Sold To The Mafia For A Million Dollars

Sold To The Mafia For A Million Dollars

By:  Faithuba  Completed
Language: English
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“One million dollars!”. A deep voice bid making everywhere to go silent. ***** Just a day after Ashley turned eighteen, her parents sold her off to a gangster in order to pay their debt. The gangster decided to resell her in an audition where she was brought for a million dollars. Ashley was brought by Xander Cage the don of the biggest mafia organization in the state. Xander needed a wife in order to present himself as a responsible man to him big time client. Ashely found herself thrown into the ruthless world of the mafia where love is impossible. Will she be able to fit into the world or will she run done the hills. Find out more as you read.

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67 Chapters
Chapter one - I can’t believe I forgot my birthday
Ashley POV~ My alarm woke me up just in time for my morning chores. Even though sleep is still very much in my eyes, I have to sober up and get my chores done before my parents wake up or I won’t like the consequences that will follow after. I walk into the bathroom and splash water on my face to clear the sleep off my eyes and then go downstairs to start my daily chores. I did my chores silently in order not to wake my parents up. I remember the one time that I accidentally woke them up because of the noise I was making while cleaning the house. My parents were beyond furious. My dad hit me with the vacuum cleaner so hard that I couldn’t eat for a week because my ribs were swollen. Ever since our family business went bankrupt five years ago, out of frustration my parents developed anger issues and became very aggressive towards me. At first, they would emotionally abuse me but as time went on, they started abusing me physically. The drugs they are taking aren't helping matters eith
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Chapter two- Just like Cinderella
Nervous couldn't describe the word of how I am feeling right now. Lisa had earlier sent me the address of the club. We are to meet in front of the club before entering together. I wore a short lava red dress that hugged me tight like a second body. The back of the dress is entirely open leaving my back to be bare. I matched the dress with red high heels and red lipstick. I look at myself in the mirror. I could hardly believe this was me. On a normal day, I won’t be dressing like this. Well on a noms, I wouldn’t even be going to a club at all. Unice gifted me this dress and made me promise her that I will be wearing it tonight. I must admit I actually look very hot in the dress. Since I have flesh in the right places, the clothes fit me quite well. My biggest problem is how am I going to leave the house without drawing my parents' attention. I removed my shoes and held it in my hands along with my purse. I quietly tiptoe down the stairs trying my best not to make any sound at all. I
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Chapter three- I have a wife
Xander’s POV “Well Mr Cage, I must say that I am quite impressed with your proposal. Although I have not expected more than this from you with all the good reviews I have heard about your company ” Mr Chu Hu said. “Thank you sir! We try our best to give the best to our client!.” I said. I am happy that he is impressed with our work but I have a feeling that there is a “but” coming. Mr Chu Hu is a very big client of ours. He is currently the richest man in Asia. He owns a chain of empires ranging from different sectors. He is currently looking for someone to build his new estates and also design the trucks for all his factories. Since I own the biggest construction company in America, my company is among the ones that got recommended to him. My team and I worked twenty hours daily for the last two weeks. I am confident enough to say that he will choose us. So I don’t know what is possibly holding him back. “I can see that. I would love to give the contract to but there is only on
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Chapter four- my parents sold me off
Ashely’s POV I woke up the next day feeling very happy. Am now eighteen. Legally I am now an adult who can do whatever she feels like doing. I recalled everything that happened last night. I closed my eyes and seized my hand over my neck as I imagined the stranger’s lips on my neck. It felt so good! Heck it isn’t feel good. I can still smell him on me. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be with a man. I have never had a boyfriend so I have no idea. Now I know why Lisa and the rest can’t stay away from guys. I rhythm a tone as I make my way downstairs. I freeze as I reach the kitchen. Both of my parents were sitting down looking as if they were waiting for someone. “Dear God please let it not be me they are waiting for.” Am not ready for any trouble this morning. “Good morning”. I managed to greet them. My heart was beating very fast because of the fear of uncertainty. “What is good about the morning my dearest daughter?”. Dad asks in a hostile voice. I kept quiet because
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Chapter five- at the audition
We soon arrived in a room that looked like a show house dressing room. The hulk continued to drag until the end of the room where some ladies were sitting down. “The boss wants you to get her ready for the audition”. The hulk said to a woman who is wearing a black vest showing off the butterfly tattoo on her right arm. She had her hair packed in a bun. The woman nodded her head at him, keeping her face expressionless. The hulk left me with the woman who kept eyeing me up and down. “Wait! What does he mean by getting her ready for the audition? Are they planning on reselling me again or what?”. I silently wondered because I am too scared to speak out loud. “Let’s get you washed up!”. The woman finally spoke up and brought me out of my thoughts. she beacon on me to follow her. “Strip!”. The woman commanded as soon as we entered the bathroom. “What?”. I screamed. Never in my life have I ever removed my clothes in front of someone and I definitely don’t what you started today. “You h
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Chapter six - sold and married
Someone lightly pushed me up the stairs. I was immediately blinded by the night light that shone on the stage. “No 27 please move to the center of the stage!”. The host announced. I slowly made my place in the center of the stage where the light shone so bright. I try to take in the audience and to my surprise, they are all wearing masks over their faces. The only people whose faces are bare are the waiters serving the masked people. What is this? Some type of masked gathering? I wondered to myself. “Okay gentlemen! This is our No 27 Ashley Johnson. She is eighteen years old and the best part about her is that she Is a virgin. Yes that is right, a virgin! Young, fresh and untouched. So let’s start bidding from $10,000”. The host announced. I shiver in disgust at what is happening. I can’t believe I am being sold and some bunch of useless men will now bid on me as if I am a piece of art. And good luck to them. I don't think anyone will pay &10,000 or more on my head. “$10,000!” “
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Chapter seven- Surprise Mia cara!
Ashley’s POV “You!!!” I exclaimed when I saw the face of the man. It was the man I danced with yesterday at the club. But why is he doing this? Is it because I left him on the dance floor yesterday? Maybe that’s why. “Surprise Mia cara!”. He grinned at me, making me more furious than I was already. “Why are you doing this? Is it because I left you hanging on the dance floor yesterday?.” I asked him. He looked at me confused at first because he started laughing. He has one of the most beautiful laughs I have ever heard. Damn! Snap out of it Ashley! No need to start lusting after him while we are having an important conversation. “I must admit you are more funny than Kelvin Hart. You think I am doing all this because you ran away from our moment of dance last night? I barely didn’t even noticed your presence. Once you are gone, I have someone else take care It. You know what I mean?.” He winked at me. I cringed at the thought of it. Too much information. I am not interested in what
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Chapter eight- I have a wife
Xander’s POV When I woke up the next day, I went downstairs and found Rick sitting in the lounge room. “Tell all the men to gather in the dining hall!.” I instructed him. I went to the kitchen and made my coffee before I headed to the dining hall. I found all the men sitting and waiting for me. “Greetings to all of you!.” “Greetings Don.’” All the men echoed. “I have two pieces of news to share with all of you today. The first one is that we have finally found the mole that sold information about our shipment to the klan's Mafia!.” I said and looked at their faces. I am good at studying people so I wanted to be sure that Yaks was working alone. None of them looked scared or guilty so we are good to go for now. “It’s Yaks!.” I said and I saw the look of shock on their faces. I am very sure they didn’t expect him to do something like that. I didn’t expect him to. Yaks was born into the mafia just like Rick and I and so he was supposed to understand that the mafia don’t tolerate bet
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Chapter nine- running away
“Good morning Mrs Cage, your husband asked me to accompany you to the mall!.”. The man said. I feel very awkward being referred to as “Mrs”. “Ashley !”. I said and I saw the confused look on his face. “Call me Ashley!.” I stated. He nodded and we went out of the house. Strangely, the house is empty just like yesterday night. In front of the house is the latest Rolls Royce Phantom car. He opened the back seat for me and I entered before he entered the driver’s seat. I look around the interior of the car. I don’t know much about cars but I am sure that this car cost a fortune. “What is your name?”. I asked him after five minutes of driving. “Jo!”. He replied. “Jo? No offense but what sort of name is that?.” I wonder why someone should name their child Jo. “It’s the short form of Joseph!.” He answered. Wow, like Joseph from the Bible. With all his muscular body and tattoos, he surely doesn't look like Joseph. “ I understand why you use the short form Jo. You look more like a Jo and
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Chapter ten- Dragon
Ashley’s POV “Denver Drive us to the Amir’s Club. I am going to return this bitch and get back my money. !”. Xander instructed his driver and my heart stopped beating. What does he mean he wants to return to me. That can’t be good. I am very sure that it will end up badly on my own part. I don’t know why I was foolish enough to run to the policeman. Now look at the result. The poor man got killed because of me. I have a guess that Xander belongs to a mafia organization or something related to that. But I didn’t think that he would have the balls to shoot a police officer in the open. “Please! I am sorry, don’t take me back there!.” I pleaded with Xander who refused to even acknowledge my presence. I kept on crying until we arrived at the familiar building. “Get out!”. Xander yelled at me but I shook my head. “Don’t try me! Get out or I will pull you out myself!.” “No please! I am sorry, I will do anything but don’t take me back there!.” I cried as I pleaded with him. I have a fee
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