He was never mine

He was never mine

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Carmen was in one-sided love, and she didn't know that until she got married to Liam, her high school crush. After getting married to him, his attitude towards her changed. But Carmen stayed in the marriage and endured his inappropriate behavior towards her. However, everything changed when she met Dax and later found out that he was her husband's best friend. When Liam realized that there was more to Carmen and Dax's friendship, he knew for sure that he wanted Carmen all to himself. “Are you still mad at me?” Liam shouted. Carmen stopped in her tracks. Then she squeezed her eyes shut to get her emotions under control. “Yes I am,” Carmen replied without turning around to face Liam. “I am sorry for what I have put you through!” Liam honestly said. “You should be. But don't you think that it is too late to apologize?” Carmen sarcastically stated out loud.

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136 Chapters
Until you divorce me
The sunlight reflected into the room, and the peaceful sound of nature echoed through the atmosphere.  While the makeup artist applied a thin layer of primer to Carmen's moisturized skin, her lips pulled upward into a faint smile, and she felt a sense of happiness taking over her. Then her eyelashes gently touched each other as an eye primer got added to her eyelids.  At that moment, Carmen could feel the softness of the brush when it touched her face as the lady applied the foundation to brighten her skin tone. Suddenly, the door opened, and a classic woman stood at the doorway with a bright smile on her face. “Mini, Is the bride ready?” She asked. “No, I am still touching up her makeup,” Mini gently replied as she put some cream concealer on her finger and lightly dabbed her fingertips on areas that looked dark on Carmen's face. Realizing who was at the door, Carmen turned her head to gaze at the
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Dine with the devil
A few minutes later, the hall got crowded with relatives, friends, guests, and the family of the bride and the groom. It took a brief while, but everyone finally got seated in their respective seats and patiently waited for the groom to appear. Five minutes passed in silence, yet the groom did not show up as everyone expected. Then within a split second, the hall got noisy as people started questioning Liam's lateness. "Where is your good-for-nothing son!" Liam's dad screamed at his mother in a fit of rage. But she scowled at him and lashed out, "Why are you shouting at me? So is he, not your son too!" As the noise in the hall increased, the groom's family seats on the front roll became boisterous with questions. Liam's parents were taking all the heat from their relatives, even though they tried to give an excuse for their son to remove the tension from them. Things were getting out of control, and the whispering got more emphatic as people continued mumbling and turning to the
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No escape
The light in the room flickered, and the air got chilly as the breeze blew the window curtain open. The white bedsheet appeared whiter from the glow of the bulb. Also, the bedroom looked extremely luxurious because of the fancy furniture."I will take the guest room, and you can take this bedroom," Carmen said, wishing desperately that her first night as a married woman wouldn't start with such an intense atmosphere.Then she anxiously stood still, waiting for Liam's reply as the seconds passed.Realizing the room's silence, Carmen could feel her heart pounding, and she grew tense.With every passing second that Liam did not answer, Carmen felt more uncomfortable. Unable to take the quietness any longer, she hugged herself tightly and stared at a well-built man sitting in a chair, gazing at her like some prey he could not wait to devour.The sleeveless nightgown she wore did not make her feel comfy at the very least, and Liam's cold stare only made her feel worse.Feeling the chilly
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An awful morning
"Beep!" "Beep!" The clock blew off. After it rang a couple more times, Carmen lazily opened her eyes.  Still in a confused state of mind, her hand reached out for the alarm clock. Instead of pressing the off button, she knocked it off the nightstand.  "Beep!" "Beep!" "Beep!" The alarm screamed louder as the sound echoed in the room.  "I think I broke it," Carmen mumbled beneath her breath as she pushed the comforter off her. Then her toes flickered when they touched the cold tiles and chills ran through her body. Still feeling a bit dizzy, Carmen grabbed the clock from the floor, shut it up, and set it back on the nightstand. In that instant, her sight caught the other side of the bed, and Carmen sighed at the empty sheet and softly muttered, "Good morning, Carm."  Then she turned away from her bed and headed into the bathroom. Feeling drained and hollow in her soul, Carmen dragged her feet a
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Bittersweet lies
After Liam had left the villa, Carmen pulled out a chair at the dining table and sat down. Then she low-spiritedly looked at her Eggo Waffle Sandwich and frowned at it, feeling like Liam refusing her food means that he had rejected her too. With every stare she gave her food, Carmen could feel this piercing ache in her chest. In frustration, she angrily stood up, grabbed the plate, and approached the trash bin. After opening the lid, Carmen couldn't bring herself to toss the Eggo Waffle Sandwich into the bin because in her mind, if she did, then just like you can't eat food from a dumpster, she and Liam's marriage will not have a chance for love. With such a thought on Carmen's mind, she withdrew from the trash bin, headed back to the table, and she set the plate on the dining table. Then she sat down and began to eat the Eggo Waffle Sandwich angrily while sniffing. Two minutes into her breakfast, her phone began to buzz, and she
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Let me be
Feeling indecisive, Carmen stood in front of the mirror, wearing a blue long sleeve dress with its length reaching below her knee. Then she wore her hair down.  However, the reflection staring back at her was not what she was going for at that moment. The bite marks on her neck were still showing, and the wound on her fingers remained exposed. In anger, Carmen took off the dress and threw it on the bed, and it landed on top of all the other clothes she had tried on. Then she approached her closet, took out a gray sweater and blue jeans.  After Carmen had worn it, she went back to the mirror and stared at her reflection. The sweater's turtleneck and long sleeves concealed the bite marks on her body, and the sleeves were also long enough for her to hide her fingers in. But even though her dress code was perfect, the only thing destroying it was the hot June sun awaiting her outside her house. “Mom is not going to buy this look, but it is the o
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Fake moment
With a touch of fear in her eyes, Carmen folded her hands into a tight fist as she saw Liam and his mother approaching their table.   Her heart kept skipping every beat as they got close, and she hastily gazed away when his eyes met hers.   "I invited Lina over for breakfast, but I did not know she would drag her son along too." Deborah softly said.   Not listening to her mother's words, Carmen's mind remained occupied with thoughts about how unloving her husband's gray eyes were when they gazed at her.   After Liam and Lina reached Carmen and Deborah, he pulled out a chair for his mother, then waited for her to take her seat before he sat down.   "Good morning, mother." Liam addressed Deborah.   "A pleasant day to you too," Deborah answered with a bit of hate in her tone.   Hearing the harshness in her mother's voice, Carmen stared at Li
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Because I love him
The driver felt the fear within Carmen and the hostility from Liam. He looked into the V-mirror and saw how pitifully Carmen had folded herself together. Liam and Carmen did not appear to be the couple he knew in the past.  The driver noticed that the brightness in Carmen's smile had got swapped with a frown, and Liam's eyes had lost its kindness. 'Boss, why are you treating madam like this? She's sweet and friendly to everyone, so why do you hate her?' He thought. After Liam's question, Carmen dared not look at him. She kept her head down, and her eyes focused on the floor of the car. It was clear to Carmen that her apologies wouldn't get her out of this situation. "Are you deaf!" Liam screamed. His voice had harshness and chills within it, and it wasn't long after Carmen heard those words she began tearing up. However, Carmen choked back her cry so she wouldn't annoy him.  
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Drunk night
Carmen sat on the couch with a frustrated face as she watched the long hand of the clock slowly change its direction. She felt scared and upset that it was now eleven-thirty o'clock and Liam had not arrived home yet. Their brief episode that morning, him accusing her and denying her, weighed heavily on her heart, but her mind remained occupied with worries about why he had not reached home. Carmen stood up from the couch for a minute and paced back and forth for some time as she tried to keep her messed up emotions in check and stopped herself from crying. After walking around the room for a while without hearing a car sound, she sat down on the couch and continued watching the clock. As Carmen sat there for another fifteen minutes without removing her eyes from the wall clock or shifting from her current position, her stomach gurgled from hunger. She pressed both her hands against her abdomen and squeezed it tight to su
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Wasted effort
The next morning Liam woke up with a nasty headache and he felt like someone had smashed his head against a concrete wall countless times. For a couple minutes, he tried to get out of bed, but the pain seemed to triple each time he lifted his head. “I should have taken the damn pills!” Liam thought, feeling a sense of frustration.  Then he gave his body one last push, and finally, he succeeded in getting out of bed. His head pounded with every step he took toward the room door.  When Liam opened it, he was shocked to see the pack of hangover pills and glass of water still seated in their previous position from last night. The only difference was that Carmen had covered the glass of water. Not knowing what to feel, Liam reached down for the items and took them into his room. Then he placed a glass of water on the bed stand and popped out a pill from within the pack. 'Why does she still care about me after everything I have
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