Chapter 80: the marriage proposal

I am holding this big old magic book as I walk out of the library and into the hallway. My mind is still preoccupied with what I find out. I look at the whole place and take a deep breath. I had used 3 days in looking into the pile of books in the library. I also know that the rebuilding is nearly done. I walk towards the kitchen to see the servants busy preparing for diner. Lana is also there helping and happily chatting with one of the male cook.

“Oh Riri you are here. Here come and taste this. I like the way they cook it so I came to learn how it was cooked. I once saw Wei eating it so happily so I thought I should learn it.” Lana said as she came towards me holding a plate.

I smile as I taste the food Lana is handing me. I smile tasting that she is right. Lana looks at me then to the book I am holding. She slowly laid the plate on the table and then pulls me silently until we are outside and in the garden area where there are no people. I can see that the rebuilding is already fini
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