Chapter 15

He was shocked and parted away from her trembling figure. Her lips wobbling while crying silently with close eyes. She was breathing hard.

He overcome his shocked expressions and chuckled at her.

She flinched in surprise and stared at him. His chest and abs were extremely red due to the burn caused by hot soup.

Allah help me please...

"Why so sudden?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

She looked away from his smirking face. "Is it because after marriage this process of fucking won't be a sin or it can't be like all of a sudden you're interested in me?" He spoke in a teasing voice.

His vile words infuriated her but she kept her lips sealed.

He tucked her hair behind her ear making her flinch away from his touch. His fingers threaded in her hairs and he gave a rough tug on her hairs earning a whimper from her. "But what if I want to sin?"

Her teary eyes s

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