Chapter 1784

Zheng Zai's car exploded. He was severely injured, his spleen ruptured, and his back was seriously burned. He was temporarily sent to the intensive care unit. Whether he could survive the 24 hours or not depended on his luck.

Yan Ling's situation was similar to Zheng Zai's, and she was in a critical situation.

In comparison, Lian Liang's situation was the best, but she had a fracture and a concussion.

The dark clouds covering the sky finally came down.

Jane had no idea how she came to the morgue to take the last look at the couple.

She fell to her knees with a plop, but there were no tears in her eyes at all.

She gazed at the corpse covered in white cloth and did not dare lift it.

Joe walked up to her slowly, lifted the cloth, and took a look. He closed his eyes and covered the white cloth with a solemn expression.

Jane's stomach twisted, but she couldn't spit it out. Her stiff body was out of control, and she had to rely on Joe's support.

When she stood up, her last bit of st
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