Wild and Untamed

Wild and Untamed

By:  Jane Knight  Completed
Language: English
93 ratings
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***Sequel to Wild and Blood Thirsty***" Can a devil love someone?" Annie asked as she looked up at Stolas through lowered lashes."Why don't you come and find out?" Stolas smirked as he wrapped an arm around her mate. Candy felt her heart beat quicker at the demons touch as Annie glanced at her nervously biting her lower lip.*** Candy knew from the moment she saw Annie that she was her mate, there was just one problem. Stolas had taken an interest in her as well, but can she compete with a devil? Or will he want to join in?Please copy/paste the link to read my interview with Goodnovel: https://tinyurl.com/y3nxgn96

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Loved the series. So glad I was able to find this sequel here on Good Novel. Great work from this author.
2024-04-07 21:52:26
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Jen Fernandez
Where can we find wild and bloodthirsty??
2022-05-29 02:24:31
default avatar
Where can I find wild and blood thirsty?
2022-04-24 08:22:06
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Vivian Bundalian-M
Engaging characters. Grammar is also better than other stories
2021-06-20 19:31:02
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Roshna Shyamaju
well how can I gain coin here I got no coin to continue reading
2021-05-25 22:41:19
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Lilo Sanz
Such a great book 📖
2021-02-02 23:28:16
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Rachael 003
You can't read one Gotta have them all🤗
2021-01-30 03:45:26
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Beth Wiles
Fabulous, kept me coming back for more
2021-01-19 02:34:39
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I can’t find the first book ‘wild and blood thirsty’. I search for it but nothing pops up.
2020-12-04 00:40:58
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Lisa B
its great! where is Her trapped dragon. I can't find it :(
2020-11-26 11:34:53
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Des'rae Davis
loved it!!
2020-11-23 04:20:04
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Tiffany Cottrell
I love how you tied all the books together. I hope we get more.. cuz I need it
2020-11-16 01:12:32
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Such a great series! Need the rest of them!
2020-11-11 10:18:52
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Gotta say I'm in love
2020-11-06 22:45:18
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love your books. thanks for writing really good stories. cant wait for the next book. keep it up!
2020-11-05 06:42:41
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57 Chapters
 Candy was running through the woods on her normal morning run, her heart was beating fast as she leaped over a log and continued running. She could feel the sweat as it trickled down her back making her shirt stick to her damp skin, the sound of her breathing was the only thing she heard as the morning sunlight slowly filtered through the tree’s leaves. As she neared the back of the packhouse a smell hit her that had her mouth watering, her wolf was instantly on alert. The beast wanted her to follow that sweet tantalizing scent of orange slices dipped in chocolate. It reminded her of Christmas morning and the treats her Jiji would bring for her and her brother. She had always loved those chocolate covered orange slices the best, they were a taste of happy childhood memories. When she made her way up to the steps of the packhouse, she saw her. Well, she saw the back of her. She looked similar to Abby Eli’s mate, but the smell was co
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Chapter One
 ‘Candy’ Annie thought to herself as she lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. Was it weird that she hadn’t minded when the woman had hugged her earlier?She wasn’t really the hugging type, Abby was the more affectionate of twin the two of them. The babies kicked in her stomach and Annie bit her lower lip. What was she supposed to do with a baby, let a lone two? It still didn’t feel real, even with all the morning sickness and the fluttering kicks.She hadn’t been able to believe that she was carrying Beau’s child until she had seen the ultrasound, two fetuses. Even then she hadn’t wanted to believe that she was pregnant, her sleeping with Beau had been her lashing out at Abby. Yes, she had thought she was in love with Beau.  There was no denying that her childhood crush had deepened as they had gotten older.  He hadn’t liked her though, well he had in private. In public it was Abby, it was always Abby
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Chapter Two
Annie sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, the gentle knock soft and hesitant, pulling from her light slumber.“Can I come in?” The soft feminine voice asked, it was familiar and she nodded before realizing they couldn’t see her.“Yes,” Annie called out as she pushed herself up, trying to smooth out her hair.It was the woman from before, the one who had hugged her when she thought that Sam was about to send her away. The beautiful athletic women, her hair a messy ponytail of blue and pink strands. “I made you some tea.” She said with a smiled that made Annie’s heart do a flip.“Thank you, Candy.” She realized she liked saying her name as she scooted to the edge of the bed as Candy sat down holding out the steaming mug to her.  “It’s no problem, I thought you might need something.” Candy blushed as her eyes shyly met Annie's. Her fingers brushed
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Chapter Three
Stolas focused on the winding road in front of him as he navigated Eli’s van in the fading sunlight. His mind going to the pretty werewolf and Abby’s twin, he tried not to listen to the softly spoken conversation going on behind him. It was next to impossible to not hear Owen and Eli talking.“I feel like I do with Abby.” Eli said and Stolas peeked into the review mirror at the wolf. “What did you do?”“The demon marked you, claimed you as one of mine.”  “Is it like a mate bond?” Eli asked as he sat across from Owen, his back pressed against the door of the band. Fingers picking at a drum case as he tried to focus on anything but the man that he now felt drawn to.“Yes and no, it will fade over time if I don’t feed from you again.”  Stolas tried to tear his attention away from the conversation once again, thinking about what Sam had said. 
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Chapter Four
 Annie watched the witches chant around her sister, she could feel the magic pulse around them. Abby lay still in the circle, her eyes closed. She looked peaceful in sleep; the moon was just beginning to shine and it made her sister look otherworldly. Annie felt a hand sneak into her own, threading with her fingers, and she looked up at Annie. Smiling softly at the strength that the woman was trying to lend her.  It made her heart beat faster; she was beginning to have feelings for the wolf. Candy didn’t look like she would be the affectionate type to Annie, with her wild pink streaked blue hair. Her arms were bare in the tank top she had on, showing arms that were muscular from beating away at her drums. Her shorts didn’t do much to cover up legs that were toned and strong from hours spent running.Annie couldn’t help but wonder if the skin of her legs would be soft and smooth if she touc
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Chapter Five
Abby was taken inside to rest and the remaining members of the pack had headed off to do other things. The witches were taken inside and give space to rest until Sam could teleport them home. Candy stood watching Annie as the dark-haired man spoke with her.His smell wasn’t as delicious as Annie’s but Candy still couldn’t help the way her wolf perked up at his soft scent. Almonds with something clean, like a citrus fruit and incenses that tickled her nose and made her think of magic. She walked closer to two of them. His voice was calm and soothing and she felt the same pull to him as she did to Annie.Candy bit her lip. How could this be? That she was drawn to both of them. She could feel her wolf brushing against the surface. The beast wanted out, wanted to go to its mates. The man turned his head, shaking his long hair over his shoulder as his indigo eyes met hers. Candy felt her pulse qui
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Chapter Six
 Dinner was had in comfortable conversation by the three. Stolas made his way up to talk to Sam while Candy walked Annie to her room.   “Thank you for dinner,” Annie said with a slight blush staining her cheeks.   “Anytime, I enjoyed cooking for you.” Candy said, she wanted to kiss Annie but didn’t want to scare her away. Stepping closer, Candy nervously fidgeted with the hem of her tank top. Annie looked up at her with wide blue eyes as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. She stepped closer to Candy, feeling the heat of her body through her thin t-shirt.   “Is it okay, if I-“ Annie said before looking down shyly. “Yes.” Candy blurted out as she leaned forward, pressing her lips to Annie’s soft lips. Annie sighed, feeling the sparks from before, the he
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Chapter Seven
Candy tossed beneath the cotton sheets in the darkness of her room. The cold shower she had taken had done nothing to take away the need she felt. The longing to go to her mate, to take her. Claim her, to be claimed.   Dragging her hands through her hair, she thought about what Annie’s words.  Her mate had enjoyed her kiss, she reached up touching her lips.  She could feel her cheeks heating with a blush as she thought about how Annie’s cheeks had flushed as her eyes had shined with arousal.  Candy could feel the wetness pooling between her thighs as the need grew worse.  Her wolf wanted her to go to her mate, to touch her.  To taste her, it was a need she felt ingrained in her bones. Letting out a sigh of frustration she looked up at the ceiling kicking off her covers, her body felt like it was on fire. Begging to be touched. Closing her eyes, she thought about Annie and the kiss they
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Chapter Eight
 “I, I-“ Annie stammered as Candy’s honey-colored eyes met hers. “You?”  Candy asked, her lip twitching into a smirk as she felt her body responding to being close to her mate.  The need to touch her had her fingers itching and her pulse racing. “I was just going to ask where the shower was?”  Annie said biting her lip as a blush covered the tops of her cheeks. “Was that all you needed?”  Candy asked as she bit her lower lip, a mischievous look in her eyes as she stepped closer to Annie. She brought her hands to Annie’s waist. “Yes,”  Annie hissed out.  Her body pulsing with need as she brought her hands up, tangling them in Candy’s colorful strands.  She pressed her lips against Candy’s the kiss was a battle for dominance one that Candy easily accepted and relished in as A
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Chapter Nine
 Candy stilled her movements as she heard the cry slip past Annie’s lips.   “Annie?”  She asked, unsure of why her mate was crying. “Y, y, yeah?”   “Did I do something wrong?  I’ve never been with a woman before and if I did something wrong, please let me know.”    Candy said as she sat up to look at her mate.  Annie had her hands over her face as her shoulders shook. “No, no.  You were perfect.”  She said with a sob.   “Then why are you crying baby?”  Candy asked as she moved to lay beside Annie. “I just, I didn’t... I’ve never, it’s never felt that amazing before.”  Annie said with a hiccuping sob. Candy gently grabbed Annie’s wr
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