Virtuous Love
Virtuous Love
Author: lade.ayisat
Chapter One

By the time Lauren successfully climbed the last staircase that leads to her Boss's bedroom, she heaved a sigh of relief.

It was hard enough trying to get her Boss who was drunk to climb the stairs. He was far bigger and muscular than she is but she was happy she was able to drag him all the way up.

"Sir, I think I've tried. You should be able to go to your room from here. I will be on my way to my apartment." Lauren said to her Boss.

She was about disconnecting her hands that was intertwined with his own when he clung onto them as if his life depended on being close to her.

"Don't go, Please!" He whispered, looking into her worried but beautiful eyes. The eyes that he can sit down and look into for the rest of his life.

"B....but Sir, I...I have to go." Lauren pleaded, ignoring the sparks she was feeling and the shivers that were running down her spine as a result of his touch.

'He was her Boss so she is not meant to feel that way about him'

"Pleaseeeeeeee, stayyy" Stanley slurred, begging with pleading eyes.

"Just put me to bed and then you are free to go, " he added.

After being in conflict with herself for a few seconds, Lauren led her drunk Boss to his room.

Even though it was Lauren's first time in Stanley's room, she tried not to stare too much or get carried away. Stan's room was definitely the most beautiful place in the entire mansion.

Lauren made Stanley sit on the edge of the bed and then she helped him remove his shoes.

"Sit, " Stanley commanded, patting the space next to him.

"That's not necessary sir, I'm comfortable standing." She whispered.

"What am I still even doing in your matrimonial room?" She facepalmed. Lauren was about to escape when Stanley reached for her hand and made her sit beside him.

"Why are you in a hurry to leave?" Stanley asked as if it's no big deal for him to have his personal assistant in his bedroom.

Lauren looked at her Boss with wide eyes. Of course, he was drunk so he definitely wasn't aware of what he is saying or doing. She is the sane one who should know better and not be in a married man's room.

She rose to her feet and Stanley did the same, blocking her from escaping.

"Your wife can walk in on us, Sir, please just let me go, I don't want trouble." Lauren pleaded.

Stanley Chatwin, her boss was a kind-hearted and easy-going man. He is rich and undeniably sexy but unfortunately, he is married.

Stanley caressed Lauren's cheek. "You are in charge of all my schedule, you of all people know what's going on in my life. You know Rita is out of the country and won't be back until God knows when, " he whispered.

Lauren swallowed painfully, "Then what do you want from me?" She asked, confused, worried and scared at the same time.

"I like you, Lauren!" He declared.

Even though Stanley was a bit drunk, his statement came out with a very serious tone.

Lauren shook her head negatively. She heard him clearly but she knew he had no idea of what he was saying because he was drunk.

"You're drunk Sir, you should have some rest." She suggested.

Stanley cupped Lauren's face with his hands and made her look into his eyes. "I might be drunk but I'm telling you the truth. I like you very much, Lauren."

"I think of you more than I've ever thought about myself. You care for me as if I were yours, you care for me even more than my so-called wife. I think I'm in love with you Lauren."

An involuntary tear rolled down Lauren's cheek but Stan was fast to wipe them off.

"You don't know what you're saying Mr Chatwin, you won't even remember all that you are saying to me by the time you wake up tomorrow morning."

"Maybe I will remember and maybe I won't but I'm telling you the truth and I want you to believe it."

"You have a wife, Stanley." Lauren whisper yelled.

"I don't love Rita and you know that very much, " he replied sincerely.

"But I don't love you!" Lauren replied with a heavy heart. Probably, her response will talk him out of the idea of him loving her.

"You've been working as my assistant for almost two years now and I know you as much as you know me. You're very bad at telling lies Lauren, I know you love me too."

"No, I don't." Lauren shook her head negatively.

"Yes, you do! I see it in your beautiful eyes every day. I see how jealous you feel anytime Rita is around me. And when she begins to act romantic and shower me with kisses, you get even more jealous."

"That's not true, " Lauren said as another tear rolled down her cheek.

"I also notice how jealous you are of my female partners who throw themselves at me. I guess it's normal because the same applies to me. I get jealous anytime I feel or see my business partners drooling over you. I always feel like killing them. They can testify by the glares and warnings I give them when you're not around or when you're not looking."

"Since the day you appeared at my office for the interview, I felt something for you and what I feel for you have developed as each day passes by. I'm very much attracted to you Lauren and I know you feel the same way about me."

"You're not in love with me. You cannot be in love with me and I'm not in love with you, Mr Chatwin. I care and take care of you because it's my duty as your personal assistant."

Stanley heaved a sigh. "You're saying something else but I can see the truth in your eyes. You love me, Lauren, Just admit it."

"Tell me, what are you afraid of? Is it Rita? I promise I will protect you. She won't lay a finger on you I swear" Stanley promised in his drunken state.

"It doesn't matter what I feel for you, Mr Chatwin."

"Call me Stanley." He interrupted.

Lauren swallowed painfully, "What I feel for you is not important, it doesn't matter whether it is love or hate. So please, quit saying all these things to me." She cried.

"I tried my best Lauren. I tried really hard not to make myself fall in love with you but I failed because I couldn't resist you."

"You're beautiful, you're hardworking, you're smart, you motivate me, you advise me, you bring out the best in me, you take care of me, you make sure I go for my monthly check-up when I don't want to go, you cheer me up when I lose deals worth billions of dollars, you take very good care of me, you like me and I'm sure you love me too."

"Accepting the fact that I love you is one of the hardest things I've ever had to accept to myself. And telling you about it is even harder. Lauren, please fight for me as I've planned to fight for you."

"'s not possible Stan, you have a Wife." Lauren shuttered.

"I'll divorce her so we can be together."

"What?" Lauren screamed in horror.

"I'll divorce Rita if it will make you feel better." He explained.

"No, please don't. I don't want to be termed a gold digger." She replied immediately with fear in her eyes.

"I don't care what anyone thinks, " Stan replied in all honesty.

"I do care about what everyone thinks. They are going to talk about me and it's my name that is going to be trampled on."

Stan cupped Lauren's teary face. "I promise to protect you with my life. A chance is all that I ask for. I love you so much, Lauren." He whispered, moving his face closer to hers as his hand caressed her plump lips.

Lauren's heartbeat increased at the realization of what could happen.

'Is Stanley Chatwin about to kiss her?'

'Will he really kiss her?'

She watched as Stanley stared at and caressed her lips with so much adoration in his eyes.

"I will never do anything against your will but please don't stop this. I want to kiss you. I want to feel how your plump lips taste." He whispered huskily.

Lauren wanted to oppose but her body said otherwise. She went still as soon as Stanley connected his mouth with hers.

At first, she didn't respond but that did not make Stan stop kissing her. He begged for entrance and she eventually gave in.

She kissed him back, getting a taste of the alcohol he drowned himself with.

Stanley gently guided her against the wall without breaking the passionate kiss. He explored every inch of Lauren's mouth until they were both out of breath.

While Lauren caught her breadth, Stanley traced kisses by her earlobe and finally sucked on her soft spot when he located it.

Lauren moaned in pleasure, forgetting everything around her.

Stanley traced kisses down Lauren's neck to the top of her chest. She was putting on a button-up dress that exposed a bit of her cleavage.

Lauren has a very sexy body; Curves in the right places and the perfect boobs and bum.

Stanley released the first three buttons of Lauren's dress and then caressed her boobs which earned a moan from Lauren. He adjusted her bra so he could get better access to her erect nipples. Then he took her left nipple in his mouth while he played with the right one.

"Stan....!!!" Lauren moaned as soon as he took her nipple into his wet mouth.

It was as if she was on cloud nine. She threw her head against the wall to enjoy the pleasure Stanley was giving her.

Stan continued to suck, kneed and play with both of her nipples until they were distracted by a phone which rang and that brought Lauren back to her senses.

It was Stanley's phone in his back pocket.

Lauren pushed Stanley away and looked away from him in shame. She began buttoning up her dress in a haste.

Stanley ran his fingers through his hair. He got carried away. He only wanted a kiss but one thing led to another, that was how powerful the attraction between them was. It was never his intention to make it seem as if he wants her only for her body or just for sex.

Before he could apologize to her, She had already stormed out of his bedroom.

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