Two days passed by, Amelia was learning how to talk to her mother as she could not speak...Amelia gave her a notebook and a pen to write it down and in this way, she will read and understand what her mother is trying to say.

Amelia and her mother were staying in one room, with each other while the insane man was all the time, downstairs.

The daughter wasn't giving him any food to eat but she makes the breakfast, lunch, and dinner and took it upstairs for her mother and herself.

This time they compromised too. Kept their mouth shut. Only whispers of Amelia were heard in the room when she talked to her mother and in return Grace just write it down on a piece of paper.

Grace has her daughter by her side and she felt powerful. Amelia was her pride, the apple of her eye. All of her life, she had one thing... one thing to make her miserable life livable.

When she was coming back from the kitchen, her father interrupted her by saying, "Clean the house. Richard is coming." that was more of an order.

Amelia rolled her eyes and went straight to the room where her mother was sitting by the window. When Grace noticed the presence of her daughter as she slammed the door behind her, she immediately wrote on a paper, "What happened?" Amelia read it out loud, then after a pause, she replied, "Richard is coming. He's asking me to clean the house. Why would I? And why is this lascivious man coming here? You know how much I hate him... He stares at me with those lustful eyes. I hate it, mother. I hate him!" there was a sudden rage in her voice, the hatred.. her mother could sense and feel it.

Then, Grace wrote something on the paper which gradually calmed Amelia.

Amelia cleaned the whole house..from dusting to sweeping..from dishes to laundry.. within an hour the messy house was shining crystal clear.

She then changed into a knee-length frock in bright yellow colour, did her hair in a ponytail and walked downstairs until the knock on the door took her attention.

She walked towards the door and opened it, welcomed the man.. with a subtle around his chin, dressed in check shirt and straight pants. From the appearance, he looked like a middle-class person with a nice job and a happy family. But there was something in his eyes... Amelia could feel it.. the lust or you can say the urge to see her skin.. bare skin.

"Uncle Richard, welcome... please sit, the father is just coming." the moment she said those words, she heard a loud and deep voice, "Go bring something for him, you foolish girl."

She then bowed her head down and quickly ran towards the kitchen.

"Was that Amelia?" asked Richard with a sudden spark in his eyes.

"Yes.. the girl is getting on my nerves as she is growing up." Rowan nodded, his voice in despair.

"So, what do you think of her now? What will you do to her?" Richard asked, his eyes fixed at the kitchen while Amelia gave a displeased look to him.

"I don't understand... maybe give her to a rich man," Rowan replied scratching his forehead while Richard's ears stood up like a wolf, hearing the father's plans for his beautiful daughter.

If he could have a chance, he would make her his mistress forever. But his wife was one wicked woman. He cannot let her know what's on his mind if she knew she would kill him.

After a few minutes of talking, Amelia brings the tea with some snacks and when placing it on the table, Richard was staring towards her chest, admiring her exposed cleavage.

Amelia, when noticed, quickly put a hand at her chest and stared at him with those bloodshot eyes.

Richard cleared his throat and adjusted himself, the environment was just getting hot for him.

Amelia turned to leave cursing her moron father.. that he was that naive to not notice his friend staring at her with such amorous intentions.

Walking up to her mother, she was pacing back and forth in such aggression.

"Mother, that man is unbelievable!" she let out her anger by telling this to her mother.

When her mother made an innocent 'what happened' face, she walked to her and hugged her.

"Mother, this world is cruel. And I'm afraid." she put her head on her mother's lap while the unspeakable mother caressed her hair.

She then wrote something on a paper and hand it over to Amelia, when she read it, she let out a chuckle and it made her mother smile.

''Mother you are insane." she said laughing, sighed and continued, "Yes mother, I am your Bambi and I always will be."

She held her mother's hand, kissed it gently and added, "Forgive me for not saving you from father's wrath. This is because of me." Grace shook her head and took out a bundle of money from underneath her bra and handed it to Amelia.

She quickly took it and put it in the same place her mother had taken out, then adjusted her dress.

Two hours passed by, Amelia was having anxiety... Richard was still there, talking to her father and by now his father would be passed out on the floor.. or not.

It was seven in the evening when she finally heard the goodbyes from the men downstairs. She heaved in a sigh and came back inside to tell her mother.

"Mother, he's gone..." she whispered in a low voice but when walked closer and saw her mother was asleep.

Amelia tucked her mother in the bed and kissed her forehead.

"I promise you mother..one day these days will be over," she whispered to her but more like it, she was assuring herself.

Later that night, probably at eight... when her father was in a deep sleep, snoring on the floor of the kitchen, Amelia grabbed her bag and quietly sneaked out of the house.

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