Jia pushed Atlas away from herself with a furtive look around the dim rear hallway they found themselves in. "Stop that! Someone will see."

But he didn't listen. With a low, rumbling chuckle in his chest, he pressed her up against the wall and nuzzled her neck, breathing her in as if he couldn't get enough of her scent. She did her best to keep from melting in his arms as they snaked around her, one around her waist and the other coming up to cup the back of her neck, but a small gasp left her lips when she felt him grind his hips against hers.

"The things you do to me," he whispered in her ear, and she had to bite down hard on her tongue so that she didn't let out a breathy moan and tremble against him.

No, they were absolutely not doing this. They were in a restaurant. In public! At a party! The last time they had done this, they had almost gotten caught by a waiter and only barely managed to hide themselves in a tangled mess in the utility closet.

"Atlas -"

"Fine, fine," he said, an
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Also another great book. Thank you mana!
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I am happy her and atlas seem to be in it for the long hall.I do hope they have kids one day.I understand jia being hesitant as she already raised her siblings and struggles for so long she deserves a break and just time alone to enjoy herself with her future husband.As long as they last I’m happy
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She has had a decent life with success and should have moved on and found happiness instead of holding on to unhealthy obsession/ grudge. I also feel a lot of sadness for jia. She deserves complete happiness. Not to have Ava shadow looming in there life forever.

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