Forever Worthy of Your Love

Forever Worthy of Your Love

By:  Blueberry Loves Cheese  Completed
Language: English
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There are rumors that the Fifth Young Mistress of the well-known Hua family is ugly and has a stuttering problem. Her parents do not dote on her, and she must go through an arranged marriage with an infamous playboy. On the fateful day of her wedding, the groom leaves her at the altar, yet she manages to turn the tables on him by finding a replacement groom at the very last minute. Everyone gradually becomes aware that she is in fact a captivating beauty capable of eloquent speech and that she possesses great intellect. She is no longer living in seclusion, and her brilliance will soon be revealed. However, she will also have to deal with the huge problem of her pesky newfound husband.

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504 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Replacement Bridegroom
River City, Early SummerIn Peony Hall of the seven-star hotel Imperial Prosperity—An awkward debacle had just been played out in front of thousands of guests. The marriage between the children of the Xie and Hua families should have been a great, joyous occasion that everyone in the city knew about, yet the bridegroom, Xie Dongyang, had fled. In fact, he did not even turn up for the banquet.That was not all. Just as the bride arrived, a piece of news was flashed across the huge screens, showing images of Xie Dongyang staying overnight in the apartment of a C-list female actor.It shook the entire hall. The Xies, who were hosting the banquet, were disgraced and panicked... "How can we possibly resolve this?" they thought.The bride, who was left on stage in her pristine wedding gown and a white veil draped over her head, had also become a laughing stock.Madam Hua was unable to remain seated at the VIP table. "Dear, what should we do?" she asked her husband, looking worried.C
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Chapter 2 Nerves
Madam Jiang's words failed to stop her son.His curiosity had truly been piqued by the Fifth Young Mistress of the Hua family.Rumor had it that she had followed Old Madam Hua up Mount Zhongcui at a young age and had stayed there ever since.It was also said that she looked ugly and had trouble expressing herself due to a stuttering problem.However, she had just spoken rather clearly to him. Could the people have been mistaken about her?Just like this, Jiang Liu walked up to the stage unhurriedly, greatly intrigued and interested to know her better.The scene unfolding in front of the guests took them completely by surprise. They stared at both of them in stunned silence.It was the Fifth Young Mistress who broke the silence. "You may continue with the ceremony, Father."It was only at this close range that Jiang Liu realized her voice was crisp and sweet. She did not sound like an ugly woman with a speech impediment to him at all."Er..." the pastor stammered. He had been a
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Chapter 3 Captivating Beauty
Just as Jiang Liu hesitated and thought about how he should act, he saw the bride in her wedding gown, who was standing opposite him, proactively taking a few steps in his direction. She then lifted up her veil with one hand and kissed him lightly on his lips to everyone's astonishment...The entire world seemed to have turned silent right after that.Even Jiang Liu himself was caught completely unaware. What had just happened? How could he have been kissed by a woman like this?He did not even have the time to savor the moment before the bride left his side; she behaved as though it was a task for her to complete.She then covered her head with the veil again. Many people who were too slow to react failed to get a good look at her face.Just like that, the entire debacle was concluded after many unexpected twists.A maid from the Hua family lent her arm to the bride for support and led her into the makeup room to change out of her gown.The bridegroom followed closely behind th
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Chapter 4 Two Wrongs Make a Right
His question stumped Hua Sheng.Of course, the Jiangs were not in need of money. In fact, they had enough reserves to support a few more generations.The Jiang family was at the peak of its prosperity and the other three Great Families were trying to catch up to it.There were rumors that the jade bangle that Madam Jiang wore was an extremely rare piece of jewelry worth tens of millions of dollars.As such, Jiang Liu was completely uninterested in the "expensive gift" that Hua Sheng had promised him.She was starting to regret having made a deal with this man.She should have chosen to be disgraced. The entire incident would blow over anyway; why did she choose to do things the hard way?From how he spoke earlier on, she had a feeling that this man would not be discouraged easily. Indeed, he had proved her right."Why aren't you answering me, young lady?" he pressed on. "What a jerk... Obviously, he knows that he's got me in a bind here, yet he's asking for a reply? I've never
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Chapter 5 I'll Be Relying on You
Jiang Liu leaned his head sideways against the round pillar and replied lazily, "It's very simple. I don't wish to be kissed for nothing... I need you to take responsibility for that kiss."Hua Sheng blushed a little. "That kiss was also my first, all right?"What else could she do under such circumstances? The pastor had instructed them to kiss, and thousands of guests were watching.She hadn't expected that this man would be so petty. What kind of man would ask a woman to take responsibility for kissing him?"I didn't have a choice, Young Master Jiang. If you think I took advantage of you, please feel free to return the favor," Hua Sheng explained, forcibly controlling her anger."Return the favor? Are you asking me to kiss you? Dream on."Hua Sheng was speechless.The only thing on her mind right now was "How on earth could there be a man this shameless?"He was trying to hide the fact that he was enjoying himself. Even so, there was nothing wrong with what he just said.Th
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Chapter 6 Headline News
Three hours later... A piece of news began spreading across the entire city like wildfire.In fact, it ended up becoming more explosive than Second Young Master Xie's love scandal on the very day of his wedding.It was news of the bride finding a replacement groom directly in the banquet hall.The bridegroom's identity was an even greater source of interest—he turned out to be the sole inheritor of the Jiang Family's fortune, the wealthiest financial institution in River City, and the most powerful of the Four Great Families.Who exactly was the young man?Not only was he the heir of the Jiangs' fifth generation...But it was also rumored that he was extremely good-looking and possessed high levels of IQ and EQ.Adding on to that list of impressive credentials, he was also a high-performing student during his stint at Cambridge who returned back home to take control of his family's business at the age of 23. Within the short span of three-and-a-half years, he managed to increa
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Chapter 7 The Jiangs' Attitude
While Jiang Liu had successfully become the replacement groom, the other stuff had been provided for by the Xies.As such, he did not push his agenda. After coming to terms with Hua Sheng, he went away to settle some personal matters.He then sent someone to fetch Hua Sheng back to the Jiang residence.In reality, Jiang Liu seldom stayed in the family home. Usually, he spent his days in a 200-square-meter duplex apartment beside the office.However, it was just a rental, and he believed that it would be more appropriate to bring his new-found wife back home first.Within the guest hall of the hotel...Jiang Liu's parents looked at him with a look of bewilderment; they had been waiting for a good explanation from him.The young man loosened his tie and smiled."Dad, Mum, just got yourself a daughter-in-law."His parents were shocked to hear him."What a scene you just created... You were totally out of control," Old Man Jiang said as he pointed at his son. He fe
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Chapter 8 Compensation by the Xies
Jiang Liu had expected his mother to behave in this manner. He remained calm and reversed the grip on his mother's hands."Mum... I'm no longer young. I'm 27 this year," he said gently.Madam Jiang was impatient in nature and immediately retorted, "You want to get married? You can get any woman you like in River City, no, the entire country! You can find someone better with your eyes closed. Why do you have to pick an unwanted girl?"Her chief concern was their family's reputation. After all, they were a reputable household.It was only natural that the Jiangs would not think highly of a girl rejected by someone like the second son of the Xies, and there was also the debacle at the banquet to consider."I'm very fond of her, Mum," Jiang Liu continued.Madam Jiang was momentarily stunned. "Didn't you just say that both of you have just met today?""Yeah, and it was love at first sight. Furthermore, we shouldn't change our minds about such important matters. Both of you and all
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Chapter 9 High and Mighty
The looks of the faces of the Xies turned dark upon hearing Madam Hua.There wasn't any point in speaking ill of each other at this point; both families were already in an awkward situation.The Huas left the hotel in anger and indignation."Dongze," the patron of the Xies said coldly."Dad.""I don't care what method you use, but I want that beast brought back to me—dead or alive."He flicked his sleeves and left swiftly.An hour later...In the Presidential Suite of a seven-star hotel...Xie Dongyang, the Second Young Master of the Xie Family, could be seen dressing shakily and emerging from the room.The female celebrity, on the other hand, was long gone. Perhaps she was afraid of the media scrum blocking the door of the suite that was sure to come."You're in big trouble now, Dongyang."Xie Dongze looked at his younger brother worriedly.The Xies had two sons and a daughter. The eldest son, Xie Dongze, was extremely obedient and was currently serving as the Vice-Chairm
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Chapter 10 The Unfilial Son's Reckoning
Xie Dongyang's escape from his own wedding was premeditated. At first, he thought nothing about rejecting Hua Sheng, as his family was more powerful than hers.However, he never expected that Jiang Liu would get caught up in the affair. To Xie Dongyang, this was an unexpected bonus.It made him feel as though Jiang Liu was getting something that he did not want; it made him feel really pleased.Xie Dongze understood what his younger brother was getting at and did not continue speaking much. Instead, he followed their father's instructions and brought Xie Dongyang back home.That night, Xie Dongyang endured a whipping with a leather whip.Old Master Xie, who was really angry, was the one who administered the merciless beating.He only relented when his wife became soft-hearted and pleaded for leniency on their son's behalf."I should have flogged this unfilial boy to death," Old Master Xie remarked as he panted with the whip in hand.Xie Dongyang remained completely silent throughout th
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