Chapter Nineteen

Candy’s breath caught in her throat as she watched Annie’s fingers move up her thigh. Her hands fisted at her sides as she fought the urge down to climb over the thin console and straddle Annie’s legs. To give her better access to where she needed her to touch.

Her mate moved her fingers underneath the hem of her dress. The lace scratching against her sensitive skin as her heart raced. She’d been fingered before, but when Annie touched her, it felt new.

“Is this, is this okay?” Annie asked. Her voice low as she watched Candy’s face for any hint that she didn’t want this as much as she did. Her hands were shaking as she waited, her breath held.

“Yeah,” Candy nodded, bringing her hand down to Annie’s guiding her fingers closer to the apex of her thighs.

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Kaye Sizzle
your books are so fun to read but you keep switching the characters names around
goodnovel comment avatar
Sharna Daly
Worth the wait as always, looking forward to how this story develops
goodnovel comment avatar
Hunter Cook
dear gods.... candy has more self control than most...get it girls get it!

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