Chapter 22: In the Hot Spring

Vlash and I are too silent as we descend the stairs; Vlash is silently following behind me making me so nervous and uncomfortable at the same time. When we turn to walk pass by the dining area where Wei meet us and blocks my path Vlash just stand behind me watching and waiting for any threat.

“Hello my new sister Riri, you remember your promise? Who is the new bodyguard?” Wei said jokingly at me making me sigh in relief.

The silence between me and Vlash is killing me. It is nice to have someone who can make the atmosphere lighter. I smile as I look at Wei; I glance back at Vlash to see him calmly looking at Wei as he stands behind me. Well, at least he is not acting like Leo the other day.

“Ahmnn this is Vlashmere, Vlash this is ahmnn Hawei Vancov. I- I think I have to take a bath first before we can go out like we have planned to. Can I?” I said as I look outside the open door of the inn.

“I heard you say that so take this as a gift. I heard you are leaving by tomorrow? Take care of
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