Chapter 9: Evetora and the 4 Kingdoms

I watch Lana as she happily hums while she prepares the ingredients for this special dish as to what she calls it. I don’t know but all the ingredients she has collected are leaves and some black berries in a size of cherries if it in our world world. I think that is like the counter part of pepper. I tried tasting it and… my gosh! It’s way too spicy and bitter.

“Lana, can you tell me everything about Evetora while you’re at that?” I ask her bored as I play with the fruit I have taken from the basket that has this yellow and green color in a shape and size of an apple.

“Of course Princess, let see…… where should I start? Ahhhh yes, Evetora is what we call this world but it is divided into 4 kingdoms. One is from the East which is the Kingdom of Comios now fallen under the hand of some evil people from the dark kingdom of Lebron which is in the north. Then on the west side is the kingdom of Pentellos where magical creatures are mostly residing. Then we have the kingdom of Eurie which is
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