Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

By:  Ennaira1011  Completed
Language: English
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Been caught up to the heartbreaks of the normal world Rianne found herself standing to a new world she not knows of. Rianne then journeys with the company of 3 strong warriors she now calls as her friends. Imagine yourself in a world you are not familiar with, a world with those fantasy creatures you only knew in stories and movies. What will you do if you find out that your life will soon experience something you never believed? Feel those confusions; feel in love along the way and travel with people you will soon love and call as your family.This is a journey to a world unknown where all your dreams and hopes come together. The life you wished to have and the fantasies you badly wanted to experience. Come and join Rianne travel into a world unknown to mankind. A world where imaginary creatures exist and battles of survival is a battle to death. In this world we will join three great warriors who will teach us how love can survive against all odds. Be with Rianne as she travels with great warriors and face trials along their way. And join her as she discovers the true meaning of love along this journey. Come journey with her Into the Unknown.

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Lisa Houser
interesting book
2021-06-01 00:16:03
user avatar
Alicia B
loving the story, nice plot and I am waiting for the next chapter. Keep up the GOOD work.
2020-06-28 20:11:15
user avatar
Rehana Siraj
Quite adventurous and loved the way the author narrated everything. Looking forward to read more.
2020-06-21 02:21:58
user avatar
Chibuzor Victor Obih
A great read!
2020-06-19 01:19:07
user avatar
Wee An
Another Fantasy story! Good luck author! Keep up the good work. More power to you. The plot is great! Needs edits but A for effort!
2020-06-05 21:44:43
user avatar
Rian Remy Agustin
oh wow this is an amazing storyyy keep up the great work dear author
2020-05-25 19:21:47
user avatar
................. This story is a story that will bring you to a different world where the impossible are possible. Come and travel with Rianne Carpolya of the modern world and see her change into someone she thought she can never be.... thank you for checking my story and stay well. Love: Author...Ennaira1011 Arianne
2020-05-18 11:55:30
user avatar
Anne Saley
a story of a modern simple woman that is brought to a world she doesn't know of and starts to travel with mystical creatures.... a kind of story that a person like me wants to reads specially when we got bored to typical story of romance, vampires, wolves and others. I hope the author can continue to make the adventure more interesting to.
2020-05-18 11:44:34
user avatar
I love how you narrated it. I also love the storyline. I'm really looking forward for this book. Good job!
2020-06-19 22:48:10
user avatar
Kleyr Tequilla
I just saw something different but this book was interesting.
2020-07-06 01:33:08
86 Chapters
Chapter 1: Odd Mysteries Necklace  
Are you tired of being chained into school and house, house, and school routine? Being unable to do the fun things girls your age do, hang out with friends, clubbing, and partying. Are you always dreaming every night that you will wake up with no more stressing thoughts of going to school and preparing school materials? Being tired and impatient at the same time hoping days will come where you can have all the time for yourself. Well, I feel you. I to have the thoughts about giving up this tiring and boring life but hey! We must have been born for a reason right. One of these days we can have the time we needed badly, all for ourselves. By the way, you all can call me Rianne Carpolya pronounced as Ray Anne. Friends call me Riri pronounced by them as Rayre. I have this long wavy black hair that is longer until to my buttock and I am sure that I inherited it from my mother. I have brownish eyes that I have taken after my father, reddish lips, and fair skin that usually look suntanned du
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Chapter 2: Luxury of Being the Only Girl
I tiredly sit on my bed still thinking about what happened to me in that antique shop. I was taken by surprise when I heard my cellphone suddenly rings so I look at the caller ID to see Sandra’s name. Smiling and excited I slide the answer button then presses the speaker icon. Thinking about the things I needed to fix, I laid the phone on the bed as I change my clothes.“Yow, Riri got home already?” Sandra asks as I change into my house clothes.“Yap, what’s up? Got any news about your BELOVED JR?” I said teasing her; I swear I heard a depressing clicking of tongue from her.While we were roaming the mall the whole day, JR never texted Sandra or even replied her text messages hence the constant whines of Sandra. This is making Sandra think of different negativities. Well, can’t blame my friend for thinking so. JR never messaged and called Sandra for almost 3 days, so typical of him. What’s up with him? I swear I saw Sandra’s phone nearly giving up because of her endless texting and cal
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Chapter 3: The Lover's Quarrel
I look at my reflection into my whole body size mirror checking any abnormality to the clothes I am wearing. I see my grinning brother Vinze who just entered my room and I look at him pouting. He sits on my bed as he looks at me with his signature caring and proud smile then to his cellphone.“You know; time really flies fast. To think you were just a sweet innocent little girl and now look at you. I’m going to break that Jemar’s neck once he makes our little princess cry.” He said with a threat making me smile as I roll my eyes, so dramatic. Now you know what I mean by highly over protective brothers, but I love them that way. It makes our family bonding even tighter than a rope. I love my family the way it is.“Oh please, I’m not that stupid to just give everything to him. I’ll always have a space for a doubt. It’s not like I’m going to marry him now; I still have the time to see if he deserves me. Anyway, how do I look?” I ask as I turn around to show him my whole get up.I’m in th
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Chapter 4: True or Not
Inside the church is so quiet and only the preaching of the priest is heard. We are all sitting on the second floor aisle of the church. Not to mention the coldness of both JR and Sandra on my sides are suffocating, I don’t even know why they suddenly let me sit in-between them when I was supposed to be sitting beside Jemar. Sandra pulled me before JR could follow her to the seats so I end up being in-between them. They don’t talk to each other but I can see the continuous side glancing of JR to look at Sandra who is avoiding him. ‘Oh gosh this is so awkward.’ I said in my mind as I look at the bible in my hand.“Hey, Riri you okay?” I look up to see Jemar looking back at me; they are currently sitting on the chair in front of ours.“I- I think so; don’t worry I’ll be fine.” I whisper back as I beam at him and he smiles back.After the mass and the blessing of our items we decided to hit the road and enjoy the rest of our day at the park. While we are waiting to the others who left ju
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Chapter 5: Graduation Heartbreak
Finally, graduation is here, I’ve already rehearsed everything I will say to Jemar. I am looking at my full reflection looking at the clothes I wore. My mind seems to be unsettled while I think of what will Jemar reaction be. It is like an old film replaying into my mind thus making me nervous even more.“Perfect Riri but… what about that box? What’s in it?” I turn to see my brother Charles walking towards me holding my newly ironed toga.“Ummnnnn oh yes, I nearly forgotten about that.” I said as I open the box to reveal that mysterious necklace I bought from the antique shop. I am looking at it as if a baby chick will pop out of its shell. Somewhat it made me nervous remembering what happened when I touched that necklace and that THING I saw, if not an imagination.“Ohhh, that’s a lovely necklace.” My brother Charles said as he takes the necklace out from its box that I am holding. He unclips the lock and then slides it into my neck from behind. The necklace has this chain lock and
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Chapter 6: Cartilana and Evetora
For almost 30 minutes I was sure I already cried to my limit. My head, my eyes and my heart, they all hurt so badly. “Are- Are you okay, princess?” I thought I heard a small voice said so I look up to see a flying creature flying right in front of my face.‘WHAT ON EARTH! IS this an imagination or not?’ I said to my mind as I amazedly look at this creature.My vision is blurry from my crying but I can see that the creature has an arm, legs and I’m pretty sure it is a girl but tiny. Fairy, that’s the only name I can think of to call it. The one I usually watch and read in fairytale books and movies. She flies towards my face and reach her hand on my forehead. Weird, I can feel her warmth and I feel safe. She smiles then wipes my wet cheek using her tiny hand.“Come on princess; don’t wallow in pain just for a guy who does not deserve you.” I heard her say as she look at me, I’m still daze as I process in my mind if I’m starting to get delusional OR if she does really exist and I am see
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Chapter 7: The Shabby Rundown House
I don’t know but… the beautiful scenery calmed me and it made me feel so welcomed. I thought for sure that this is just a dream but the smell, the touch of the wind to my skin and the soft melody of nature around me is telling me that everything is true. I feel like I am really Alice in wonderland, this must be how Alice felt being in a mysterious world no one knows that exists. If I go around in my normal world telling people of seeing all these, they will call me crazy. I hope I won’t encounter dangers here that I can’t handle though; I’m crossing my fingers on that. “He-Hey ahmnnn Lana, can- can you tell me something about this place, Evetora right?” I ask still overwhelmed and perplexed by the wonderful sight before me.‘Is this real or not, if so how on earth does it exist and no one even know of it? Are we still in the same world and time or just an imaginative world wherein I’ll just wake up one day then think that all is just a dream created by my mind.’ Questions keep on com
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Chapter 8: Evening in Evetora-Wankaka bird
I am shock upon entering the old house, Lana is happily swaying as she looks into my reaction.“Wow- Wow Lana, this place is.....”“Amazing right? In this way you won’t feel unsafe and afraid staying in here? It looks ugly and scary outside but inside is different. Plus I assure you that inside is so safe for both us.” Lana said happily.“H-how did you know how to make something like this, I mean......”“Mostly, I used my magic and designed it to what I have seen and observed in your world like those kitchen styles and the living room. The appliances and furniture are also from the normal world... your world. I thought, this might make you feel a little better. Being on a different world and place is scary; I’ve been there so I know how you feel. So…… is it okay?” Lana said looking like a cute child asking for her mother’s permission.“I love it, it’s perfect. Thank you for doing this for me, I will be fine so you should not worry about me.” I said as I look around the inside of the ho
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Chapter 9: Evetora and the 4 Kingdoms
I watch Lana as she happily hums while she prepares the ingredients for this special dish as to what she calls it. I don’t know but all the ingredients she has collected are leaves and some black berries in a size of cherries if it in our world world. I think that is like the counter part of pepper. I tried tasting it and… my gosh! It’s way too spicy and bitter.“Lana, can you tell me everything about Evetora while you’re at that?” I ask her bored as I play with the fruit I have taken from the basket that has this yellow and green color in a shape and size of an apple.“Of course Princess, let see…… where should I start? Ahhhh yes, Evetora is what we call this world but it is divided into 4 kingdoms. One is from the East which is the Kingdom of Comios now fallen under the hand of some evil people from the dark kingdom of Lebron which is in the north. Then on the west side is the kingdom of Pentellos where magical creatures are mostly residing. Then we have the kingdom of Eurie which is
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Chapter 10: Embarrassing Moment
We have been staying in this wrecked looking house for 4 days now, surviving by the aid of the forest and Lana’s magical powers. Lana already explained to me the minor details about Evetora and everything that I need to know to survive here like: the use of money here which is by jewels and worth are determined by their colors, use of medicinal plants and other information useful for me to survive.“This falls is so pretty.” I said looking up to the beautiful waterfalls.It is already high noon when Lana showed me this place where we can bath. The water is like sparkling diamonds and so magical with this rainbow colors it makes as it hits the ground. “I know right, see I told you that you will like it here. Any way you can go on and bath while I look for something we can eat. Let’s have a lovely picnic here, would that be okay?” Lana said holding this basket that she places on the rock as she laid a blanket on the ground before carefully placing on the center the properly folded towel
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