"Sir, please don't waste your precious time on this nonsense. I can handle this, trust me." Richard, in a polite tone, spoke to the tall man while he just fetched the cigarette from his pocket, lighted up and took a puff of it.

"Leave this girl, will you?" he pointed the finger at her, the smoke releasing from his mouth.

"And you... go back to your home. Run." he turned his face towards her, said with authority in his voice and she nodded happily.

Richard left while the man stepped out of the bar, Amelia walking beside him.

Although he was a complete stranger she was so much thankful for what he had done for her.

Of course, both of them were going separately, he on his Bentley, on the backside, sit like a boss.

No doubt, he was handsome.. his perfectly perfect hazel eyes and tan complexion, hair slicked back completely.. he was a gorgeous man.

He had sweet pink lips and a subtle around his chin, making him look breathtaking.. and with

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