Chapter 365 One Step Away

Jiang Liu didn't know what was happening. Hua Sheng spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and her body immediately went limp.

Afterward, there was no sign of Hua Sheng regaining consciousness...

"Hurry up. Prepare the car, we're going to the hospital."

Jiang Liu did not dare to continue waiting. And so, he carried Hua Sheng and rapidly ran down the stairs, proceeding to the nearest hospital.

Outside the emergency room...

As the doctor walked out, Jiang Liu immediately rushed forward and asked, "How is my wife?"

"It is very weird, Chairman Jiang. There are neither injuries nor scars on your wife's body, but.... her body's vital signs are deteriorating. Blood pressure is dropping, blood glucose is dropping, blood lipids are dropping, even... her heart is also beating at a slower and slower rate. We checked her brain and found out she is in a state of deep hibernation."

"What... does that mean?" Jiang Liu did not really understand what he had just heard.

"We're unable to find the cau
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