|| Christmas special ||

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||Fall in love with Christmas Special Episode||

"Why are you so sweet?" Having her hand clasped between his fingers, Alex smilingly adored his girlfriend's innocent facade. 

"I don't know! May be because you are too sour and bitter." He chuckled and pretended to be disappointed with a roll of his eyes.

"Very funny!" He pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

Five months passed to their unexpectedly tender and beautiful relationship. Alex was told it would not last long for more than a few weeks, but look at where they have come now. They not only managed to pass through the evil eyes of his ex-girlfriends and their new boyfriends, but also cherish their growing love with the support of his crazy dumb friends.

Alex quickly brushed away the thought of his dumbass friends. He wouldn't want to think about them at such a lovely moment! Those bitc*** barely left them alone during the whole Christmas week until the morning. And that too because they wanted to attend the early morning party organized by Perry, Alex's ex, and her new boyfriend.

They wouldn't have minded going if it wasn't his ex-girlfriend's party. But it was good they didn't go, they wouldn't have gotten such a lovely time alone otherwise. 

That doesn't mean they didn't enjoy themselves! In point of fact, they enjoyed the day more than anyone else. The cute couple baked some cookies, cheese cake with Christmas decorating on it, some gingerbread men with red and white Christmas hat, and made some miniature Christmas trees to place it by the side of their windows. 

Although Alex messed up the oven and burned the first badge of cookies during the process of learning, they successfully baked some in the end. Not to forget some kitchen romance! 

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Amara bit her lips, feeling awkwardly weird. Something inside her stomach fluttered every time when he looked at her like that.

Five months yet she was not used to that gaze of his. He put her heart at pounding and body at fire almost every time he observed her like that.

"I am just wondering when did I become so lucky to have you? Guess, Santa granted my unasked wish beforehand. I always wanted someone like you." He confessed with a small smirk.

Her eyes lowered, Amara sat straight after freeing herself from his grip. She blushed showing her white pearly teeth as she slowly whispered, "Santa actually granted my wish because I always asked for you to be mine. If you remember, we were the very first ones to meet in the college in the start. But since you're a player, you caught everyone's attention and flew away." He narrowed his eyes at her ending statement.

" What do you mean by player? You mean a football player or that player." Alex sensuously trailed her lower lip.

"You know what I mean!" her arms snaked his neck and she placed a soft kiss on his lips.

Alex caught her in the moment, he deepened the kiss and sucked her slowly. Her lashes came up slowly to find his eyes blazing down at her and his mouth smirking deviously. Blood rushed through her veins and a lick of heat stroked through her body landing in a pool of excitement. 

She was shy but not with him. In these months, Alex made sure she came out of her shell and showed her curiosity in words. She was expressive in terms of facial expressions, but lacked verbally due to her shyness. But then why to fear when Alex was with her! He changed her completely that now the people who never noticed her, noticed her as a confident individual who was famous as the topper without her popular boyfriend, also famous as the football team captain, Alex. 

The new academic year brought about a lot of changes in their lives. Alex couldn't be happy if it wasn't for Amara. And guess what, her company was helpful to him and he does not need her help with studies any longer. Oh did they mention Alex came within the list of top 10 high scorers last year in the final exams? All thanks to his topper girlfriend. 

Anyways, Alex picked her up and took her to the hall where the Christmas tree stood. He slightly pushed her to the wall behind, by the side of the tree, as his fingers crept inside her top. The illumination from the flickering colourful lights on the Christmas tree reflected on them, making the moment more and more lively. 

A blissful five months old relationship yet he never went way too far. But today his libido forced on doing something more than kisses and cuddles. Not just the atmosphere, the glint of joy and her heavy breaths encouraged his feelings. 

"Alex," Amara giggled when his fingers moved southwards under her top. "We have to go dress up for the party!"

"We still have few hours in our grip. I just want to try something with you." His eyes fell to her lips again. His hands became harder and leaned into hers with more pressure as he slowly began to lower his head over hers. "I'm going to make it a memorable Christmas for you." 

"W-what?" It wasn't like she didn't want him to take her, Amara was just too shy about the thought of it.

She felt impaled by his steady gaze and her breaths stuck inside her lungs as his fingers slowly came out of her top. He turned her around, kind of slamming her back with chest, creating an indescribable impact on her.

Amara clenched her mouth, clenching her moans while he brought her hair on one side of her shoulder. His warm breaths tickled her skin, his fingertips slightly brushed her collarbone and slipped below to her breasts. Alex gave her a light tender rub before coming back to her throat and placed a small peck down her earlobe.

"Al- huh," She was taken by surprise as soon as she undid her eyes as a thin platinum chain was put around her neck.

There was a small Christmas tree shaped pendent with an 'A' written in the middle under a double heart.

"Alex..." She uttered in delight while turning around and stared at him.

He gave her a chaste smile and joined their foreheads, "Happy birthday, love." and wished her while her heavy lashes that shadowed her cheeks flew up in bewilderment.

"You knew it? I thought you forgot my birthday since you were too happy about Christmas." Amara chirped, pulling him in a hug. "People always forgot my birthday because of Christmas and wished me the other day with apologies. I thought you wouldn't remember it either." 

Instense ecstasy touched his cheeks, Alex showed no sign of surprise and replied, "I don't forget how many times I kiss you in a day, let alone be the fact of forgetting your birthday. Huh. It's YOUR birthday... How would I forget it." Alex faked some anger as his darling underestimated him.

He must forget his passwords but he may never forget anything related to her. He let out a fake cry and removed his hands from her waist. "Nobody values me. I shall ask for a new girlfriend from Santa... It's not too late to edit my wish."

No sooner had the words escaped his mouth than his collars were gripped and pulled forward. Amara pulled him closer until their foreheads touched again and glared him hard, "Dare you ask for a new girlfriend! Santa will never listen to you... If he did, I will make sure my father handles him using his ways. You know how wealthy my father is, don't you?" She threatened him that just came out as sweet hollow warning, making him laugh. 

Her cute antiques caused Alex to pull her in his arms and kiss her forehead, "You are everything that I ever needed. Don't worry, you aren't getting rid of me anytime sooner." He mouthed and took her in his embrace for a soothing hug. 

Although the beginning of the year was awfully aching for Alex, the end seemed nice and praising. He was beyond happy to have her. How could he forget her birthday!

"I will always remember your birthday. And wish you before anyone else did. I love you." He kissed her head. 

"Thanks, Alex. I love you too" Amara replied, looking out of the window at the gradual snow fall.

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