Between Two Loves

Between Two Loves

By:  Silla Defaline  Ongoing
Language: English
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Warning! Adult only. Sincerity of love does not have to have, but enough to see the loved one is not hurt. Love is complicated and drains tears. This story tells of a woman named "Meranti" who is trapped in love between two brothers. Where Mera didn’t expect at all when Brandy, the man who married her, turned out to be Abraham’s younger sister. And Abraham himself was a man who once fell in love to Mera. Mera found it difficult to accept that fact. Without Mera knowing, Abraham still has a big enough love for Mera. Because Abraham's love was too deep, one time, the man was desperate to enjoy Meranti's body even though it was forced. Mera considered Abraham's actions a tragedy. From that tragedy, both Mera and Abraham were constantly in guilt. Coupled with Mera's pregnancy. Where Abraham had high confidence that the fetus in Mera's belly was the fruit of his depraved deeds. But, was Abraham wrong? Is Mera wrong? How about Brandy? Let's read the story here... Thank you

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20 Chapters
Chapter 1 Marriage And The Past
The excitement of the wedding party really made me feel like a queen. All attention is on me. Me who is wearing a white dress next to a handsome man who just made a promiseBrandy Mahendra, a dashing man with a thin beard managed to impress me at first glance since he came to see my family.Yes, we got married because of an arranged marriage. His father and my father, they were the ones who originally wanted this marriage. But now I don't regret it at all. Come to think of it, I was lucky enough to be married to that man. He comes from a wealthy family with a large company they manage. After all, this man seems to really be.Brandy really managed to hypnotize my heart. Slowly the figure of the man who had just married me was able to replace the figure of the indifferent man who had been in love with me, until it made me too lateWhile this thought was blooming, suddenly among the invited guests, my eyes were fixed on a man who was caught watching me from a distance.I squinted, tryin
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Chapter 2 Brandy's Strange Attitude
Our car stopped in front of a Villa."Come on down, honey," Brandy opened the door for me.I smiled and got off.A car had stopped ahead of us earlier.I'm surprised.Suddenly, Abraham came out of the car.I gasped.What's with him? Why did he have to be here too?"Honey, you look surprised again. Don't worry, Abraham is just taking us." Brandy soothed."Yeah, I'm not really surprised." I replied trying to stay calm.Abraham smiled. But without speaking.Trying not to care, I stepped into Brandy's footsteps. Unfortunately, Abraham followed suit.What's with that man? Doesn't he know that we are going on vacation to celebrate our honeymoon here? Why did he participate?Towards the evening, I looked out at the sea. In Brandy's arms, it felt like the night was getting warmer. But not so in my mood. Abraham's participation disturbed my composure.Drrt... Drrt...!Brandy's phone vibrated."Just a minute, honey," Brandy reached for her phone.I let Brandy busy with his cellphone.I'm allowe
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Chapter 3 Who Was Flirting With Me?
"How was it, the business is done?" I asked."That's enough, darling. Sorry for making you wait so long," he said quietly.I felt Brandy's hands wrap around my waist.We were silent for a while."Don't be afraid, I won't leave you," Brandy whispered in my ear.The touch of his beard on my ear gave me goosebumps."I love you!” he whispered again. This time his face slightly turned to the nape of my neck.Ah, that touch is getting more and more tempting."Honey, your body is so beautiful. I never thought I could marry a girl as beautiful as you. Thank you, I love you," Brandy whispered stifled.That voice, I knew this man was wanting something from me.My guess really came true.The big hand released my kimono. Being a newlywed, I'm still passive.The hand began to creep. I'm flying.The game continues, until I don't know when was the last time the thin bandage on my body came off.Without realizing it, the man who is now with me is also in the same situation.I didn't expect, this time
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Chapter 4 Strong Husband
My mind started to feel bad. "Honey, did you really just come home?" I asked."Yeah, what's wrong?" Brandy looked at me.How about this? I'm confused. Who was the man who had sex with me? "Just now the lights went out, I heard a knock on the door, and..."Before I finished speaking, Brandy just laughed. As if what I said was a funny thing to laugh about."My wife is a coward. Never mind, maybe it was just your hallucination, honey." Brandy stroked my hair."Mmm, that's not it. I mean there was really…”"What else is there?" Brandy interrupted."All right, honey. Don't be afraid anymore. I am here. After all, there's no way anyone would dare to bother you. Brother Abraham is still here. No one dares mess with us.I gasped, Kevin Abraham is here? Gosh. Why does my blood boil violently when that name is called.I tried my best to hide my anxiety. To tell everything in detail, there is a feeling of dread in the heart.I'm back to being normal. I saw Brandy tired, I took off his jacket.
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Chapter 5 Terror
Is this how it feels to be face to face with a handsome man? I can't describe the sensation in words."I want to soon have a little angel who will be a complement to our happiness, Mera. If it's a girl, surely our child will be beautiful like his mother," said Brandy."And if it's a boy, he will be handsome like his father," I replied."What if I ask for three children later? It would be great if our house was enlivened and enlivened with cute children," said Brandy.I'm glad to hear that, so he really expects me to be the wife, and gave birth to a child for him.Brandy's hand crept mischievously again. Exploring the hidden curves of my body.Thus, the night was appropriate to chat with each other, the warm battle was repeated again. Feels like I'm flying to heaven.But there is something different about the second game. I don't know, what's wrong with my feelings?***I opened my eyes. Slowly my eyes caught a ray of sunlight slipping between the ventilation holes.Oouh, I'm late appa
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Chapter 6 Who Did Abraham Tell?
"Morning, Brother! Are you running in the morning?" Brandy answered Abraham's greeting warmly.Kevin Abraham, the man who once stayed in my heart nodded.The sports clothes he wore couldn't hide the valor he had. What Brandy said the other day was true. These two brothers are very handsome. I'm sure, everyone who saw it would think the same as me. Their charm brings women to their knees. How lucky I was to get Brandy. But I can't deny that Kevin Abraham is also a man who is no less interesting.Something I really didn't expect to happen. The two brothers decided to sit together. Of course I'm among them."It's fun when someone accompanies you," said Abraham, smiling wryly."You're right, Brother. Patience. It won't be long before my brother will also follow," said Brandy.Abraham looked wry."Yes fate, who knows," he said."Why are you talking about destiny, Sis? Get to know us too. Let us get to know each other. By the way, our future brother-in-law is also from the same city as y
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Chapter 7 The Mystery of the Woman Who Hurt Abraham
"I don't think I can introduce the girl to you." Abraham answered blankly."Why, why?" Brandy narrowed his eyes."Because that woman has been married to another man."Degh ...My heart is beating fast. Who is the woman he means?"What?" Brandy looked surprised."The woman I've been telling you about has become someone else's wife." Abraham answered with his fingers clasped together."How dare that woman leave you to be married to another man," Brandy looked angry. "That's called destiny, Brandy. We don't know what will happen in the future. Sometimes we love someone with all our heart, but that does not guarantee us to get love in the same portion," said Abraham."That woman is evil, brother. What else is missing, Abraham? Is the woman blind? ""Don't blame him, Brandy. Just blame the brother who can not make him comfortable. Maybe I've been busy with work all this time. thus making her lonely, then accept another man's proposal. The woman is innocent. Even though I'm actually busy w
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Chapter 8 Calamity In The Villa Room
I actually wanted to get out of the villa and enjoy the garden to just breathe fresh air. But to step out, I don't have enough courage. I was worried about meeting Abraham, the stubborn brother-in-law.Suddenly, a call came into my phone.Heuumm ...! From my husband Brandy."Honey, please check if there is a document in my bag, please give it to Sis Abraham, okay? He's in the inn's room ***** number 7. He just called. Please, honey. Abraham needs that document now."Oooh, it turns out that man rented an inn? Wow, fear immediately creeps into my mind.While the strange turmoil in my body is getting worse."Honey, can you go home now? Miss you. Mmm," I mumbled.It was the turmoil in my body that prompted me to speak boldly. There's no denying that in a situation like this I need Brandy."Patient, Honey. I'm starting to be brave, aren't you?" Brandy teased.I feel strange with the heat that runs through my body"Now, please take the documents to Abraham's room, okay? I'll be home in t
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Chapter 9 Abraham's Blind Love 
"Just kill me, Abraham! You evil! There's no point in me living anymore. It's no use anymore. I just want to die." tears welled up in my eyes.Suddenly Abraham hugged me. "I'm sorry, Mera. Sorry. Wipe your tears! I am sorry. Very sorry. You know Mera, I do this because I love you. You know who I told you guys about in the park this morning? It's you. You're making me crazy, Mera. You left me for Brandy."It feels like now what he's talking about is bullshit. I'm disgusted to hear that.My guilt towards Brandy grew. Shame hovered in my mind. This body, this body is disgusting.Quickly I picked up a glass on the bedside table, and threw it at Abraham.Brakk …!The glass broke into pieces. Blood dripped from Abraham's forehead. I don't care. Even if he dies, I still don't care."Mera, I will go now. But remember! I do this because I love you. I'm sorry if my actions this time hurt you. I promise I won't do it again,"Suddenly my eyes fell on the glass I had tossed at Abraham. I think it
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Chapter 10 I Still Love You, Mera!
"Forget me Abraham! Let me be happy! Please, don't torture me like this. Don't let me keep feeling bad for Brandy! Don't love me anymore, Abraham!" "Can't you see the wound you made for me, Mera? I know my feelings are wrong. I realized that, but I don't know how I can forget you. Please teach me how!" I see and hear words that hold sadness. "If you love me, please let me live comfortably," I said. "How can I let you live comfortably, when I still can't see you living with Brandy. Tell me Mera, that I'm still in your heart?" My heart is confused by the silly question of the man in front of me. "No, Abraham! At least I no longer have feelings for you. I just love my husband." "Lie! Big lie. I know you still love me." Abraham insisted. Out of the corner of Abraham's eye, I saw tears welling up. I can't seem to believe, how much love this man for me? But I guess if love was really sincere, he wouldn't be this bad. In fact, since long ago, since I g
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