Virtuous Love

Virtuous Love

By:  lade.ayisat  Completed
Language: English
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Stanley Chatwin finally knew the meaning of true love when he fell deeply for Lauren, his secretary. But how was he going to get rid of his legally wedded wife Rita?

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44 Chapters
Chapter One
By the time Lauren successfully climbed the last staircase that leads to her Boss's bedroom, she heaved a sigh of relief. It was hard enough trying to get her Boss who was drunk to climb the stairs. He was far bigger and muscular than she is but she was happy she was able to drag him all the way up. "Sir, I think I've tried. You should be able to go to your room from here. I will be on my way to my apartment." Lauren said to her Boss. She was about disconnecting her hands that was intertwined with his own when he clung onto them as if his life depended on being close to her. "Don't go, Please!" He whispered, looking into her worried but beautiful eyes. The eyes that he can sit down and look into for the rest of his life. "B....but Sir, I...I have to go." Lauren pleaded, ignoring the sparks she was feeling and the shivers that were running down her spine as a result of his touch.
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Chapter Two
Stanley groaned and buried his face deeper into the pillow at the feel of a very big headache. He rarely drinks or gets drunk but whenever he does, he gets the worst hangover ever. Reluctantly, he stood up from his bed and made his way to his cabinet for some hangover painkillers. He reached for a glass of water on his nightstand and gulped down the pills. He sat back on his bed to relax and suddenly, memories of yesterday night came rushing back to him. Stan groaned and buried his face in his hands. Then he reached for his phone on the nightstand and dialled Lauren. He honestly had no idea what he was going to say to her. He just wanted to hear her voice, make sure she's okay and then maybe apologize to her for going too far yesterday. He waited patiently for Lauren to pick up his call but she didn't which was very unusual of her. She was always at his beck and call, picking up in the first four rings.
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Chapter Three
The Next Day. Stanley spent the rest of his yesterday working from home. He called Lauren several times but it went to voicemail. He left her a few voicemails but she didn't return any of them. Just for his peace of mind, to make sure she hasn't done anything to hurt himself, he sent one of his security guards to find out how she was doing. It turned out that Lauren was okay, she was in her apartment all though except when she went grocery shopping in the afternoon. Stanley woke up at his usual time; he did his morning rituals, dressed up for work, reached for his phones, wallets and briefcase and then made his way downstairs to have his breakfast. He was approached by his Driver, Isaac, who greeted him and collected his briefcase. "Where's Lauren?" He asked Issac. "I have no idea Sir, I haven't seen her this morning, " Issac replied. This has never happened
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Chapter Four
Stanley was on the phone, discussing business with one of his partners when Lauren walked into his office with some documents and a notepad diary. He smiled at her and ushered her to take a seat by pointing towards the double couch on the far end of his office. Stan talked to his partner for a few more minutes before he ended the call. With a smile on his face, he rose to his feet and made his way towards Lauren. He placed a kiss on her right cheek before taking a seat beside her. His gesture made her blush and she avoided looking into his eyes. Stan chuckled, 'She's so cute'He leaned closer to her and said. "There's nothing to be shy about my love. I want you to start getting used to it because I'll be showering you with so much love.""But we need to be careful." She whispered. Stanley nodded, understanding what she meant.
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Chapter Five
Lauren accompanies Stanley to most of his meetings but today was one of the few occasions where Stan decided to give her a break. He told her not to worry, he will attend the meeting alone and then head over to her apartment to pick her up for the date at his sisters' place. So, as soon as Stanley was done with his meeting with Mr Hayes, he made his way to Lauren's apartment. Lauren opened up after he pressed the bell twice. "Hi, " She smiled at him as soon as they came face to face with each other. Lauren was almost ready, she was in a simple knee-length dress while Stan was in his casual clothes. Stanley walked in and placed a kiss on her lips which made her blush. "You look beautiful." He complimented as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Lauren smiled, "You are just being nice because you like me.""You know that's not true." He replie
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Chapter Six
"So what were you and Anita talking about before I walked in on you two in the kitchen, " Stanley asked interested as he walked Lauren to her apartment. She stopped in her tracks and he did the same. She turned to look at him and folded her arms. "Turns out I wasn't officially invited to the dinner. You lured me into coming with you."Stanley scratched the back of his head shyly. "I'm sorry. I wanted you to come with me so I had to use Anita's name to avoid you refusing."Lauren smiled, "Your sister already apologized on your behalf."Stanley's lips curved into a small smile. "I'll remember to thank her later."Lauren nodded and they continued walking towards her apartment with their hands intertwined. "We also talked about You, me and Rita." She mumbled after a while. "But mostly about me and you." She added. "Anita plays the
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Chapter Seven
Stanley heaved a tired sigh as soon as he drove into his mansion and sighted Rita's car. She finally decided to come back after being away for about a month and a half. Stan parked his car in his usual spot and he was welcomed by the Butler, Moses. "Good evening Sir." Moses greeted. "Evening, Moses, " Stan responded as he came down from the car. "When did Rita come back?" He asked, pointing to one of her cars that were parked close to his. "She came back two days ago Sir, " Moses responded. Stanley nodded. "Please have my luggage transferred to my room." He said to Moses before making his way into the mansion. Stanley checked for Rita in both living rooms downstairs, he checked her in the kitchen too but she was not there. One of the maids finally told him that Rita was relaxing in the living room upstairs
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Chapter Eight
Since she had no work-related issues to attend to until noon, Lauren decided to pamper herself by sleeping to her satisfaction. She woke up at a few minutes after nine and decided to do some cleaning, have breakfast and then get ready for work because Stanley will be coming to pick her up for their meeting at noon. Lauren had hardly started cleaning her apartment when she heard the sound of the doorbell. It took her by surprise because she wasn't expecting anyone at this time. She abandoned what she was doing and went to answer the door. Her heartbeat increased when she came face to face with the person that was at the door. "Rita!"Before she could ask what Rita was doing at her place. Rita pushed Lauren aside and made her way into her apartment. Lauren heaved a sigh and shut the door. She approached Rita w
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Chapter Nine
An hour later. Stanley got down from his car, reached for the items he bought in the backseat and then made his way to the entrance of Lauren's apartment. He pressed the doorbell and waited for her to open up which she did in a few seconds. Before he uttered a word, Lauren closed the gap between the two of them and pulled Stanley into a tight hug. She buried her face in his chest, shut her eyes for a while and inhaled his scent. Stanley could not return the hug fully because of the plastic bag he was holding. But he kissed her forehead and caressed her long smooth hair. Even though his heart melted at Lauren's gesture, he knew he was missing something. Lauren finally released him from the hug and then she tiptoed and gave him a kiss on his lips. It was only after Lauren pulled away from the hug that she realized Stanley was
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Chapter Ten
Lauren was on her feet in her office, operating the portable scanning machine when she felt someone wrap a pair of arms around her waist possessively. She smiled, knowing who it was. Stanley chuckled and kissed her cheek from behind. She released herself from him, turned around, tiptoed and gave him a kiss on his lips. "Going somewhere?" She asked with an eyebrow raised. "Yes, my parents requested to see me so I have to go to the mansion.""Is everything okay?" She asked concerned. "Rita is being reluctant about signing the divorce papers and so she has notified my parents about the whole thing.""Heyyy, there's nothing to worry about" Stanley assured as soon as he noticed the sad expression on Lauren's face. "I'll go and see my parents and hear what they have to say to me. I'm sure Rita said something to them tha
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