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The Card of Fate has come to an end and got its winners!

Over the past few months, we’ve been honored to see so many absorbing stories pouring in every day, and so many potential authors writing with great enthusiasm. We hereby extend our thanks to all the participants who have put their time and efforts in this contest.

Congratulations to every one of the winners of the Card of Fate!

If you have more ideas and stories to share, keep the focus on our new writing contests! We are bringing more and better events and inspirations to you! Wish you a pleasant journey with GoodNovel!

  • Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire

    By:Moonlight Muse

    "Run little she-wolf, as far as you can because if I ever catch you, your worst fucking nightmare will become your reality." He whispered dangerously, his grip on me painfully tight. A smile curled the corner of my lips, and I raised an eyebrow, running the tip of my nail down his chiselled jaw challengingly...

  • The Dark Side Of Fate

    By:Karima Sa'ad Usman

    In a world where it is almost impossible to find a fated mate and hard to reject them, Tamia finds herself in a bind when her husband suddenly finds his fated mate. From the loved and wanted wife, she faded into the shadows of his heart. The heartbreak is intense, yet she can’t let go because of the ties that bind them, but she knows only true freedom can bring her peace...

  • BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Demon

    By:Cassandra M

    Ten years after he took over as the Alpha of the Mystic Pack, Alpha Adan Stone Robinson has yet to find his mate, but with the clock ticking down and the desire to produce an heir, he was left with no choice but to find a suitable breeder. An Omega would be a perfect choice—someone who could give him a son...

  • Broken Bond

    By:C.J. Primer

    "And let me guess, you're a bad boy type, huh?" Callum grins menacingly, running his tongue over his straight white teeth. "The worst, babe." ********** VANESSA : I'm a good girl. I don't get into trouble, I don't break curfew, and I don't even date. I broke my own rules for him; the man that so many people fear...

  • Alpha Dante

    By:Crystal L

    "I want the entire show" he said, looking her in the eye. "I beg your pardon?" She asked, frowning in confusion, straightening on her chair. "I want the entire fucking show, get your information from me, talk to me, seduce me, sleep with me if you have to. I want to see how you work" he said...

  • The Wolf's Claim

    By:Ashley Breanne

    After Oliver felt the excruciating pain of his mate's death, almost killing him in the process, he left his pack to travel and clear his head. He never expected that he would come across the one person who had caused him so much pain, to begin with, alive and well. Seeing that his fated mate had marked another as her chosen mate had broken him...

  • The Human Mated to Three


    Claire is a seventeen-year-old human and orphan living in foster care with her fourteen-year-old sister. She has been living in foster care since her parents died from an animal attack when she was thirteen years old and it has been hell. One day a couple comes to visit Claire claiming to have grown up with her father...

  • Rebirth Of The Betrayed Luna


    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Claire Black was betrayed in the worst possible way by her husband Liam and best friend Diana. She died pregnant and miserable at their hands just because her husband wanted to gain the Alpha position of her pack. Her only wish while taking her last breath was to get a second chance...

  • Chased By The Dark Alpha


    Avery Williams was physically and mentally tortured by her ex-werewolf boyfriend and his mate every single day in college. She wanted to escape from his sick clutches but what happens when she comes across the mysterious Alpha Dark in the Mating ball who claims her as his mate?! Alpha Dark is a mystery, and definitely evil...

  • The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups

    By:Jane Above Story

    "What’s wrong, Jane, can you not feel me?" Ethan demands, slɑmming his into mine so I feel sure he’ll leave a bruise. "Am I not giving you hard enough?" Still I don’t respond. All I can do is imagine him with Eve, kissing and making lóve to her, giving her all the things he used to give me. I can see their writhing bodies...

  • Ruthless Mate


    A gasp escaped past her lips when she felt his tongue licking her skin where her neck meets her shoulder. Her heart drummed in her ears. Her chin quivering and her body trembling. A jolt of electrifying jolts ran down her body as his lips gave soft feathery kisses on her neck. She was a nervous mush in his arms...

  • The Lycan's Rejected Mate

    By:Sunshine Princess

    Anaiah Ross was abused and mistreated by members of her pack after she killed someone on her first shift, and her alpha mate, Amos, rejected and threw her in the dungeon making her heart shatter to pieces, she later accepts his rejection and finds a second chance mate who is non other than a powerful dangerous lycan king but Amos realises that he can't let Anaiah go...

The reward will be added to your January income and paid in February.

Thank you all for your support and participation! See you again soon!