You're Not Like Her!

   "So..? I've been waiting since so many time. Just talk already!"Cody said in frustration as he pulled on his hair. 

  "Okay, okay. I'll talk"I took a deep breath"So you don't know why we went to the hospital today."

  "No I don't"he shook his head. 

  "Well, it's because doctor Riven wan-"

  "Oh you mean River cow!"he laughed. 

  "Why do you call him by that?"

  "Because his name is like River and he is stupid as a cow" he shrugged his shoulders innocently. 

  "And how do you know cows are stupid?"I raised my eyebrows teasingly. 

   "The moment I laid my eyes on him, I just knew it"I laughed at his words. What a funny boy! I thought I was the only one who didn't like that doctor.  

  "Oh I remember! You shouldn't have talked with that lady in the hospital like that! You sounded so impolite"I scolded him. 

  "What! Didn't you hear what she said! She meant that you're a cabaret lady just like mom! And you're not like her" he argued. 

  "Hey! Lower your voice and don't talk to me like that. You really should start respecting older people"I scowled, trying to forget what he said. I knew that he would never forget what my mom's work was and I was right. 

  He sighed in surrender and said "Okay sorry for that."

  "What I want to talk to you about is the reason for the test the doctor made"he nodded as I kept going"It's for you. We needed to know if you're sick or not"I said it with so much hesitation in my voice. 

  "But I don't have a high fever"he touched his forehead and shook his head again negatively. 

  "It's not about a high fever. You're not going to be in pain, it's not even a dangerous disease"I lied. I tried so hard to control my tears back while finding the simplest way to tell him about it. "I will just donate the bone marrow for y-you and you'll be f-fine"I stuttered. 

  "Does that mean I'm not fine now?"he asked as his eyebrows were furrowed. He showed me his muscles and pointed at them like he had strong and big ones. 

  I chuckled at his nonsense and forced a smile"No, it's not like that. You're such a strong little boy who can fight everything. This disease is so simple so that means you'll be okay"

  He stood up and murmured something that left me in shock "Carmen, don't lie. Don't lie to me just like mom did"then he walked away. 

  I finally let out my tears fall down as Niagara Falls. I would do anything to protect him. Anything and at any cost. 

  I felt miserable. Why should everything bad in this awful life always happen to me? Am I destined to never live a happy day? God, please help us, please. Cure Cody and let him be healthy again. I can't take it anymore. This little boy shouldn't endure so many things in his life. It's too much for him!

  "Car!"he ran up to me and wiped my tears away"Please don't cry. Today is Monday, meaning it's the interview day. It's from 3:30 pm to 6 and now it's only 11 am. You have to look good and make a good impression on them. I'm sure they'll accept you. Do you agree on going?"I looked into his eyes and took the old newspaper from his hands. I took a last look at it and decided. 

  "I will go tomorrow"I nodded my head at him as his two jewels sparkled in joy. How I wish to always see them like that. 

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