Carmen's Diary

Carmen's Diary

By:  Phoenix Redstone  Ongoing
Language: English
4 ratings
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Carmen Anderson is an orphan, broken and suffering on the streets doing whatever she has to in order to feed and take care of her little brother Cody.After finding out that he has a deadly disease, the life she used to know just doesn't feel the same. Her tricks to put food on the table wont work anymore and she's going to have to stand on her own two feet and face the world from a whole new viewpoint.Adrian Romano is an Italian actor who's famous for his mysterious ways, and he has his eyes set on Carmen when she wanders onto his path. Like a bloodhound, he's determined to learn her big secret.

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Chibuzor Victor Obih
Lovely diary
2020-07-11 18:16:44
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Apratyashita Thakur
It was a great experience reading this story. I especially love the part when Adrian finds out Carmen's truth❤❤
2020-07-05 21:13:37
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Rehana Siraj
amazing plot. felt so sad reading about careman. these bullies are horrible.
2020-06-25 21:53:59
user avatar
Apratyashita Thakur
An amazing story written in a wonderful manner. Can't wait to read more❤❤❤
2020-06-25 21:19:34
30 Chapters
    "Do you want any book from the library?"I smiled as I looked at Cody, my little brother. He was only 8 years old and already carried a lot of problems on his shoulders.       "Yes! Yes! Yes!"he shouted excitedly and gave me his silly toothy smile.       We don't pay for the books. We have a ticket and when we show it to the librarian, he gives us the approval to borrow  maximum eight books for the whole week.       We were near the library so I suggested to take him there. He was such a bookworm. I also loved reading a lot, so this ticket was all our lives.      "I miss Simba. Should we give her a visit"I heard a long dramatic gasp which made me break in a fits of laughter "You're a drama king, Coco"I saw him frown and knew exactly why he was an
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Be An Actress?
      Cody loved mac n cheese. As I was cooking it for him, he came running to the kitchen with a magazine hanging from his hands.       "Didn't you say you need to work? Well here's a new work for you, it's better than being a waitress, I'm sure they'll give you more money!"he smiled excitedly.      I frowned and took the magazine from him. I looked at where he was pointing to and laughed. As I kept on reading, I felt intrigued.       "But they want a tall, pretty and skinny girl"I pouted childishly.       "You are so pretty, just like me! You are also so skinny just like a tissue and you are tall, I hate having neck aches when I have to look at you"he said exaggerating the last part. I chuckled at his words and sat on the kitchen stairs. 
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Parkinson Disease
Carmen's pov I looked at Cody's angelic face as he was sleeping peacefully. "Oh my poor brother, it's so heartbreaking to see you like that. I wish you are always this peaceful. Either awake or asleep"I muttered to myself. "Miss"I heard someone say. I raised my head and smiled weakly at the doctor"I have something to tell you. Please come with me to my office"I nodded and glanced at Cody before leaving his hand hesitantly. We walked to his office and I sat down in front of his desk. "I'm not so sure about the results here but we have to make some tests"he looked at me seriously. "Tests for what?" "Parkinson. There is a high chance he might have it. A person has Parkinson when they have weakness in their blood. Patients of this disease need a surgery to be saved. The first symptom is getting dizzy which I think happened to your brother and that's why he fell and hit his head. If the donation surgery didn't happen in the right time, the patien
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But It's Saturday
   Bright sunlight poured in through the window and washed over Carmen's face. The warmth of her skin slowly lured her from her deep sleep. Her eyelids parted only to slam shut, blocking her brilliant light. The 24 year old rose and propped herself up on one elbow. She slowly rubbed her eyes with her free hand. Squinting, she let her eyes get accustomed to the sunlight - the very bright sunlight.   Too Bright!  What time is it? She must have overslept. Cody must be late to school.    Carmen swung her legs off the bed "Why didn't Cody wake me?"She asked herself as she stumbled out of the tangle of sheets. She rushed to the bathroom and washed her face and dried it before walking out.   Carmen stopped and looked around her bedroom. Where was Cod
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I Hate Hospitals
Carmen's pov  "Cody relax!"I wiped his tears away as the nurse was holding his hands tightly.   "It doesn't hurt, sweetheart. Calm down"Riven, the doctor said. I smiled gratefully at him as I was hugging Cody. He was thrashing around and sobbing loudly. I've never seen him like that.   Riven finally took a sample of Cody's blood after he had calmed down.   Then, I asked the doctor privately"Is headache one of the symptoms?"  He glanced at me for some moments before shaking his head "No, it's not. Unless I would've told you"I released a sigh of relief"Why do you ask?Has he been getting a lot of headaches lately?"  "No. He just had a headache this morning. I'm just so worried, that's why."
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It Can't Be
Episode 6:It Can't Be Carmen sat on the sofa, still waiting for a call from Riven. She jumped in her place as the clock struck midnight and made a quiet sound. She was so worried about her little brother that she was deciding on spending the night waiting for an answer from the doctor. Why hasn't he send me a text yet? Would the results be out by now? Would he call me if they are? I mean it's midnight so I don't think so she tried to think normally. She huffed and sat there for a couple more minutes. Her eyes weren't as wide anymore, they kept on blinking each second. Finally, her body unconsciously dropped on the couch and she fell into a dreamless sleep. **** Her body jerked up as she screamed "Little mouse, I'm going to catch you"she stood up as her senses came back to her again. Mouse? She was going to catch a mouse? What the hell was she possibly dreaming about?! She rubbed her eyes and dragged herself to her room. She entered the bathroom and did her d
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You're Not Like Her!
   "So..? I've been waiting since so many time. Just talk already!"Cody said in frustration as he pulled on his hair.   "Okay, okay. I'll talk"I took a deep breath"So you don't know why we went to the hospital today."  "No I don't"he shook his head.   "Well, it's because doctor Riven wan-"  "Oh you mean River cow!"he laughed.   "Why do you call him by that?"  "Because his name is like River and he is stupid as a cow" he shrugged his shoulders innocently.   "And how do you know cows are stupid?"I raised my eyebrows teasingly.    "The moment I laid my eyes on him, I just knew it"
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Meeting Adrian
   Carmen stared at her reflection in the mirror as her little brother was standing proudly beside her. She took in a deep breath and tried to believe that she was looking at her own self. In fact, she looked gorgeous.   "Cody, I-I look..."she searched a lot for the right word when Cody spoke.   "Hot! Yes you look hot!"he said with his cute high tone innocently.   His sister laughed at him "Pfft no! Not hot but I look pretty"she returned back to the mirror. Her white blouse with small flower on it brightened the color of her eyes. The elegant-somehow wide dark red pants made her legs look taller and the six black buttons on the upper part of the pants, three on the right and three on the left was the best part of the pants. Cody has picked his mom's black heels and gave him to her. She teared up a bit when she sa
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First Fight
   Carmen stormed out of the room as she blew some strands of hair away from her face. She looked at the fake Barbie who had a smirk on her face. She suddenly felt like beating the hell out of her.   She jogged towards her and proceeded to grab her from her hair. "You're a stupid fake b*tch!"she screamed at her. She was shocked she had cursed for the first time ever. What was happening to her?  She yanked the girl backwards and threw her on the floor. She backed her leg behind her and pushed it forward harshly, making it hit the fake blondie’s back.    All of the women including the secretary were shocked, the latter tried to hold fuming Carmen back but she just ended in being pushed away. The lady on the floor kept screaming for help as Carmen was throwing punches at her face. 
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No Nagging Sign
   Carmen watched in amazement as the waiters filled the table with food.   "All this food for only the two of us?"she pointed at the super long table and looked at every plate as her eyes were glowing.   "We can eat as much as we want"Adrian shrugged and dug his fork in the pancake on the plate in front of his.   "Then leave a lot of food to get thrown, wow how awesome"she said sarcastically with a hint of annoyance in her voice which didn't go unnoticed by Adrian. She's still the same I see he thought.   "Enough nagging, just eat. Do I need to tell the manager to change the 'no smoking' sign to 'no nagging'?"She was shocked to the fact that a stranger was literally making fun of her.   "
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