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    *Book title

    Book title

    1: We suggest you to make a simple title, which can easily explain the plot and attract audiences who are interested in this genre. For example, “The Postman Always Rings Twice” is better than “The Postman”.

    2: Or create titles with multiple meanings and interpretations. For example, Fifty Shades of Grey suggests the protagonist has a lot of facets of his personality.

    3: Or create a title which perks up the reader's curiosity. For example, Jesus`Son: Stories Leaves a huge illusion space for readers
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    After choosing a preferred language, we will bring you to the platform of the corresponding language to match the readers of that language, therefore maximize exposure of your book.
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    *Target Audience

    Target Audience

    This is important because then we know what age demographic suits your book better.
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    *Content Rating
    *Novel Type

    Novel Type

    We want to separate stories from originals and fan fic, etc. An example of a crossover would be Sherlock Holmes goes to Mordor!

    Please use [+] or "Enter" key to add the canon source so that the readers can find your work easier. For crossover works, you need to add at least 2 canon sources.
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    By using tags, it can reach a larger audience during the search process! I might find a "hidden gem".
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    Please choose a type first


    1: Explain the plot briefly but in detail and leave it at a cliffhanger (no major spoilers). As Truman Capote mentioned in his book, Music for Chameleons, “But I'm not a saint yet. I`m an alcoholic. I`m a drug addict. I`m homosexual. I`m a genius.”

    2: Explain the relationships and dynamics involved.
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    Please write a description for your story with 20 to 300 words.

    Please take consideration into this because this item is crucial in attracting readers.Does the synopsis comply with our Content Policies?Learn more Protection Status