False Affection: My Mysterious Mr. Moo
False Affection: My Mysterious Mr. Moo
Author: Lou Xiaoyi
Chapter 1 So Ugly
Mu Nuannuan sat in front of the vanity mirror, waiting for her makeup artist, but her mind was somewhere else.

The door swung open and Xiao Chuhe dashed in. Seeing that Mu Nuannuan was still roosting there in a dull cotton jacket and her hair was akin to a scarecrow, she chided, “People from the Moo Family have arrived. Why haven’t you gotten changed?”

Mu Nuannuan pushed her black-framed glasses back up her nose, her droopy eyes making her look as dumb as she could get. “Mom, do you really want me to marry elder sis’ fiancé?”

Thinking that she was flaking on her, Xiao Chuhe freaked out.

The escort from the Moo Family was already waiting outside. The slightest mistake could ruin the entire Mu family. She was desperate. Dropping to her knees in front of Mu Nuannuan, Xiao Chuhe quavered, “Nuannuan, I beg you! Your elder sister deserves better. Help her, please!”

Mu Nuannuan’s vacant expression became even colder. Xiao Chuhe, her biological mother devoted all of her attention to her stepchildren, whose mother had died. She even asked Mu Nuannuan to take her sister’s place to marry an ugly and impotent man.

“Madam, Young Mistress, the Moo Family’s escort is coming up,” a maid said outside the door.

Mu Nuannuan did not help Xiao Chuhe up. “Get up. I’m leaving.”

She was completely fed up.

When the door opened, she saw a group of bodyguards standing outside. That was all the Moo Family had sent to collect her. There was no wedding ceremony, no bridegroom. Yet, it was her wedding day.

“Let’s go.” She led the way downstairs.

The Moo Family was the wealthiest in the city of Huyang. The family’s heir, Moo Tingxiao had been kidnapped more than a decade ago. He was also allegedly disfigured and had erectile dysfunction. Since the kidnapping, he had never appeared in public. They said that Moo Tingxiao was savage and ugly, that every woman who entered his house would come out dead.

But even if Moo Tingxiao was a devil, Mu Nuannuan could not have cared less.


Arriving at Moo Tingxiao’s mansion, the bodyguards brought Mu Nuannuan into her room and left. It was not until nightfall that someone pushed open the door.

Mu Nuannuan looked back. A tall man walked in, closed the door behind him, and switched on the light.

She instinctively covered her eyes. Shortly after, she looked up at the man and was transfixed, not because he had a godforsaken face, but because she did not expect him to be so handsome.

The man was muscular and wearing a dark suit. He had long legs, which allowed him to come up to her in just a few strides. His sharp facial features made him look like a piece of art, almost flawless, but also very imposing.

Moo Tingxiao examined Mu Nuannuan for a while and frowned. “So ugly,” he said. His tone of voice was somber, almost cold.

Mu Nuannuan snapped out of her daze. She did not care that he called her ugly. Instead, she looked at him cautiously. “Who are you?”

Looking at her with a pair of piercing eyes, Moo Tingxiao asked back, “Don’t you know who you’re marrying?”

As he got closer, Mu Nuannuan shuddered. His powerful persona was suffocating, but she forced herself to sit tight and upright. “Of course, I know. It’s Moo Tingxiao!”

Hearing her answer, Moo Tingxiao seemingly understood; she was just another woman who believed in the rumors. However, that was not the usual reaction of someone marrying an ugly and impotent man. She was just too calm, so much as that he started to find her interesting.

He quirked a smile, pretending to be flirty. “Oh, I see. I’m Moo Jiachen, Moo Tingxiao’s cousin. I guess you don’t want to be alone waiting for the cripple on your wedding night, do you?”
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her eldest sister deserve better, but the youngest doesn't. and this village idiot married ol dude because the mother used that excuse. I can tell this is going to be a waste of writing
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lol, why Cardcaptor Sakura's photo is used as thumbnail cover?

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