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Chen Yi, a young emperor who's under the control of a powerful minister meets Amayah, a princess from a fallen kingdom. She was saved by Minister Ding when she was young and adopts her as his daughter. Ten years later, Minister Ding assigned Amayah to be the emperor's bodyguard. Being grateful to her adopted father and not knowing his real intention, she agrees to be the emperor's bodyguard and protected him with her life. Amayah never thought that she will fall in love with the young emperor so she was torn between her love for Chen Yi and her loyalty to her adopted father especially when her adopted father force her to poison the emperor. But later on, she discovers that Minister Ding was the one behind the incident ten years ago that caused her whole family's death. Together with Chen Yi, they plan to take down the ruthless eunuch. Is Amayah the person that the emperor is waiting for? The person that will help him to be free from being controlled by the evil minister just like what the priestess predicted? How can a fallen princess and now the emperor's bodyguarf can fullfil the priesties prophecy?

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    3 chapters
    Chapter 1
    "Chase me, Father!" Shouted the eight-years-old Princess Amayah of Lancayan. They are in the palace garden and are having fun playing. Her father, King Kendra chases after her while laughing. They were also accompanied by her older sister, Princess Aloha and their mother, Queen Aruha. They picture a happy family that anyone would envy.The eunuchs had a smile on their faces as they watched the royal family having fun playing. And once she stumbles, they immediately approach her to help her get up. They were worried about her. Even though she just get a slightly scratched, the leader of the eunuch immediately calls a doctor to treat her. Being a princess is really a good thing. That's what her thought.She is very lucky because many people love her and most of all, she has a loving royal parents. They are not like the other kingdoms' king and queen who have no time to play with their children. Her parents make time for her and her older sister. She is not the only who was lucky but th
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    Chapter 2
    "Useless! Useless people!"Amayah was just entering the door of the manor when she heard the loud voice of her adopted father, Minister Ding Qinn, as he scolded his men. She did not know what sin or misfortune his men had committed that made him very angry with them."Oh! You're back, Amayah! I'm glad you're here again."Amayah was about to enter the door when she heard the voice of her older sister Suli. With a smile ready on her lips she turns around to greet her."Suli! Long time no see. We haven't seen and talked to each other for a long time. I'm glad to see you again." She greeted her sister with a hug."You hug my young lady as if she's your real sister when she's not your real sibling," Ada, Suli's personal assistant, muttered weakly. It's obvious that she doesn't like her being close to her young lady.Ada was right when she said that she is not really Suli's siblings. She was only adopted by Minister Ding. On the day she was about to be trampled by a horse, Minister Ding sav
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    Chapter 3
    Emperor Chen Yi was busy wiping his bow and arrow that he would use later for his practice when Baihe, his personal eunuch aide, approached him."Your Majesty, Minister Ding would like to inform you that he has found a new person to be your bodyguard," he informed him. He paused for a moment and looked at him for a few seconds before turning his attention back to what he was doing."And who will he take now to spy on my actions?" as he says those words he clenched his grip on the clean rag. Minister Ding will do anything just to monitor his actions. They had just got rid of his last bodyguard who was also his spy and now he already got another one. So annoying."I heard it was his daughter, Your Majesty.""His daughter?" he stopped what he was doing again and frowned as he thought for a moment. All he knew is that Lady Suli was his only child. Does he have a child hiding from the people?Minister Ding used to be the leader of the eunuch when his father was still the emperor. He was th
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