Addicted to Loving You: The Paranoid and Domineering Boss's Convicted Wife

Addicted to Loving You: The Paranoid and Domineering Boss's Convicted Wife

By:  Gu family's Little Bamboo  Completed
Language: English
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Ling Yiran had been sentenced to three years in prison due to the car accident that killed the fiancée of Yi Jinli, the richest man in Shen City. When released from prison, she somehow ended up catching the attention of Yi Jinli. She kneeled on the ground and begged him, "Yi Jinli, can you let me go?" But he only smiled and said, "Sister, I will never let you go." It was said that Yi Jinli was completely indifferent to anyone and everyone, but for some reason, he did everything he could to please a sanitation worker girl who had been in prison for the past three years. However, the truth of the car accident that year had robbed her of all her love for him, and she ran away. Many years later, he begged her while on the ground, "Yiran, as long as you return by my side, I will do anything for you." But she only stared at him coldly and said, "Then, go die."

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2890 Chapters
Chapter 1
With fingernails torn off by cold tweezers, she was completely swallowed up by intense pain, which was like a fierce beast with its bloody mouth wide open.A few women in prison uniforms were pressing down a struggling gaunt woman in the same prison uniform.Ling Yiran could only watch as her fingernails were ripped out one by one. The musty smell in the cell mixed with the blood flowing from her fingertips was disgusting."The best newcomer lawyer in the past is now nothing more than a pile of mud." A cold and harsh voice sounded above Ling Yiran's head.She raised her head desperately and looked at the charming face in front of her. Who would have thought that the popular star, who those in the film and television circle believed to be more innocent than a lotus, was so vicious?"Hao Yimeng, why?" she asked in a trembling voice."You killed my sister! How dare you ask why?" Hao Yimeng said with a sneer. With extremely vicious eyes, even the corner of her mouth revealed bone-pie
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Chapter 2
"Sh*t! The man before me is merely a common passerby wearing poor clothes, so why do I feel terrified?"Sun Tengyang spat and wanted to directly punch the passerby.However, the next moment, the passerby trampled on Sun Tengyang, whose face was tightly close to the ground. How poor Sun Tengyang was!The other two men saw this and hurried to beat up this passerby who had suddenly appeared.Immediately after, all Ling Yiran could see was the passerby beating the three men. It was quite a brutal scene.Not far from there was a car in a secluded corner of the intersection. Sitting in the car, Gao Congming saw what had happened before him and prayed, mumbling, "Young Master Yi had better not go crazy!"If Young Master Yi did something crazy, the result would be terrifying and unexpected. It would not be strange if he were to kill someone.Gao Congming had witnessed his crazy behavior before. Moreover, he did not want to encounter it again for the rest of his life.Tonight, the road
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Chapter 3
"Are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat," she said. She hadn't seen him eat anything today when she was cleaning the road.Ling Yiran threw some noodles and eggs into the pot to make a simple bowl of noodles for him."Here, eat, but don't eat too fast. It's quite hot," she said.He lowered his head and ate his noodles quietly. Ling Yiran also stared at him in silence. For some reason, the loneliness that she used to feel whenever she just returned to the apartment seemed to have disappeared. Could it be due to the presence of another person in the room?After he had finished eating, Ling Yiran cleaned up the plates. "I usually sleep with the lights on. I hope you don't mind," she said. Ever since she was released from prison, she had gotten into the habit of keeping the lights on while sleeping."Sure."Ling Yiran lay down on the bed, while he lay on the mat she had spread on the ground.She closed her eyes and tried hard to fall asleep. She did not know when it started,
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Chapter 4
Ling Luoyin's face changed just as Ling Guozhi’s vicious slap landed on Ling Yiran’s face."What are you talking about! You drove a car into someone else and were locked up in jail because of it. Our entire family was put to shame because of you. You don't have a future anymore. Do you want to ruin your sister's future as well?" Ling Guozhi scolded.His eyes were full of disgust for his older daughter. When he thought back to the time when his family had been able to make connections with the Xiao family, and the amount of respect his relatives and friends had had to give him back then, he couldn't help despising her for what she did.Ling Yiran's cheeks hurt so much and it was like they were on fire, but her expression remained calm, as if she didn't care at all."I originally just wanted to offer some incense for my mother, but now it seems that there is no need for me to do it here. I won't step foot in this house ever again."After saying this, Ling Yiran turned around and lef
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Chapter 5
"Because..." She swallowed what was left of the steamed bun she was holding as she waited for him to finish his sentence.The taste of these steamed buns was subpar. In the past, she probably would not have liked them, but now, the taste was secondary. The most important thing for her was to fill her stomach."We are the same kind of people. We've both been abandoned by others and can only look for a living on the bottom-most rung of society. No one will want people like us, and no one will care about us, but at least we can keep each other warm. I can care about you, and you can also care about me, right?"Her smile at him contained a bit of hope, desire, and also some uncertainty."Is that so? It seems that we really are the same kind of people..." he muttered. His gaze was like that of a hunter watching a small animal fall into his trap as he heard her say that. Perhaps the days were really becoming too boring for him. He could easily get whatever he wanted with a wave of his ha
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Chapter 6 & 7
Ling Yiran replied, "I don't need your compliments."Under the influence of alcohol, Assistant Director He rushed towards Ling Yiran and slapped her right in her face, then said, "If I want you to drink, then drink. Why are you acting all high and mighty when you’re just a failure?!"As he spoke, he took the bottle of alcohol and poured it into Ling Yiran's mouth.Ling Yiran wanted to push him away, but a man's strength was much greater than a woman's, not to mention that Ling Luoyin was helping him from the side.Assistant Director He was grateful for Ling Luoyin's help and said, "Luoyin, you're still smart. I'll talk to the director and give you more screen time."Naturally, Ling Luoyin put in even more effort. "Thank you, Assistant Director He. My sister isn't smart, so please be understanding."Ling Yiran didn't know how much wine she had been forced to drink. Her alcohol tolerance wasn't good, and at that moment, she already felt a little intoxicated. She tried to hold on to
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Chapter 8
It was just that he wouldn't get back until 9 o'clock in the evening. Ling Yiran was worried that something would happen, but he didn't have a mobile phone so she couldn't even make a phone call to contact him.Ling Yiran went out of the rental apartment and then to the entrance of the residential community. She kept looking around, hoping to find the figure she was hoping to see as soon as possible.After God-knows how long, she finally saw a familiar figure walking towards her."Jin!" Seeing him approach, she finally heaved a sigh of relief.Yi Jinli looked at the figure that was rushing towards him and could not help but be slightly startled.He looked at her as she ran over to him. She was panting slightly, her face completely red from the cold, and yet her Almond Eyes were bright."Great, you're finally back," she said."Sister, are you... waiting for me?" he looked at her and asked. He gently touched her cheeks, and the coldness seeped into his fingertips. It seemed that s
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Chapter 9
After coming out of the hospital, Gao Congming said, "Young Master Yi, do you want to go back to the mansion, or...?""Let's go back to the Western District," Yi Jinli said faintly.The Western District was where Ling Yiran's rental room was. Gao Congming didn't know how long his own superior was planning to stay in that small rental room.On the way to the Western District, at a traffic light intersection, Gao Congming suddenly noticed something. "Young Master Yi, Miss Ling Yiran is on the side of the road."Yi Jinli turned his head slightly and saw a slender figure sweeping the garbage with a broom at the side of the road.She was wearing a fluorescent work suit with a simple ponytail. Because of the cold weather, every breath she exhaled was accompanied by white vapor.At this moment, an electric bike sped by, trying to catch the green light. It bumped into Ling Yiran’s leg and made her fall to the ground.However, the person riding the electric bike didn't stop but simply ro
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Chapter 10
"As long as you don't do anything illegal, why would I be disappointed?" she asked as she put on her socks and shoes again. Then, she got up and walked towards the small square table.He smiled and looked at her back. His eyes flashed and he whispered to himself, "Well, sister, I really hope you won't be disappointed in the future."—Since that night at the club, Ling Luoyin had been feeling anxious. After all, Assistant Director He's attitude that day had been really odd. And the next day, Assistant Director He had not shown up at work. After another day, the director had even been changed.As for the reason, no one in the film crew could seem to explain it. However, for some reason, Ling Luoyin felt that the change of the film's director had something to do with Assistant Director He. When she thought about it some more, she became afraid that it had something to do with Ling Yiran.Then, a few days later, when she heard Assistant Director He had been hospitalized and that his
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Chapter 11
Ling Guozhi, Fang Cuie, and Ling Luoyin looked at each other hesitantly.Fang Cuie was about to curse but was suddenly stopped by Ling Guozhi. "Come on. Perhaps the man was released from prison as well! There are all kinds of people in prison. Who knows why this man had been sentenced to jail?"Hearing this, Fang Cuie said awkwardly after a long while, "Then shall we just let it go?"Ling Guozhi hesitated for a moment and said, "Let's wait. If that Assistant Director He holds Luoyin accountable in the future, then we'll think of other ways." He didn't have the courage to come in and challenge the man now.Ling Luoyin frowned on the side. "Had the man just now really... really been in prison?" Although she could not see very clearly since the man's eyes were covered by his bangs, she could still notice that he was good-looking.Particularly for some reason, she felt that the man looked somewhat familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere before.Or was this man also a member of the
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