Chapter 25: You have magic in you.

“Riri, where- where did you get that dagger? I never saw you with that before?” I look up to see Flora and see her standing in front of me as I sat on the bed wiping the dagger’s blade with a white satin cloth.

“U-Uhmnnn it was given to me as a gift by our kind host Sir Hulio. I met him on his store when I got separated with everyone a little while ago.” I said as I look at the mysterious dagger in my hand.

“That seems to be a magical dagger. Be careful when using magical weapons. They tend to go against their wielder when their magic isn’t controlled really well.” Flora said making me look at the dagger.

“I think it is okay for her to have that. She can use it to defend herself. Riri don’t need to control that weapon’s magic since it seems that the weapon has chosen her.” Lana said making me look at her.

“It’s a little baffling that a magical weapon choses her. It’s so rare when a magical weapon choses someone who is none magic user as their owner. I guess you are right; we can’t let
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