvited.But.... I thought I was permitted sin
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9. He loves babies. What?
9. He loves babies. What?Having stormed annoyingly to her room she slammed the door behind her. All that happened in the kitchen was replaying in her head.His touches made her ill. She felt disgusted. It disgusts her when any other men touch her, Aurora just feels like killing them.The males in the wolf's dimension are always horny and aggressive. They want females for sex like a kid desires a toy.And Peter Dursley, there are no decent words in the dictionary that one can use for him! He's a bloody womaniser… bigger than alpha Damien.Aurora bit her tongue, coz there's no one as heartless as alpha Damien.But Peter… he was the worst and on the lowest position in her perspective.He thought he could manipulate her. He thought he would succeed in it too. Never!! There's no way anyone would ever succeed in doing that.Well Aura knows no one can compete with Alpha Damien as he is one of his kind. She always wished
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