His Broken Angel

His Broken Angel

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Women wish to have a husband like Nikaulas King. Clearly, the man was madly in love with his wife for only a person who is madly in love would wed a crippled woman.But was it the truth?Angela Hernandez and Nikaulas King were married for two years. Angela loved him with all her heart but he was in love with someone else, Leah, his best friend's wife.Despite that, she hoped that one day he would take a look at her. One day he will take her name while being inside her and that one day he will reciprocate her love but what she ever got in return was heartbreak and his ignorance because, one she was crippled and second, his heart was already taken.But what would happen when one day she would reject his touch and demand for divorce?This is the story of his broken angel.The story of rejection and obsession

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His Broken Angel is a provocative novel about heartbreaks and second chances. Angela Hernandez is the subject of every woman's envy. She is married to the dashing Nikaulas King. People believe Nikaulas is madly in love with Angela. Because why would a perfect man wed a cripple lady? Unknown to all, Angela knows Nikaulas has feelings for his best friend's wife, Leah. Angela reaches her breaking point and withdraws from her husband. How will Nikaulas react when she asks for a divorce? Will he quickly let her go, or can they find a reason to hold on?

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Nikaulas King
Only love can make you grin like a fool. Lily was gazing at her reflection in the mirror, grinning from ear to ear. The dreams of her bright future glowed in her eyes as she fondly caressed her bulging belly. Today she was going to get married to the love of her life and next month she was going to give birth to their first child. It all felt like a dream come true. “Are you ready, Lily?” her mom sauntered in with a wide smile on her face followed by her father. Lily nodded. “My child, I am so proud of you,” her father embraced her in a fatherly hug and kissed her forehead. Her mother wiped the lone tear and joined in the family hug. Lily silently thanked her lucky stars for favoring her with their kindness. “You can’t be doing this without me,” Glen, her brother who had just entered the room faked being hurt before joining the hug.She was standing outside the door. The door behind which the love of her life was awaiting her. She was a little nervous for the new beginning but she
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Angela King
It is said that people are usually the opposite of their names but not for Angela. The woman like her aunt was the definition of innocence. Well, maybe not as innocent as her aunt as Angela had a mischievous streak too but nothing evil. She was innocent in a way that she believed love can heal broken hearts. Call it her innocence or stupidity, she still swore by this quote which she had read in some cheesy romantic novel in her teenage. “Madam, you didn’t have to trouble yourself,” Alvira smiled awkwardly at Angela as her mistress entered the room. The maid had just birthed a healthy baby boy yesterday and was now resting in the hospital. Angela’s driver pushed her wheelchair towards the bed. “I get it. You were planning on gobbling down these muffins all by yourself. How greedy,” Angela narrowed her eyes playfully at the lying woman. Her driver chuckled at her comment and so did Alvira. Their madam has a way of making people feel comfortable around her. Despite her high status sh
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Marriage Of Convenience
Angela sighed while staring out the window. He had his number yet he never bothered to inform her about his arrivals. She would always hear it from servants. Despite his coldness, she was still enamored by him. Her stubborn heart was still fixated on this guy. His indifference only made her crave his attention more. She believed she was just what he wanted; he only had to take a look at her. Just one real look.The news had sparked a silver of hope inside her.She rose from the wheelchair and made her way towards the bed with the help of the wall. Her features twisting in pain as she forced her legs forward. She could feel sensation in her legs now owing to the numerous surgeries she underwent in past few years but walking was still an arduous task. The doctor had advised her to take physiotherapy and practice walking to strengthen her muscles. She had a few more surgeries to undergo. There was no guarantee the surgeries would heal her properly but Angela wanted to give it a try. A
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Two Weeks Later“The man refuses to speak but I think they are planning to attack her again,” Stefan suspected, frowning slightly. Nikaulas didn’t seem as affected by the news as him. His expression was calm and cool as he dismounted Roar, a brown stallion. Stefan was standing some steps away. Currently, they were at his barn. Nikaulas owned a stable full of horses and he liked to spend his free time here. Horse riding was one of his favorite hobbies coming second only to shooting. Nikaulas' taut muscles were out on display as he tended to his horses. His tanned skin glistening like fine gold under the light of blazing sun. His biceps flexing deliciously as he stroked the horse. The servant came rushing with a bowl of food for the horse. “ They think they will have you by your throat if they manage to get her,” Stefan added in a solemn tone. Nikaulas rolled his eyes and continued to play with his pet. His enemies were dumb and boring. A part of him wanted to let them catc
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Unconditional Love
Pine and Cedarwood. Exotic and soothing. Her eyes flung open on their own as he swooped her up in his strong arms. They popped out in surprise to see the face she had least expected to see. Nikaulas. She had questions but right now she just wanted to live in the moment and admire his handsome hero. It was not every day her husband swooped in to rescue her. And what visuals. His firm jaw looked more defined from here. Without delaying she looped her arms around his neck. She watched him, dazed and confused as he carried her towards the dias while keeping his gaze ahead. In a second, they were in front of the mic standing before hundreds of people. He carefully put her down and interlaced his hand with hers. She grabbed the dias with her free hand and leaned forward. A big grin on her face. She was nervous no doubt but for some reason, Nikaulas’ presence had calmed her frantic nerves. His large hand was now wrapped around her small ones and she felt…assured. Also she wanted to impres
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Angela casted a glance at the wall clock and sighed. It was 1 in the morning and he still had not arrived home. Is he gone already? She wouldn’t know if he had left the city or not but as he was here it felt wrong to sleep when he was yet to come home. Who knows if he had his dinner or not. Angela had seen him leaving from her room. He was on the phone speaking about some meeting. Judging by the conversation, she realised he was headed for a meeting at Regency hotel and would be back. After what felt like an eternity the door finally opened. Her gaze quickly darted towards it. She straightened her posture and put a smile on her soft lips. Nikaulas entered the hall and started towards the upstairs. His coat was hanging on his arm and his hair was tousled giving him a rugged look. Like always, he didn’t notice the woman waiting for him.“I..I’ll set the dinner for you,” nervousness caused her voice to shake. It was very rare for them to talk. The man paused mid-stride, just noticing
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She had chosen a purple fish tail gown that complimented her black stiletto and diamond set. Not to mention it also made the green of her eyes pop beautifully. She had curled her hair and left them open. “How do I look?” she asked Lina. Nervousness coated her words thick. “Just like an angel, madam,” Lina replied smiling. “I hope you are not saying it just to make me feel good,” Angela narrowed her eyes playfully. “Believe me all the men at the party are going to lose their heart to you,” Lina remarked with a wink. A bubble of laughter erupted from Angela’s throat. Nobody loses their heart to a disable like her. No matter how successful or pretty she was, she was still a disable. “I want only one man's heart,” a note of longingness in her voice as she whispered the words. Not much later, Alvira sauntered into the room with her little boy. The little bundle was wide awake and watching everything with wonder in his eyes. Angela smiled and reached for the baby. “How my li
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First Appearance Together
The venue wasn’t very far from home as they had managed to reach in less than twenty minutes. Again, Jonas fetched the wheelchair and helped her out whereas Nikaulas had already climbed out to take a call. “Looks like you are going to hear a lot of thank you from me tonight,” Angela looked up at Jonas and stated. Her voice held a note of disappointment for her husband. “I swear you are the only boss in this world who thanks her subordinates just for doing their job,” Jonas replied in a joking tone. Angela chuckled at his response. “And I am certain you are the only bodyguard in this world who takes his work this seriously,” she shot back. “You are the queen. Can’t take any risk,” “In name only,” she answered smilingly but the pain in her eyes was unmissable. “You are the queen,” Jonas stressed on each word. She didn’t need no King to make her feel her worth. She had Sebastian Hernandez blood running through her veins. She was born queen and she will remain so. A clea
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That Woman
Please understand, I can't break off the engagement, Nik. His family has done a lot for us. I can't back off now. Please don't get me wrong I love you, I really do but I am bound. Besides, your family is in mafia and my family will never approve of it. I want a life where I can walk freely without having to worry about my next breath. I might sound coward but I don't want to be targeted by your rivals all the time for being married to you. I know you will protect me with your life but we cannot predict future. I am sorry I wish we were met in different circuimstances. Her explanation echoed in his head as he watched her coming towards him. He was seeing her after over two years and she still looked just as dazzling. The blue hue of her eyes was still his favorite. A soft smile was gracing her lips, making her look more beautiful. A hint of hesitation flickered in her eyes when they met his gaze but she masked it away with her ever bright smile. "Never thought I would see
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Angela looked around in search of her husband. He was noweher in sight. "Nikaulas is a lucky jerk for having you. You are a very nice human being, Angela," Theo stated in open admiration of her. Angela smiled but that didn't reach her eyes. She was quite sure Nikaulas thought different.     " You, sir, flatter me too much," Angela said jokingly causing him to laugh.  "I see you are the modest type," Theo observed. Angela just smiled before once again scanning the room for her husband.  A heavy hand gripped her shoulder all of a sudden. She looked up to find Nikaulas standing in front of her. His expression looked troubled.  "We are leaving," he stated and steered her wheelchair towards the exit. Angela was confused by his behaviour.  "Is everything alright?" Theo stood up and asked. Nikaulas halted for a second and nodded.  "I have an urgent work to see to," Nikau
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