Part 2

Grisella POV

Beautiful night with a full moon. Almost inaudible, vehicles passing by in this house. Different from where I live in the city. Only the nocturnal animals are singing out there. It was as if they were celebrating a clear night.

Even though the atmosphere feels good, it can't make my mood useful. I still feel uneasy. My heart is broken, and somehow I feel like I still want to kill myself. I feel like I have no more reason to live.

When everyone, my mom, my dad, Margaret, and Maria, was busy chatting, letting go of homesickness. I sat on the balcony chair behind the house. The wind blew the trees in the forest until they were seen dancing.

Now and then I think, is this what I need? I admit this place is tranquil. Trust me; the backyard view is different at night. The sunlight seemed unable to shine through the trees this afternoon, but at night the light of the full moon succeeded in making the forest visible. The light can illuminate the trees.

Suddenly I heard a voice, and I was stunned to listen to it. I listened to the wolf's howl again, this time it was more explicit, and I could be sure it came from the forest. I was stunned, staring closely at the woods, I didn't hear wrong. Because at that time again the wolf's howl was heard.

"Ahhh I'm bored", said Maria who came suddenly

"Arghhhh" I cried in surprise, seeing Maria standing in the middle of the door.

"What is wrong?" Maria asked in surprise. My eyes stared at the forest and Maria alternately.

"Did you hear that?" I said again asking

"What?" Maria replied now sitting next to me

"That voice, I'm sure I heard a wolf's howling".

"So what?"

"hah? That wolf maria "I replied tensely.

"Calm down, it's normal here, hahaha" Maria laughed mockingly for fear.

"What? Are you sure? Look, there's no fence there. What if they enter the house, I have to tell Dady to give a wall in this house, "I said intending to enter the house.

"Hey wait a minute" Maria held my hand.

"Awwww" I screamed when Maria touched the back of my hand. Again I feel the pain on my skin.

"I'm sorry" Maria immediately put her hand away.

"It's OK" I replied grimacing because the back of my hand was red like a sign of scalded wounds.

"You want me to get your medicine?"

"No need. it will disappear by itself."

"Hmmm, you take it easy. Those wolves won't hurt anyone. They keep the people here safe."

"hah?" I replied in surprise

"Yeah, it's like if there are firewood seekers lost in the forest, the wolf will show you the way out" Maria explained to me.

"OK" I replied, although I'm not sure this answer took my worries away.

"So you moved here because you made a scene in your city?" Maria smiled mischievously at me

"Yeah, surely my parents have told you everything".

"Hahaha yeah, they are proud to have a daughter like you".

"You are good at talking".

"Not really. May I read one of your novels? "

"hah?" I gawked

"You are a novelist. I want to read one of your books. I like reading, you know, I've fallen in love with some novels."

"Yeah, although I don't remember whether I brought my books with me here. We'll see "I replied halfheartedly. It's not that I don't want to show Maria the novel I wrote. I'm just sick of hearing about myself as a novelist.

"I'll visit often, ahh it's fun to meet new friends" Maria stood up while stretching her body. Looking at the way Maria was dressed, I wondered if she wasn't cold just wearing short jeans and a black tank top.

"Hmmm Grisella, you better come in. The moon is getting brighter; they are already partying. You will only be confused by their noisy howls," said Maria and walked away.

I was silent thinking about what Maria meant, like the words that often came out of her mouth 'they'. I don't know what Maria means about that word, never mind the cold air. I should just go back into the house.


It's a new day, and birdsong woke me up. I looked around my room; my things are neatly arranged. I turned my gaze to my bedroom window, a window almost half the size of my bedroom wall. Window with thick glass and covered by knit patterned curtains.

The first sight I saw was the backyard. I didn't even realize my room was like this. Maybe because last night I just noticed that the window was covered with curtains. But, not so bad. The view is soothing.

"Hi honey, I've prepared your breakfast, and this is your medicine", said my mom when I approached the dining table.

"Thank you, mom," I said, although I didn't taste it, I bribed my breakfast.

"Did you sleep well?" asked my dad

"Yeah, it's because the air is cold maybe" I replied small talk.

"You like this place?"

"Yeah, dad. Pretty good"

"If you are bored, Maria will take you for a walk, lots of interesting things out there".

"Hmmm, I don't know. We will see you later".

"I hope you can get well soon if you are here" it was my mom's turn to speak.

"Yeah, I hope" I replied

"Dear, me and your father, will be back home next week, is it OK for us to go?"

"What mom? Are you here with me for only five days?" I stopped eating my breakfast, looked at my mom and my dad disappointed

"Your father has to work, he can't take time off, and I have to do some things there. We'll often visit, OK? "

"No, I mean, I don't have anyone here".

"Hey, you usually live alone right?" said my dad

"Yeah, but it's different here. And you know what? I even heard a wolf howling last night, there isn't even a fence around here, if you guys want to come back, I'll be back "I protested.

"Wow, wow an easy lady. I will stay with you. What are you afraid of?" exclaimed Maria.

"Ah Maria, hey Margaret? You've had breakfast," replied my mom welcoming Maria and her mom

"I brought you fresh fruit," said Margaret

"I'm done," I said, throwing the spoon over the plate and leaving for the backyard.

Am I childish? My parents worry about me because I want to kill myself, then how can they leave me, it means they don't care about me. My eyes are blankly staring at the forest trees. If I hang myself there, maybe everything will end quickly.

"Don't you dare think you hang yourself there" Maria admonished me, awakening me from my reverie.

"How do you know?"

"You're predictable" Maria looked at me smiling. Her teeth look neat, making her even cuter.

"I lost everything", I said wistfully

"Who says it?"

"hah?" I answered

"You still have parents who care about you, you still have a house, you have money, and you still breathe." Maria smiled.

"But I was dumped by my lover, and my novel is not famous anymore then I got this strange disease".

"then? You can still write with your hand, and you can find other men. Why do you make life difficult?, Grisella listens, there are still many people out there who beg God just to breathe. Sometimes they are even afraid to close eyes, because tomorrow they may not be able to open their eyes again. All you need is to make peace with yourself."

"Hmmm, that sounds wise".

"Hahaha, hey, how about you come on a trip with me today? There are many things that you have to see here. You are lucky because there is an exhibition in the city center," asked Maria enthusiastically to me. I just nodded. There's Nothing Wrong with me, clearing my mind.

I followed maria step by step, during the trip, she seemed to be well known to every citizen who passed us. Indeed she has a friendly and cheerful personality. Maria even protected me from coming into contact with others.

"Look at that", said Maria pointing to several women who were dancing, they wore unique clothes.

"Their dance is wonderful," I said

"Look at that, that, and that," said Maria showing every event in the exhibition. I enjoy all the shows, as well as their fantastic food. Amid this crowd, I feel safe, because Maria is strict about me. Sometimes she stands behind me or guides me by tugging a little of my hoddie.

"Can you see, the far-right?" Maria whispered to me

"What?" I said spontaneously looking directly at the direction indicated by Maria. I saw a man from a distance.

"He's been watching you all this time," whispered Maria again.

"Don't be silly"? I said, I blushed.

"His name is Denis, he's cute, isn't he? He's Mr. Jacob's son. a man who is known to be rich because he owns a lot of land in this small town."

"Hey, I'm not asking you to explain anything to me" I replied irritably. Meanwhile, Maria laughed with satisfaction with me. Satisfied I enjoyed the exhibition I returned home. I want the day, provide a little entertainment for me.

This city is just a small town, and some residents look very friendly because maybe they socialize with each other warmly. Not to mention the unique things that I saw for the first time when all this time I was only used to nightclubs, fancy restaurants, parties, fans, cameras, and other things.


"Mom? You still have my phone, did you bring it here?" I asked as I unpacked the box containing my old stuff. I intend to find my novel for tomorrow. I give it to Maria.

"Mom?" once again, I call my mom.

"Yeahhh dear, what did you ask earlier?" said my mom

"My phone? Did you bring it here? "

"hah? Are you sure?" my mom smiled blandly. I know she intends to protect me from things that will stress me out. Like articles about myself or Delon, or other things that may now become memories in the Handphone

"Yeah" I replied firmly.

"I don't want you to dissolve in disappointment".

"Calm down, mom, I think I can do it, my heart is stronger".

"OK, how about you take medicine first for tonight, after that, I'll give you the cellphone".

"Ohh mom, no more drugs" I complained.

"You have to if you want me to give your cell phone" my mother smiled triumphantly.

I let out a heavy sigh, steadying my heart and mind just to turn my cell phone back on.

"Huff, you can Grisella, you can do it", I said. My eyes glimpsed the scenery outside my bedroom window. Especially if it's not a forest that looks peaceful at night. One sigh, I turned back on my cellphone. Just now, my cell phone was active.

Grttt ,,, grtttt ,,,, grrrttttt

My cellphone didn't stop ringing, and suddenly my heart felt tight. My breath is chasing erratically; various notifications appear on my cellphone screen. On reflex, I closed my eyes, oh my God what did I do

My hands are shaking holding my cellphone; everything is already done. There's no reason for me to back off, I'm just curious to see the incoming notification. There's a voice message from Claudia, she's my best friend and secretary, the editor in chief

'Hey, dear? I've been to your house three times? Why can't you call me, where are you? Where are you moving to? Come on, it's not over yet, OK? I'm going to try and get your manuscript back into Chriss, can you call me if you receive this message? I'll be waiting for you. I miss u.'

That's what I heard in the voicemail, it's only been a few days, but I think I miss Claudia. I'm helpless; my current state makes it impossible for me to return to like Grisella in the past again.

My eyes turned to several incoming emails, most of them journalists who were curious about me, I am a famous writer, I was hit by the rumor of being a strange writer and just disappeared. Look they didn't even ask me how I was; all they needed was hot news.

Then my eyes were perfectly rounded, making my heart beat faster when I saw the five missed calls from Delon. I don't know what to say. Delon trying to reach me? Is he worried about me? Yes, I bet Delon thought of me. If not for that, why would he call me?

A smile line etched on my face. There was a feeling of relief when I saw the name Delon on my cellphone screen. What else is the person who has cut ties with you, then suddenly tries to contact you again? It means he misses me as much as I miss him.

Without thinking, I immediately contacted Delon. Delon's first phone call did not pick up, again I repeated call Delon a second time. I bit my fingernails in nervousness.

"Hello," answered the male voice that I missed. Delon picked up my phone.

"Hi, it's me", I said nervously.

"Yeah, I know" Delon replied. I can feel his voice nervous.

"So I saw your call, I'm sorry. I do not know".

"It's OK, did you move house?"

"Yeah, maybe for a while" I replied enthusiastically.

"OK, as long as you need".

"Yeah, hmmm why did you call me?"

"Oh, is there something I want to tell you?"

"OK, what is it? Do you want to talk to me directly? I'll see you, OK? "

"No, I mean just now I say", said Delon.

"Is that important?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah. It's for good, both of us," his voice soft in my ears.

"Ough Delon. Hey, I'm OK, you know, I've forgiven you. Are you feeling guilty? Delon, I think our relationship,"

"I will be engaged", said Delon cut my conversation.

"What?" I replied in shock

"I will get engaged to Rosalinda." Delon spelled the woman's name more clearly.

"What are you talking about? How easy is that, Ros, Rosalinda? "

"Yeah, I don't know. It just happened".

"No, you can't do this to me. Rosalinda is my rival. You know she's trying to drop my career, right? "

"Yeah, you just don't know her, I mean she has a good personality".

"Delon, we've been together for four years, we've had success together. You promised only to marry me. What's wrong with you "I said not accept

"Nothing is wrong. I'm sorry, Gisella. You know how hard it is for me to get to this position, so please don't spoil what I have. I hope you don't make my relationship with Rosalinda ruined; her dad trusts me."

"What? You are like now, because of me, you know. Without me, you are Nothing. I'm the first to be famous than you. I make everyone know your name. Are you crazy? Who is trying the most? That is me. Who introduced you to the agency? That is me. Who gave you the funds for everything? That's me, "I protested.

"Act mature? You think with your career already like this, who will be more heard? You will only be devastated. Who is the weird writer? That's you. But thanks for everything you give, by the way. And I hope you didn't break anything." Delon immediately turned off the call

"Delon? Delon? Hello? Delon?" I shouted. I looked at my cellphone screen. The call has been cut.

"Arghhhhhhhhh" I shouted frustratedly and threw my cellphone against the wall. Hard enough to make the screen crack.

"Oh, God? What is it, honey?" said my mom into my room anxiously.

"I hate you, I hate everything, I hate, I hate my life" I shouted increasingly frustrated. my mom was forced to touch me, and again I felt the pain on my skin

"Arghhhhhh" I shouted, I struggled to grab my hair. My heart hurts more than my recurring illness.

"Oh my God, Grisella stop. Look at your body, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, "said my mom.

"What happened?" asked my dad.

"I hate everything" I shouted even louder. My tears are falling already. I'm completely devastated. I have no more reason to live. What will make me happy? There is no

"Wake up, watch your disease recur. It's so red," snapped my dad.

"Just bring me the medicine, the injection. Bring it here now "cried, my mom. She hugged me tighter. While I was crying uncontrollably, I won't be able to go through tonight alone. Who can make me get out of this suffering?

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