Blue Eyes Alpha (English)

Blue Eyes Alpha (English)

By:  Shanin.H  Completed
Language: English
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The wind blows to give a sign that the blue moon goddess has appeared in the night sky. Gisella froze when she saw what was in front of her."She killed your sister, this human. why are you just silent?" snapped a woman with knee-length black hair"I, I don't understand what you're talking about?. I didn't kill anyone," argued Grisella. she was stunned because the blue-eyed man was staring at her nowThe wolf's howling was then heard clearly, singing along to accompany the night's silence amidst the lush forest."What are you waiting for, she's a heartless human being," insisted that woman again. Gaze at Grisella with hate. Meanwhile, the blue-eyed man, with fur that had appeared all over his body, was silent."I can not," said the man with blue eyes began to voice, "I can not. She's my mate," repeated the man in his sad voice."What? She who killed your brother, how could she, your mate? You choose her, or your clan?" repeated the woman. What is the man's answer ????

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this story want me to read more. by the way, do you have any social media to keep up with your readers? if there any, please let me know :)
2021-07-13 18:33:42
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This story so good, but why anybody gives a review?
2021-05-18 18:45:19
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Glow Peridote
the story make me curios to read more and more. who is howling in the middle of the night? it's really breathtaking. great story!
2021-02-13 00:33:04
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Please leave a Review for me. Thank you
2021-01-03 11:42:21
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Reina Fayette
Interesting and well-written story. Keep it up.
2020-11-05 18:21:24
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Nice story!! I'm not so into alpha but I love this one.
2020-10-16 13:41:26
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S.Oyogho dancing pen
Nice story
2021-02-08 19:24:01
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Treasure London
great story keep it co
2020-10-27 22:42:00
106 Chapters
Part 1
Grisella POV________When I was a teenager, my mind was filled with beautiful dreams. The dreams that I enthusiastically want to achieve. The one thing that I was most afraid of in those days was death. My youthful spirit may have faded now. I am not young, Grisella anymore. Grisella Winston, my name sounds simple. I am 24 this year. The more I grow up, the more thirsty for my world.At first, I was a novelist who produced extraordinary works. I have fans everywhere, I make a lot of money, and it allows me to buy whatever I want. This time if I remember, it still feels beautifulUntil I met this point, my only desire right now is 'suicide'. I have a perfect father and mother. They always support me. But I was already embarrassed to meet them. Why? Can you imagine how a child who is famous for her work suddenly comes home to meet her parents and says that now everyone blasphemes their child with the word
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Part 2
Grisella POVBeautiful night with a full moon. Almost inaudible, vehicles passing by in this house. Different from where I live in the city. Only the nocturnal animals are singing out there. It was as if they were celebrating a clear night.Even though the atmosphere feels good, it can't make my mood useful. I still feel uneasy. My heart is broken, and somehow I feel like I still want to kill myself. I feel like I have no more reason to live.When everyone, my mom, my dad, Margaret, and Maria, was busy chatting, letting go of homesickness. I sat on the balcony chair behind the house. The wind blew the trees in the forest until they were seen dancing.Now and then I think, is this what I need? I admit this place is tranquil. Trust me; the backyard view is different at night. The sunlight seemed unable to shine through the trees this afternoon, but at night the light of the full moon succeeded in making the forest visible. The light can ill
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Part 3
Grisella POV'You're useless, you're not famous, hey, I don't love you, I'm leaving, I'm leaving.'"Hahh," I woke up from my sleep. I had a terrifying nightmare just now. My eyes quickly swept over the surroundings. My bedroom window curtains are wide open; thick cloudy clouds look up there. I took a deep breath and exhaled roughly. The dream still feels real. Even when I sleep, I still feel the wound.The clock showed nine in the morning, the air was cool, but my body was drenched in sweat. It's not fair; I forced myself to fall asleep so that I would forget everything. But why do wounds still greet me even in dreams? Pain. My whole body now feels sore and sore. I have a small bandage on my arm. I'm sure they were injection marks. I stood slowly, even though it felt heavy, I stepped into the mirror."Look at you now, Grisella," I said, staring at the reflection of my face in front of the mirror. My appearance wa
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Part 4
Grisella POVMy eyes opened perfectly, just suddenly. I change my position to sit. My bedroom window curtains were wide open, showing a view of the forest that looked dark outside. My eyes turned to the wall clock. It was already showing one o'clock in the evening.I catch my breath. Somehow I jerked out of my sleep. I forgot to close the curtains on my bedroom window; to be more precise, usually, my mom will close it when I fall asleep. But this time, of course not, considering that only Maria and I are in this house right now."Now, I have to do everything by myself. That is why you have to enjoy your life when you are having a hard time". I got out of bed, intending to close my bedroom window. My hands stopped closing the window curtains when I vaguely saw someone behind a large tree. I tried to see more I clearly "what is human?" I  said to myself. I rushed out of my room to the backyard of the house. I'm sure I saw someone leaning ther
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Part 5
Whenever my eyes open when I wake up from my sleep, and when my nasal cavity is still breathing in, I feel tight. I'm more comfortable in my sleep. I felt no pain, sorrow, or disappointment. But when I woke up, I remembered everything again.Everyone told me, 'hey Grisella, you're going to be fine, everything will pass.' Yeah, I know everything will pass, but no one knows how hard it is for me to fight with the time that feels like a long spin. Fighting second by second, day after day that makes me have to swallow harshly every time that disappointment comes"Where is Dennis today? why doesn't he visit" I complained to maria."You miss him now?" Maria smiled mischievously at me,"Don't get me wrong, okay, I'm just bored.""So if there's Dennis, you're not bored?""At least there is Dennis and Hendrik in this house, that's better," I replied"He went to see his mother. Every end of the month, it's always like
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Part 6
Grisella POV"Did you have fun while I was away?" asked Dennis to visit my house. As usual, I sat on the balcony of the backyard. The pine forest that looks cool managed to hypnotize me."Hey," I said, smiling."Where is Maria?" asked Dennis sitting beside me"Make apple juice for me. You've come back from your mother's place? "I asked"How do you know I visited my mother?""Who else. Of course, maria, "I replied."Okay. I also heard from Maria you have fun without me, "Dennis said to me."As expected, but I'm not having fun. To be more precise, I caused trouble. A massive problem for my family and me, "I replied wistfully."So you're a bad girl, huh?" sneered Dennis. Suddenly made me laugh, embarrassed at his words."Hey, you just came?" Maria asked, putting my apple juice on the table"Yeah, I just came," replied Dennis"Oh, I only made two juices. Okay, this is for Grisella and yo
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Part 7
Maria POVI sighed heavily, seeing Grisella, who mostly sits in the backyard now. She was also used to sleeping with her curtains open. The forest has become an exciting sight for her now."These apples are sweet," I said, eating the apple that my mom put on the dining table."Where is she?" my mom asked after washing the dishes."Where else if not the back yard.""Maria, I didn't expect her to meet one of the werewolves in there. Will Grisella be all right?""Mom, Grisella didn't do anything. So what are you worried about? She will be fine. ""She's really curious about the werewolf now.""Hmmm, I didn't expect it to be this fast. I thought the werewolves didn't want to show their form to just anyone. Even though Grisella is still new here. ""I don't want Grisella to get into trouble. she's already suffering enough for the problems she faces." My mom sighed heavily. I got up from my seat and approached
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Part 8
^^Grisella POVEver since I met the werewolf named Nessa, I had an uncertain feeling. There is something that pulls me into the forest. It felt like the world was so vast. I now live in a house, and it turns out that my life is side by side with people I thought were unreal.If I consider all the troubles I have been through, especially when Delon is engaged to my enemy, I feel that what I'm going through is just a dream. Even though they are all facts that I have to admit. Then how can I meet a creature that is almost impossible to be real? But I met them in front of my eyes."Why do you hide about them to me? They are real," I protested to Maria. I felt stupid myself for thinking werewolves weren't real. I felt stupid for believing that the werewolves were just legends."What's in it for you know they are real. Besides, you said yourself that you didn't trust them. I only support your thoughts, "Maria replied evasively. But what Maria s
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Part 9
^^Grisella POVI woke up from my sleep because I heard a sound that was quite noisy. I changed my position to sit, rubbed my eyes roughly, and immediately looked out my bedroom window. That's when I saw an unpleasant sight. There were already a lot of people working on things in the backyard. I stood up to my bedroom window. "Oh shiitt," I cursedI immediately ran out, until I unconsciously hit Margaret, who happened to pass by "Oh dear, what's wrong?" Margaret asked me. I caught my breath, "Hiuuff, what's out there? What are they doing?" I asked. Margaret frowned. She paused for a moment, "Grisella, did you forget? You asked me to make a fence in the backyard, right? So they made it for you," Margaret replied. I shook my head, not to accept it."No, you can't do it" I ran back to the backyard then shouted, forbidding the men to build a fence. I screamed hysterically as loud as I could for them to stop their work. "You all hear? I don't want you to build that fe
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Part 10
^^ Grisella POVThere is a different smell that smells to me, like something moist. I don't know. I find it hard to explain. That scent made me open my eyes. More precisely, I forced my eyes open. My eyes felt heavy, and when I managed to open my eyes, my head was throbbing very painfully "Oghhh," I complained, holding my head.With difficulty, I change my position to sit. I wake up in a room that is foreign to me. My eyes greeted my surroundings. This is a place I've never been to before. I just realized that my body now only wears a tank top; my right arm is bandaged. I briefly recalled what had made my arm wrapped like this. The man named Nathan hurt me until my arm was bleeding like this."Is there someone here?" I asked in my low voice, my throat hoarse. I don't know where I am now, and I still don't know who helped me. "Hey? is there someone? "I said again. I'm not sure someone heard my screams that low. I let out a heavy sigh, confused at the situation I
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