Chapter 6: Cartilana and Evetora

For almost 30 minutes I was sure I already cried to my limit. My head, my eyes and my heart, they all hurt so badly.

“Are- Are you okay, princess?” I thought I heard a small voice said so I look up to see a flying creature flying right in front of my face.

‘WHAT ON EARTH! IS this an imagination or not?’ I said to my mind as I amazedly look at this creature.

My vision is blurry from my crying but I can see that the creature has an arm, legs and I’m pretty sure it is a girl but tiny. Fairy, that’s the only name I can think of to call it. The one I usually watch and read in fairytale books and movies. She flies towards my face and reach her hand on my forehead. Weird, I can feel her warmth and I feel safe. She smiles then wipes my wet cheek using her tiny hand.

“Come on princess; don’t wallow in pain just for a guy who does not deserve you.” I heard her say as she look at me, I’m still daze as I process in my mind if I’m starting to get delusional OR if she does really exist and I am seeing her for real.

“Yes, I’m real and you’re seeing me. We’ve meet before when you have been chosen to be MY master. Remember…… in that antique shop? The light and then the blood from your finger?” she said and I gasp still dazed.

“I- I can’t believe this.” I utter still in daze making her giggle.

“It’s okay, everyone does.” She said.

The sound of it is calming and divine. I look at her then slowly rub my finger tip into her tiny leg.

“My god! It IS true!” I utter in disbelief as she giggles in amusement.

“By the way princess, you can call me Cartilana and I’ am your official protector and guide. So, would you like us to go now?” she said and she slowly flies right in front of my face.

She has this long wavy brownish hair with greenish highlights that reaches her hips, greenish eyes and pinkish lips. She is wearing this tiny cute greenish dress that looks like a flower. Her wings are translucent that I can see the rainbow color like when you blow some bubbles. She is barefooted and is smiling sweetly at me.

“Where?” I asked still confusion as I rub my aching eyes.

“Evetora… Evetora, a place in which supernatural beings resides. Together with the people who accepts the existence of supernatural entities. Evetora is the world in the center of the normal world or your world and the realms of the gods. It’s a place so beautiful that you will feel relaxed. LET’S GO! What do you say?!” Cartilana said still confusing me.

I look around me then casually pinch my other hand to make sure I’m not dreaming or imagining things. I mean a fairy? Really? In this modern world where we thought everything can be explained by science and rational thinking? Fairies DON’T EXIST.  Cartilana look at me sadly as she flaps her beautiful wings.

“Princess, just come with me. I promise, you will enjoy being in Evetora. Don’t worry about what you will leave behind, they will be just fine. I mean, princess? Do you still want to stay in this place and continue crying over THAT guy? At least you will have time to forget about him if you come with me to Evetora. O-or do you want to face him, now? He is about to come right here.” This tiny creature who introduced herself to me as Cartilana said making me look around and surely Jemar is just a few meters away from where I am.

“RIRI! Riri please answer me. I- I want to talk to you please!” he calls from where I can see him.

I see him holding those 3 stem red roses that I drop when I saw him and MJ. He is looking around while he walks towards my hiding direction. I CAN’T face him, my tears starts to fall once again upon remembering what happened. I swear I can hear everyone calling my name but the pain, it is too much. I look at the tiny winged fairy in front of me who is also looking at Jemar’s direction.

“What will happen if I’ll come with you? Will I be alone there? Will I be safe and forget what happened here?” I ask looking at her as she starts again to giggle that it sounded like giggling bells.

“Silly, of course you will. And don’t worry; I’ll be with you always. I have the magic to keep you safe and you will have the powers you will need to survive in Evetora. Are you... are you coming?” Cartilana said softly as she flies in front of me.

Unsure and still unbelieving I look around but seeing that Jemar sees me and is walking towards me. The pain returned so with heavy heart I look to Cartilana and smile even though I’m still unsure to myself.

“Take me away from here, please.” I said softly and with a giggle Cartilana flick her hand then the necklace I wore starts to glow really bright.

I swear I can still hear Jemar calling my name and the soft giggling of Cartilana. Then suddenly the once noisy background from the happy graduates changes into this sound of the wind’s shhhhh and the rustles of some leaves.

“Princess you can open your eyes now.” I heard Cartilana said so I slowly open my eyes.

My jaws drop as I look at the most wonderful and amazing scenery I’ve seen in my entire life. I am standing on a hill with different blooming flowers on the meadow just below me. A cluster of houses distance away from the mountain where I stood catches my eyes. On the middle of the houses stands a lovely castle. I look behind me to see trees and flying birds. I immediately rub my forehead when i feel that I am dizzy and that the air around me seems a little bit weird for me to breath.

Cartilana flies and stops just in front of my face while her beautiful wings flap behind her. Her wings create this tiny rainbow path when she will fly on different directions.

“Princess, I officially welcome you to Evetora. Did you like it?” Cartilana said and I look down towards the tiny looking clusters of houses.

“Stop calling me princess. My name is Rianne Carpolya, my friends call me Riri. Calling me Princess makes it look like I am in a dream or illusion with all of these.” I said as I still look into this clusters of house from afar.

“Then I’ll call you Princess Riri when we are alone and Riri when we are in presence of others. That’s more fitting and catchy.” Cartilana said making me sigh in defeat.

I look at my surroundings then inhale the cold fresh air. It’s like for few minutes inhaling the air here it seem like I am starting to get used to it. That heavy feeling I have felt as I breathe the air a little while ago is slowly subsiding. It’s been a while since I feel calm like this. It makes me feel like I’m Alice in Alice in Wonderland; the place is so animatedly amazing and mysterious.

“H-hey Cartilana is it okay if I’ll just call you Lana, Cartilana is way too long for me to pronounce.” I ask as I still look at the amazing scenery that surrounds me.

I heard Cartilana giggles as the wind blows. I feel my toga flying behind me and the cold wind getting into my dress making me shiver.

“That will be fine Princess Riri.” She said as I look at her and smile.

“Can- can I ask you, why me? Why of all people why did you choose me?” I ask as I look at her.

She looks at me then smiles sweetly. She then point at my neck so I look at it to see the mysterious necklace I wore. My eyes widen seeing the stones of the pendant now blinking with their consecutive colors. As if a magic happens the necklace starts to move and now tightly lock into my neck as it changes in shape and appearance. The necklace is now like a Queen’s expensive necklace I usually see on movies with this beautiful glimmering stones and such.

“It wasn’t me who has chosen you before. That necklace chose you; I am bound to serve the one chosen by the necklace. It only chooses those with pure innocence and true hearts. Meaning you have the heart that cannot be tainted by darkness, thus making you pure.  Evetora needs you Princess Riri.” Cartilana said making me frown; I don’t really understand what she meant to say.

But.... what is more important to me now is that I can have time to clear my head and gather my composure again. I only thought that what happened to me and Jemar is created by destiny, thinking like that..... I know in my heart that I can forgive him and that I understand. Maybe when the time comes I might tell him all that and face him. BUT, not this time yet. I must have made him wait for so long. Like I said before... long time relationships can make the heart astray. I only need time to settle my emotions so I won’t say things that may hurt us both. I only hope that they are all doing fine without me back in the normal world.

But.... what is waiting for me in this place? I know there is more to it why Cartilana brought me here. Why she said that THIS necklace chose me? Can I survive a place I know nothing about or might I regret ever coming here?

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