Chapter 3

Monique Xander usually helped out in a luxurious café during the earlier parts of the day and took over a cab at a car rental center in the afternoon before picking Little Nomi up. Little Nomi would usually sit on the passenger seat and take naps if she was tired. That was how their usual days went, tiring but wholesome.

Monique Xander was just about to hop into her cab when she heard someone calling her.

“Miss Xander, you’re here.” The loud voice extended the word ‘Miss’ on purpose, which caused passersby to look over.

It was a bald 40-year-old man known as Old Xavier.

Old Xavier was the car rental center owner’s relative. He would tease her every time he saw her. Monique Xander always avoided him whenever she saw him.

However, he was standing right behind her car. There was no way that she could hide this time.

Since he was her boss’s relative, she did not want to offend him. Monique Xander replied chirpily, “Yeah.”

“Look, you’re a young lady, getting some other jobs can earn you so much more money while giving you pleasure at the same time. We might even go support you since you’re a colleague.” Staring at Monique Xander’s fair face, Old Xavier spoke and let out a sickening whistle.

The onlookers started snickering.

Although Monique Xander was not an earth-shattering goddess, she was still beautiful. Besides, she brought Little Nomi up by herself and she always took night shifts. It was not a surprise that the people from the car rental center had sick thoughts about her.

The corners of Monique Xander’s eyes twitched.

Earn more money and give pleasure! Of course, she knew what he meant.

“Brother Xavier, those grandmas on the street will suit you more. Also, aren’t you scared of your wife?” Monique Xander replied smilingly.

‘Even if I am to become an escort, you wouldn’t be worthy. You’d only be fit for old escort managers.’

Old Xavier was known for being terrified of his wife and everyone knew that. The car rental center was owned by his wife’s relative to be more precise.

Old Xavier clearly understood the meaning behind her words. He laughed dryly but did not reply.

Monique Xander wanted to leave this place as soon as she could. She entered the car and left, her eyes filled with desolation.

Monique Xander always heard people gossiping about her as she had raised Little Nomi up by herself without a father figure.

“A young girl bringing up a baby by herself? She must’ve seduced someone else’s husband and gave birth to an illegitimate child.”

“Perhaps she fooled around a lot and doesn’t even know who the girl’s father is.”

“Young girls nowadays don’t love and cherish themselves at all.”

She was already used to people’s incessant gossip and snickers, yet she could still feel hurt by them.

“Stormchase is accepting your request.”

Monique Xander accepted a request as usual and checked on the address. It was Marriott International.

Monique Xander was astonished and thought of the man from the previous night. He had great stature and a sculpted, though indifferent, face.

When did she turn into such a fangirl? She had been steadily losing interest in men for the longest time!

It was perhaps the elegantly apathetic aura he exuded, it was so strong that she could never forget him after just one glance.

“Mommy, who are you fangirling about?” Little Nomi stared at the fangirling Monique Xander with her head tilted.

Little Nomi understood Monique Xander the most. Her thoughts were all well-read by Nomi.

‘Fangirling?’ Monique Xander rolled her eyes and replied jokingly, ”It’s another request from Marriott International. Do you think it’s the man you called daddy that day?”

People walking in and out of Marriott International were all elites who usually had their drivers or their own car. It was pretty uncommon to get a request from there.

“Really?” Nomi’s bright eyes were gleaming with excitement.

She was really excited. She could not see his face clearly because she was sleeping that night. All she saw was his tall and strong figure.

Gestured for her to keep quiet, Monique Xander took her phone out and made a call.

“Hello, this is your Stormchase driver. My car is blue with the car plate number A2219. I am now near East Road, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” Monique Xander’s voice was gentle and melodious, as clear as a bell.

“Okay,” A magnetic male voice replied on the other end; deep and cool.

Monique Xander’s eyes and heart throbbed. The indifferent voice was so cold that she was almost freezing. It had to be him.

She was just joking around and she did not expect it to be true. She could feel a strong tension the moment she heard his voice. She felt like she would get executed if she was late for even a minute.

She did not hesitate for even a second and drove toward Marriott International.

She could recognize him walking out of Marriott International’s entrance the moment she arrived. His tall and smart figure seemed to be glowing. With his white suit and blue shirt, he looked out of this world and even more charming than a celebrity.

Monique Xander got out of the car hurriedly, bowed, and opened the door for him.

“Mommy, he’s too good-looking,” Little Nomi shrieked with her brow raised.

It was no wonder that her mother would fangirl over him. He was the most good-looking person Nomi had ever seen, no doubt!

Monique Xander dared not look into his dark and deep eyes as she was afraid of getting hooked.

On the other hand, Little Nomi was not worried at all.

Henry Moore noticed Nomi’s delicate rosy cheeks that resembled a ripe apple in autumn the moment he got into the car. Her thin and long brows were similar to that of a doll’s. She was staring straight at him with her huge beady eyes.

Not many dared to stare at him in such a short distance. That girl was clearly not afraid of strangers at all.

Henry Moore recognized that he was in the same cab as last time the moment he looked at the little girl. It was even playing Bandari like before.

He remembered this cab well as he fell asleep in it last time although he had insomnia.

He even asked his secretary to look for the song called Snowdream when he got home. However, his insomnia remained although he played the song for the whole night.

He sat on the car arrogantly with his long legs folded naturally.

“Daddy, you’re handsome.” He fitted her imaginative father figure perfectly.

“...” The corners of Henry Moore’s eyes twitched. What did he just hear?

‘Daddy? I am a single bachelor living the fast life!’

“...” Monique Xander’s lips twitched as she felt a chill down her spine. Beads of cold sweat were forming on her forehead…

She gave Little Nomi a warning glare.

‘What kind of daughter did I raise? How can she just call anyone daddy?’

Facepalm! Embarrassed and speechless, she could only turn her head over and force a dry laugh. “Well… Excuse me… This is my daughter.”

‘Her daughter is calling a stranger daddy, is she a single mother?’

Henry Moore threw her a sideways glance. She had fair and smooth skin without any makeup, her tiny mouth looked as delicate as a budding flower on her blushing face. She looked intelligent and sophisticated. Her pastel t-shirt and denim jacket made her look even more lovely and sweet.

Although she was wearing common clothing which showed that she was not from a distinct social background, her unique feminine beauty and radiance were not affected at all.

Instead of the little girl’s mother, she looked more like her sister.

Henry Moore raised a brow in response.

Another deafening silence. Little Nomi kept her mouth shut after noticing her mother’s sharp glare because she knew that she was angry.

Monique Xander glimpsed at the man’s pronounced profile in the backseat from the corner of her eyes. She looked at his clear forehead, tall nose bridge, and noticed that his eyes were slightly shut as he pursed his lips out of habit. He looked as arrogant and unbothered as ever.

He was just sitting there casually yet the distinctive aura he gave off was intimidating.

She lowered the volume of her phone’s app notification and turned up the volume for the Bandari music.

The man behind her seemed to be exhausted, he fell asleep once again.

“Sir, you have reached your destination.”

Monique Xander felt as if she was dreaming. The quiet man as cold as ice had what seemed like a smile on his face.

He opened his eyes slowly. He could not believe that he fell asleep again. Henry Moore raised a brow as a hint of disbelief flashed past his eyes.

He opened the door and got out of the car ever so elegantly.

He threw the driver’s seat a gaze when Monique Xander was looking over. Their eyes locked.

Her bright eyes were like a mountain stream, pure and untainted. She looked so pure that he wanted to pollute her himself.

“What’s your name?” His tone was cold, his stunning face expressionless as ever.

“My mommy is called Monique Xander, she’s the best woman in the world.” Little Nomi answered with her squeaky voice, corners of her mouth lifted with pride.

Monique Xander’s face was blushed red within seconds. Her daughter was proudly showing her off.

She drove and left hurriedly.

Monique Xander was very rarely affected by men. She felt as if she was tossed around in a tornado. Perhaps that man’s aura was too strong.

Looking at his call log, Henry Moore dialed his secretary’s number.

“Monique Xander with phone number 181*****. Find out everything you can about this woman.”
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