Forceful Marriage: Young Master's Mute Wife

Forceful Marriage: Young Master's Mute Wife

By:  A Lake’s Depth  Completed
Language: English
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No one knew she was a mute. Her brother set her up and sent her to a man when she was 20 years old. When she turned 21, she gave birth to his child. Three years of marriage was neither short nor long, yet he did not acknowledge her as Mrs. Ferguson. He was always surrounded by numerous women. In the end, she could no longer bear the burden and left him, leaving behind the divorce paper without wanting anything...

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user avatar
so good story. i liked it too much
2023-09-22 05:55:10
default avatar
Does anyone know where you can purchase this book in hardcover?
2023-05-08 06:29:29
user avatar
Kismet Star
This is an awesome novel! I recommended it to 3 friends who are now reading it. I’m also reading it for a 2nd time (1 yr later) with them for discussion purposes, so if you see new comments from me that’s why lol. Anyway, this is 1 of the best novels I’ve read on this App. Kudos to the author!...
2023-04-21 22:43:40
default avatar
My favorite book out of any I’ve ever read. Anyone have other suggestions comparable to this book that I could read ?? Please and thank you.
2023-04-10 07:05:15
default avatar
please tell me that at the end of the story Jessica and Blake will be together because if otherwise I will fell sad ...
2022-11-30 05:46:38
user avatar
Lair El Greco
The story has depth. It's a story about second chances and overcoming the odds. It may be a bit slow paced but its very entertaining that you'll consider murdering some characters. Hahahah! Kudos to the author!
2022-11-23 12:35:39
user avatar
renu Choudhary
the story is very good all couples get their love it's a happy ending.
2022-09-21 15:24:36
user avatar
I've only read up to chapter 400++...but can someone tell me if lady Cecilia longhorn got back the karma she did on other people? of all the characters I can't wait to see her retribution, but the novel still long ......
2022-09-01 02:16:24
default avatar
rodeo rod
if you haven't start, don't read this book. the storyline is nice made you want to read more, but start chapter 100+ the translation is horrible and seems like they use kids to translate even changed names so many times TERRIBLE. however ppl who started wants to know the end so no choice but to read
2022-08-24 16:10:27
user avatar
faridah adah
I was hoping for Pei Xian and Jane to be together at the frustrating...please author...if you are planning on having a sequel...let Pei Xian n Jane be together..Jane seemed to be the one who suffered a lot other than Jessica
2022-08-23 11:17:09
user avatar
Shaheen Khan
not realistic.
2022-08-21 01:22:01
user avatar
goat X
This is the best story I’ve read in this platform. Love is painful but this slow burning is very beautiful. It’s well written and the plots are interesting. From a weak and mute girl, Jessica become a successful and strong woman who can stand beside her husband. Good job author.
2022-03-31 01:29:05
user avatar
Kismet Star
Excellent novel! Love the characters! Never a dull moment! Thank you so much author. Please write book 2 to follow up on their lives. This was definitely worth the read…
2022-03-20 21:05:22
user avatar
Ryan Case
Really good story. I have to take breaks every now and then because it's so long, but I always come back.
2022-02-27 01:17:51
default avatar
twist and turn it's nice but sometimes I feel upset because Blake...hay yah
2022-02-09 22:05:47
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1790 Chapters
Chapter 1
The man sat up and reached out to the lighter on the bedside table. With a clear clink, the air was filled with the thick scent of smoke other than the extravagant presence of the room. Jessica blankly got down from the bed with the blanket draped over her body. She bent over to pick up the sleeping robe on the floor and dragged her sore body into the bathroom under the dim lighting. She did not need to look back because she knew there was no affectionate gaze looking back at her, not even a cold glance was spared. She turned the shower on. The water was cold at first, yet she stood under it blankly as she washed herself up. He did not love her. He was just doing his duty as a husband, devoid of any kind of emotions. She was on birth control pills which took a heavy toll on her body. Because he did not like to use condoms, she was forced to resolve it in this stupid way. Although she knew it was useless, she was afraid that she might get pregnant. If she somehow got pregnant,
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Chapter 2
After breakfast, the man put on his coat, grabbed his keys and briefcase, and left for work. Ms. Susan started to clean up the dining table. “Madam, since Sir has already left, you’d better go too. It’s getting late.” Although Jessica was mute, Winson, her son, was able to talk because Ms. Susan, Blake, and the early education computer taught him to. Because she could not even teach her son the most basic things, she had to do her best to demonstrate her love. From washing him up to preparing his breakfast and dinner, and buying his clothes and shoes plus baby products, she did them all by herself. The doorbell rang. Whenever he heard the pleasant chime of the bell music, Winson would wave his little toy car in the air. When Ms. Susan turned around to Jessica, she noticed her clear black eyes turn a little gloomy. Even her smile somewhat froze. Ms. Susan stopped tidying the table and sighed as she wiped her hands and went to answer the door. “Ms. Jackson, you are early.” Ms
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Chapter 3
Traveling from the mansion to the deaf and mute school using the Second Metro Line required a little more than an hour since she had to commute from the first station to the last station. Jessica was the daughter of the Scotts, another respectable family in Beijing. Her father, Donald, was over the moon when he got a daughter in his senior years. He had happily claimed that as long as the Scotts had a daughter, he would not ask for anything else, but unfortunately, sometime later, his happiness was replaced by sorrow when the family realized that their precious daughter was mute. Donald was a proud man and his mute daughter was probably the biggest shock to his life. He did not hold a grand baby shower for his daughter, and when she was of age, he also did not send her to a prestigious school, where the children of dignitaries and respectable families went to. Instead, he sent her to a deaf and mute school quietly. He barely let his daughter step out of the house. Many teachers
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Chapter 4
The performance was great, but it was just a rehearsal. No one knew what would the children be like when they truly went on stage, performing for a real audience. The local television station was hosting a Mid-Autumn Gala, and all the schools signed up for the competition segment. After several rounds of selection, Jessica and her play “Hear Your Voice” were fortunate enough to stay till the end. Dean was a voluntary teacher at the deaf and mute school. He came to the school when Jessica had gone on her maternity break, and when she came back, he had already served at the school for a little over half a year. He usually dropped by on the weekends. Every time he came, the children welcomed him like he was king. They loved to gather around him. Since the school had been having rehearsals for the play recently, he would drop by in the afternoon if he was free. Jessica waved at him. “The children worked harder than me. They are nervous,” she signed to him, looking worried. She fu
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Chapter 5
Before he arrived, the driver called Jessica, “Ma’am, Mr. Ferguson went to the Mid-Autumn Gala as per the invite. He told me to drive you to the old manor first.” Jessica tapped on the phone screen as a sign to express her acknowledgment. She then carried Winson in her arms. On the couch was the gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival which she had prepared for the elders in the family. Miss Susan helped her to take the gift down. The driver stood beside the car, but when Jessica came out, he did not even welcome her or open the door for her. Miss Susan glared at him before she put the gift in the car. The driver was a veteran driver for the Fergusons, and he was good at choosing sides. He knew that Jessica barely had any power in the family. Although he might call her ‘Madam’, he never treated her as Mrs. Ferguson. Jessica never liked to cause trouble, so she tended to be less calculative. The driver started the car and reached the old Fergusons’ manor in 20 minutes. Jessica got
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Chapter 6
Robert had reached the age at which he had to read the newspapers with a pair of glasses as it was quite demanding for him to discern the tiny words. He looked serious as he concentrated on the articles, but Jessica knew he was merely putting on a show because he did not want to look at her. Nevertheless, Jessica forced a smile on her face and put the gift she had gotten for Robert on the tea table. Lady Cecilia played with Winson for a while before she carried him to the garden. On the left of the manor was another smaller building. To be exact, it was a newly built single-story building for Old Master Ferguson after he fell sick. Old Master Ferguson was confined to his sick bed all year long. He would go out to the balcony for some sunlight if the weather was good and he only had a handful of visitors. As Lady Cecilia carried the great-grandchild to the old master, Jessica followed. However, when she reached the entrance, Jessica stopped. Without the old master’s permission,
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Chapter 7
Although it was just a single question, Old Master Ferguson was already tired. He waved his hand to send everyone out so that he could rest. When the group walked to the garden, the servant came by and informed them that dinner was ready. They then moved to the dining area. The table was filled with scrumptious dishes. Jessica waited for Robert and his wife to sit first before she took her seat beside the baby chair. Jessica had to prioritize feeding Winson at the table. She would feed him with a mouthful of baby food first before she ate from her own bowl. It was rather fun when the mother and son took turns to eat. However, it could only happen at home, not in the old Ferguson manor. Jessica would have to feed Winson first and make sure he was full before she could eat. There were rules in the family, and she was not allowed to casually have dinner with her son. If Blake was around, the situation would be better because he would usually carry Winson and feed the child. No o
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Chapter 8
Delighted, Lady Cecilia carried Winson and put him on her lap. “Little Winson is really smart and sharp. You spotted Daddy at first glance.” Lady Cecilia glanced at Jessica and saw her peeling an apple with the fruit knife. The moment Jessica saw the TV screen, her hand slipped and she cut her finger with the fruit knife. Fortunately, it was just a shallow cut. While she was not seriously hurt, it still stung just like how the scene stung her heart. Beside Blake was Kim. It was apparent that Kim was Blake’s partner for the Mid-Autumn Gala. Jessica and Blake had been married for a little more than two years. However, the heat surrounding their marriage had faded, and the husband and wife almost never got together in the public eye. She was the mute wife who appeared in her husband’s bed in such a degrading manner and was forced to get married because she got pregnant. The marriage was stretched to its limit. It was hanging on the edge and could break at any moment. Everyone
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Chapter 9
“Winson is already a little over a year old. You know, a child can barely remember anything before the age of 4. If you leave him now, he might not remember it in the future.” Jessica clenched her fists tightly without showing any response. Lady Cecilia noticed Jessica’s clenched fists. Her proud and contempt gaze at Jessica softened a bit as she sighed and said, “Why do you even insist on staying? There’s no love between you and Blake, and our family doesn’t like you. I’m sure you feel the same about us.“You used every possible method to get into our family back then because you want to save your family, the Scotts, am I right? Now, Scotts Corporation might not be as strong as it was, but it has overcome the financial crisis.“You can see it for yourself. With Blake’s status, what he needs is a wife that can help him in public and care for him in private. Unfortunately, you can’t do either.“As for Winson, I know it’s hard for you to leave him, but the child will grow…Of cours
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Chapter 10
She turned around and looked at Blake’s handsome face as he was still asleep. She smirked ironically and then turned back to the moonlight, enjoying it until it disappeared at dawn. At daybreak, Jessica finally felt sleepy, so she succumbed to slumber but woke up soon after that. The sun was already up, and the first light shed its brilliance over the floor while the dust danced in its rays. Jessica took a while to wake up from the dizziness. She was not used to sleeping with Blake. Every time she was in bed with him, she would sleep late and wake up early. Blake was still asleep, but his arm around her had softened. Jessica looked at his sleeping face again. Blake’s features were flawless. His brows were thick, his nose was high, and his facial features were pronounced. Everyone in the Fergusons had good looks, but as the son of the first beauty of Beijing, Lady Cecilia, Blake stood out. Be it when he was asleep or when he was awake, he was the perfect man. Jessica focused
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