Chapter Forty-Nine


“Shhhh, just watch the movie.” Stolas said as he trailed his fingers underneath the strap of her dress. A grin spreading across his face as he grabbed a few more pieces of popcorn and tossed them into his mouth. He looked up at the screen, watching the beginning of the movie.

Annie pressed her lips together as she turned her eyes towards the screen.  Candy’s warm breath moved over her inner thigh as she moved her hands under Annie’s knees, pulling her down lower so she could have better access.  

Candy’s fingers ghosting over her skin, making Annie let out a whimper as she brought her hand up her cover her mouth.  

Candy smiled as she brought her hand up closer to Annie’s core, her fingers barely touching her as she hooked her fingers into the crotch of the thin material. Pulling the satin out of

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They are too cute
goodnovel comment avatar
Sharlène Blanco-Eduarda
Dude, I love this sooo much, thanks for the bonus❤
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Yanik 82
the story isnt over is it?

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