He lifted me gently and carried me to the bed. He tucked me in and then climbed in next to me.

"Get some rest, Sophie. I love you." He kissed me goodnight, and I fell asleep feeling better than I had in…forever.

The next day at school, I cautiously approached Simon. He was standing with his arm around Terry. He was being the attentive, sweet boy that he had been to me when we'd first gotten together.

"Can we talk?" I asked softly.

"Where's Jackson?"

"With Ellie and Ronald. He doesn't need to be here for this. This is about us."

"There is no us anymore, Sophie."

"Look, can I please just have a minute? I'm not asking for much, Simon, just a minute. Please?"

"Just go, Simon," Terry said, shoving him lightly. "Go."

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