Chapter Seventeen

“Eli, wait.” Candy called out as she scrabbled to stand in front of Stolas. Looking at the man she had once thought herself to be in love with. The man that had been her closest friend for years now.

“Candy, what about Annie?” Eli asked, his voice rumbling and inhuman as he struggled to keep his wolf in check, his movements overly graceful as he prowled forward. She couldn’t help but shiver, even though Drake was the alpha of their pack. There was no denying that Eli was an alpha in his own right. Her wolf wanted her to roll onto her back, show the soft skin of her belly to him. Candy wouldn’t do that though, even as she tilted her head to the side in a subtle gesture.


“What about Annie, Candy?” Eli said, cutting off Stolas from saying anything else.


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Lauren Rendero
I just realized this is linked with her dominant dragon!! hahahh wow.... <3
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? I love reading your books, and look forward to the updates.
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Sharna Daly
Thank you love your work

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