Chapter Forty

Lauren felt someone shower kisses all over her face and her lips slowly curved into a proud smile, knowing who it was. But still, she didn't open her eyes. In as much as she was tired and wouldn't want anyone to disturb her sleep, She was enjoying Stan's kisses. 

Suddenly, Wrenny did not feel the kisses on her face anymore. She felt a slight movement by her side and soon enough she felt a warm kiss on her baby bump. 

"Morning Champ!" She heard her soon to be husband say excitedly to their little miracle. 

Lauren's heart was filled with so much pride when she felt peanut kick against his father's hand. 

She heard Stanley chuckle. "Someone is super happy today."

"Morning my love. I hope you slept well?" He said to peanut as he caressed her belly. 

Their little miracle responded with a soft kick. Even though Wrenny's eyes were closed, she could tell Stanley was

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