Chapter 3: The Lover's Quarrel

I look at my reflection into my whole body size mirror checking any abnormality to the clothes I am wearing. I see my grinning brother Vinze who just entered my room and I look at him pouting. He sits on my bed as he looks at me with his signature caring and proud smile then to his cellphone.

“You know; time really flies fast. To think you were just a sweet innocent little girl and now look at you. I’m going to break that

Jemar’s neck once he makes our little princess cry.” He said with a threat making me smile as I roll my eyes, so dramatic.

Now you know what I mean by highly over protective brothers, but I love them that way. It makes our family bonding even tighter than a rope. I love my family the way it is.

“Oh please, I’m not that stupid to just give everything to him. I’ll always have a space for a doubt. It’s not like I’m going to marry him now; I still have the time to see if he deserves me. Anyway, how do I look?” I ask as I turn around to show him my whole get up.

I’m in this cute skinny jean I matched with a 1 inch black boots. I’m wearing a blue knitted cardigan and my long wavy black hair is tied into a bon but some hairs are freely loose on my sides.

“Hmnnnn, can I just keep you here.” He suddenly said making me look at him in confusion.

We both got distracted by someone running from the hallway into my room. My brother Roven suddenly come striding on my doorway and upon seeing me he started to burst crying.

‘So dramatic isn’t it?’ I said on my mind rolling my eyes.

“What now? Don’t act like that I just going to church.” I said trying to act annoyed as he run towards me and hugs me tightly as if he doesn’t want me to go. I start to act as if I am suffocating with matching coughing.

“Our little sister is finally a young lady. I still don’t want to let you go. Don’t go Riri.” My brother Roven said.

“Vinze, save… save me please. He is kill- killing me ahhh. Stop, stop.” I said dramatically as my brother Vinze just look at us as he sits on my bed.

You won’t really think that my brother Roven is 27 of age seeing him like this. Oh don’t mind him; we always have such drama in our family especially if matter is concerning me. You see, we have this time where we start acting out the scenes we watched on movies so don’t get confused or think my family is off because this is our way to bond.

“There, there, come ON. I’m just going to church. My friends and I made an agreement where we will go to have our things for graduation be blessed by the priest.” I said as I pat his head and look at my brother Vinze as if asking for help but he is just silently chuckling as he watch on the side.

“But-but that Jemar guy will be there. I forbid you; no I’ll lock you here so you won’t go.” He said acting like a child having a tantrum.

He is about to go to the door to lock me when my brother Charles arrives and suddenly tackle him to the ground making Roven starts to protest like a kid.

“Go on Riri, have a fun and enjoy the day. Don’t worry about this knuckle head; we will lock him up here so he won’t follow you around. I already transferred some money to your account so go on spend it all with your friends.” My so reliable big brother Charles said and I nod signing him OK as I run towards the door.

“I’ll be back by 5 or 6; don’t bother waiting for me for dinner.” I said as I run out of the apartment.

Honestly, I have the coolest brothers but also the weirdest. I can still hear my brother Roven screaming inside my room as I open the apartment door to leave. His way too weird right, I mean he is already 27 for crying out loud. But then again, this is why my family is so cool in the highest level.

“Yap, this is why the Carpolyas ARE unique.” I said out of the blue while I happily walk toward the taxi’s waiting area.

I look at my phone when it suddenly rings, I see Sandra’s name so I happily slide the answer button.

“Hey, so where is everyone?” I ask as I hold my sling bag firmly on my shoulder.

I sign one empty taxi and get into the back then told the driver the destination. The driver nods then smiles so I also smiled. After a few more minutes we arrive at the ground of Saint Agnes Church where I see the guys on the side waiting for me holding their own bags. I step out of the taxi after paying the old driver who smiled and greeted me.

‘’Happy Sunday to you miss.’’ He said as I smile and greet him back.

“Right here Riri. Wow, looking good as always girl. Come on the mass is about to start.” Sandra said while I walk towards them.

My eyes got caught towards Jemar who is looking at me with his signature heart melting smile. He walks towards me holding this one stem red rose. Ahmn how sweet and thoughtful, if I’m alone this time I might be jumping in pure happiness.

“U-Umnnn Riri for you. You- you look good.” He said shyly as he rubs his neck using his free hand.

I smile seeing how cute he is acting and his mere presence made my face burns. I swear I see Sandra’s teasing smile as they watch us from behind. So to not embarrass him, I accept the flower and smile shyly. I mean, all my life minus my family only Jemar has given me gifts until this time.

“T-thanks Je, it’s sweet of you to give me this. A-anyway, we better get inside so we can find the perfect spot. Oh! It’s good to see that you made it CJ.” I said looking towards our friend Sheena Rivera’s kind husband.

CJ is a policeman so he rarely has time to come and join us but when he does he always treats us to the restaurants or anything. He is such a good husband and a perfect father to their 3-year-old son. Lucky for Sheena, even though they married out of a one-night mistake causing her to give birth at the age of 19 without graduating, CJ has been kind and patient. He is the one paying Sheena’s tuition fee so she can fulfill her dreams, at first he was doing at out of quilt since because of what happened to them she has to stop for one year until she gives birth. Then Cupid came pointing his arrows at them, they end up falling to each other. What a happy love story. Their son is being cared by CJ’s parents just so they can fulfill their dreams as they make means for their son. Sheena said they married without love but... now bonded together by love. Weird right, for a person like me who haven’t yet experience such kind of love it’s kind of scary and exciting at the same time.

“Oh of course I’ll come, after all these are the times of your lives that are memorable. And, I want to spend it all with Sheena… and with you all.” CJ said looking lovingly to his wife who blushes in embarrassment.

If we are not in front of the church we all must have started throwing teasing remarks at them. But being the teasers we are, every one of us utters our ohhhhhs then followed by ahmnnnns. Sheena and CJ look at each other as they turn brightly red. Honestly they must be as red as tomatoes now, and then we all burst out laughing.

“Good to see you didn’t ditch us this time JR.” I said towards JR, Sandra’s longtime boyfriend.

I swear I see Sandra look away as if she doesn’t care that JR is there with them or she is acting as if he is not there at all. Weird, did they not talk things through?

“Ohhh I am sorry about those times. I got so busy. If Jemar didn’t text me about this, I might have missed it again. Sandra didn’t mention about it so…… I guess it’s my entire fault anyway as to why she didn’t tell me. Sorry guys. You all are finally graduating so what kind of a boyfriend and friend am I if I will not join you all.” JR said looking at Sandra who just turns side way to hide her unpainted expression of dismay and irritation.

“Yah right, whose boyfriend are you? Well, let’s go then.” Sandra said as she walks ahead without waiting for JR who is about to hold her hand.

‘’Babe?’’ JR looks so confuse and hurt.

I got it; Sandra is giving him a cold shoulder. I mean, JR is like a vampire who appears one day and never show up for how long. Text and calls are sometimes irregular. But, I think Sandra is just being aloof. I just hope that they will return to their usual lovey dove couple act that usually made me out of place during our strolls together. The way they are acting now is making me nervous and uneasy at the same time. I wonder how this day will end with this couple giving off an ice cold aura that is making us all feel uncomfortable.

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