64 chapters
Chapter 1.
Isn't it crazy how your whole life can change just from the few people you meet? How they have the ability to trick you, manipulate your mind and have you bending over to their own will. The fact that one person can make you change your whole outlook on life and how you see yourself is scary and truly amazing too. That they can make you forget your morals and true values. What you believe in and how you look at life. That was K for me. He made me feel good about myself and accept myself. True we had our differences but I like to believe we helped each other grow...apart. My name is Rina, and I'm short and chubby with a cute soft belly that could be a pretty comfortable pillow. I have hazel-brown eyes, thick small pink lips, a light shade of chocolate as my skin colour and shoulder-length goldish brown hair that's really hard to tame. Well, black in simpler words.
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Chapter 2.
So here I am standing in front of the administration office about to get my student card and dorm key. I'm not a fan of staying in dorms, from past high school experience that I don't wish to discuss, but I guess this will have to do for the next three months until I have got enough to rent out that beautiful apartment, I saw in an ad. I already called the owner and he said I'll have to live with a roommate, and that's cool with long as the person is clean and doesn't mind listening to music. The kind of music I listen to is considered weird, but that's only by the narrow-minded population. I love listening to artists that aren't given enough credit, I would like for them to receive recognition but I don't want that to happen as well. I'm in my dorm on the third floor and as soon as I step in, I'm welcomed by a short girl with hazel eyes, short curly hair like an afro and a sweet dark chocolate skin colour almost a replica of Lup
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Chapter 3.
Butterflies in my stomach and legs wobbly like jelly as we reach an isolated place which is surprisingly beautiful. I think we're in some artsy environment because there are paintings all over the walls and blank canvases all around and it smells like paint so yeah. DID I REALLY JUST FOLLOW SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW TO AN ISOLATED PLACE FILLED WITH PAINT? He leads me to the stage and I immediately sit on it, my legs dangling on the edge, I put all of my torso weight on my hands and lean back admiring the room. I see Ian looking at me from the corner of my eye, grinning. "What?" I ask him matching his smile. "Nothing, I was just admiring your beauty Ri," he says with a wide smile...he shortened my already short name to 'Ri'! I'm already thinking he is my boyfriend' and I can't help the blush that rises to my cheeks after what he just said...I'm beautiful! "Cheesy line, but thanks," I try to
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Chapter 4.
School begins today after such a heavy weekend. From Zo's endless disappointed stares and getting used to the campus, I'm pretty hyped for class. I get in and choose a seat somewhere in the middle but good enough to hear what the lecturer will be saying. Some guy sits next to me and he's really good looking like amazing! He's got nice, actually perfect sharp cheekbones, beautiful eyebrows-bushy like. His lips are just wonderful and I wonder how great it would be to kiss those. Wait why I'm I thinking like that...I'm attracted to Ian, YES I AM. His hair is properly styled and looks very good...a guy who takes care of his hair is to be appreciated. He wears a grey shirt that says 'I don't like being looked at.' And I feel as if he's telling me because he shifted his body in order for me to read that. Jerk! "Hi, I'm Rina," I told him with the most pleasant smile I could muster, I'm sure he can tell it's forced...

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Chapter 5.
Three months later. So much time has passed and life has been a bubble of bliss. Ian and I are still going strong but lately, I feel as if he is pulling away. When I asked him about it he said I was looking for a fight. "Baby, is there anything wrong with us?" "What do you mean?" "Tell me if I'm wrong, but lately it feels as if we're not connected like we used to, are you comfortable being with me?" "Where's all this coming from Rina!?" he raised his voice and YEAH he called me Rina! That hurt so bad...what happened to 'sweetcakes' "Woah! Why are you shouting? It was just an innocent question. No need to get all riled up about it." I raised my voice as well. He sighed and enveloped me in a hug. "You're being insecure because I'm about to leave, but sweetcakes there's no need
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Chapter 6.
My alarm rings at six o'clock to wake me up from the deep slumber I was in. It is time to face the world again I guess. I get out of my bed and go into my wardrobe to get my towel and toiletries and leave the room for the bathroom. I go over to the bathtub and open up water to fill it and brush my teeth by the bathroom sink. When the water has been filled, the room is a little bit steamy, I get in and soak my body. It feels so good. I don't know why my muscles hurt so much but this right here is heaven. After I'm done bathing I wrap my body with the fluffy towel Zoé bought me as a 'house warming present'. I get out of the bathroom and bump into Khalil. He is in nothing but his boxers only and looks really cute after he just woke up but is very grumpy. "Watch where you going, Rina!" "Good Morning to you too Khalil," I say with a smile and leave him, I am not going to let him ruin my day by his negativit
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Chapter 7.
The party is going great and the atmosphere is fun, but what has me worried is the tension I'm sensing between Ian and Zoé. What the hell is going on here that I don't know. Thuso also seems to be looking at him with pure disgust but when she looks at me, it's a look of sympathy. I get up from Ian's lap to go grab some water, I feel no need to drink alcohol because I feel shit is about to blow up and I need to be sober for it. "Where are you going, baby?" Ian asked me while holding my wrist. "Why does it matter to you!?" Zoé asked angrily, woah! "I wasn't talking to you Zoé, mind your business!" Ian spat out and Zoé got up to stand in front of Ian. "You know what Ian, you're full of shit! I can't believe you outta all people would do that, how could you be so cruel and selfish. Screw you!" "Okay...what is going on..." but none of them answer me "Zoé? Ian? Why y'all f
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Chapter 8.
"We were just giving Riley what she asked for," K answers with a smirk. "Well you gave me more and I'm glad. That was truly heavy." "Whatever man. I'm outta this game!" Ian answers and gets up but not before looking at me as if to say something but he doesn't. Everyone leaves, Khalil and I stay behind. "So, do you think it worked?" He asks, breaking the silence. "What?" I am confused because I'm still recovering from what just happened. And as if he knows his smirk just grows bigger "I'm that good huh?" it wasn't a question. More of a declaration that I laughed and punched his arm."Shut up!" He gets up, then helps me up. We part ways once we get into the kitchen. I sit on top of the marble counter lost in my thoughts which is when I smell some alcohol fanning my face. I look at the source and see Ian pissed off. Why is he? "So tell me how long has i
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Chapter 9.
So it's been two weeks since Ian left for New York and it's been really hard walking around as if I'm okay when I'm not. Well, Zoé and Thuso have been there for me but it's not enough and Khalil has been behaving although he has his days of just wanting to piss me off. Nothing new there though. Well, the semester is about to end which means it's time for me to go home, super excited about being around family, happy energies will help me heal right? Well, I do hope so because a girl is hurt! Got heartbroken the same way by two different guys. Somebody should really help me choose boyfriends because I suck at it! We are all in my apartment and by all I mean Zoé and Thuso and we are just chilling. Talking about what we'll be doing during the holidays, oh and I probably forgot to mention Zoé and Thuso are living together now...and they're the most beautiful couple I've ever seen. I pray for eternal love in their relationshi
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Chapter 10.
Sunday morning and I feel exhausted from the restless night I had, I couldn't sleep. I kept on thinking about what I saw and what he said, argh how could he affect me so much? It's so annoying! I'm lying here awake whilst he snores up the whole apartment. He is so loud! "K! Keep it down man!" I shouted from my room and his response was only to snore much louder. I got up from my bed and banged on his door which ended up opening. He was sprawled out on his bed like a starfish only in his boxers. He looked so yummy just laying there and for a moment I felt like...and his snores disrupted my train of thoughts reminding me that I'm annoyed. I stomp over to his bed and pick up a pillow that was on the floor and hit him with it. He wakes up in shock and looks at me weirdly. "What the hell Rin..." He stops his sentence as he looks at me hungrily. Why would he..? Ohhh shit! I'm only in my shirt and panties. Okay Rina you can do
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